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Summary: Niche Fetish is dedicated to British amateur girls in many different soft fetish scenes - especially nude in public. Unfortunately it needs a lot of improvement if it wishes to compete amongst the other fetish sites on the 'net. Offering better quality videos would be an essential start as well as adjusting the price. Despite claiming to have HD videos, most are very low quality. A shame since the girls and the action is great.

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Tamesin, 2011-06-22

Fetish, Amateur, Softcore, 18-23, Ebony, Foot-fetish, Mature / MILF, Videos, Movies

bondage, British girls, CMNF, Ebony, nude in public, peeing, public nudity, solo posing, tickling

Intro promises

- HD videos

First impression

Niche Fetish features videos and photos revolving around British girls in public nudity, outdoor bondage, tickling, peeing, masturbating, and CMNF. If you have a fetish for any of these niches, this might be the site for you. We shall soon see...


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Our opinion

With Niche Fetish there isn't really a separate members area - there is however a members page that gathers handy text links to all content on the site for easy download. That means you can browse the site's content even as a non-member. This means a good sized thumbnail from the action inside the update. There is a list of categories to the left of your screen - clicking these will get you thumbnails to the episodes in that particular category.

The categories themselves offer a nice variety. These are Bondage, CMnf, Ebony, Flashing, Live webcams (to another site), Masturbating, MILF, Outdoors, Peeing, Public nudity, Softcore, and Tickling. Bondage has around 15 episodes; CMNF has around 10; Ebony - under 10; Flashing - almost 10; Masturbating - around 10; MILF - under 5; Outdoors - over 20; Peeing - 1; Public Nudity - around 5; Softcore - under 10; and Tickling - under 5. There's no division between videos and pictures, so the above totals include both. Additionally, there's a lot of crossover between the categories, so these totals don't represent the total amount of videos and photo galleries within this site.

Now to the bad part. The videos I watched opened to a couple different sizes: 360x288 (632 Kbps) and a few to 1280x720 (2401 Kbps), which you can download in Windows Media or mp4 (for the HD ones) format. While the site promises HD videos, far from all delivered this. In fact only a few of the videos were HD. No if the other videos were only marginally lower quality, that wouldn't be as bad. But when they are even lower than today's standards low quality videos, it is really bad. Especially because the content within the video scenes looks spot on the niches. The videos are pretty good size in length, running over 20 minutes.

The photos open to 1200x800 and are good quality. There's no set amount of how many photos there are to the galleries, with some I saw having around 50, while another had around 400 pictures. Another drawback to this site is that you have to zip download the photo galleries in order to look at the pictures. I would find it more handy to have an online gallery as well.

A lot of the content itself is pretty good when it comes to public nudity, tickling, and the like. Niche Fetish is definitely not a hardcore bdsm site by any stretch of the imagination. Rather, it depicts light bondage and other soft fetishes. The site excels in its tickling fetish. Unfortunately, there's less than a hand full of such episodes. Does this site stand out from other fetish sites? To be honest, not all that much. I've seen a lot better quality videos than these, as well as sites that have a lot more content in their archives. The quality of the pictures is a lot better, especially considering some of the settings are outdoors. I'm not sure how often the site is updated, as there are no dates noted.


Niche Fetish is a decent enough site, but since there are so many fetish sites on the internet, a members area and its contents needs to stand out from the rest. Does this site? No, not really. While the content itself is very good and the women are very sexy and beautiful, the delivery of the content leaves a lot to be desired. The videos are very low quality for the most part; the photos are a lot better. This and some other navigation quirks makes this site easily overlooked due to other fetish sites offering more to their members. A shame that technicalities stand in the way of a good site.


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