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Nude Bar Cams review

Summary: Nude Bar Cams is a hard-core amateur site with fetish content. This large site holds 6,000+ video clips, over 35,000 images , plus 6 live stage and dressing room cams. High speed broadband available and modem options.

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Score 60.0 /100
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Mads, 2002-11-16

Fetish, Hardcore, Amateur


Intro promises

- Gigabytes of digitized video and pictures, 35,000+ Pics & 250+ hrs Downloadable Vid-Clips
- We have Video and Pictures from the Stage, Amateur Contests, Oil Wrestling, Dressing Room and much more.
- Both High-Speed Broadband & Modem Options
- All our major areas have corresponding pictures that go with the Video Clips!
- SIX 24/7 LIVE cameras (4 Stage, 2 Dressing Room, Prior Nigts Replays when the club is closed) From one of the HOTTEST Nudy Bars in the US. Tons of Dancer & Feature Pics & Personal Video clips to download, updated Bi-Monthly. (This will blow you away!)
- 6,000 Video Clips, Over 250 Viewing Hours, And Over 35,000 Pictures, Plus 6 Live Stage And Dressing Room Cams
- Double money back guarantee if one is not satisfied with the membership.

First impression

Oh my GOD what an awful design the mainpage has! ...I have rarely seen so much confusion... a mere chaos of colours and banners mixed up in a very poor layout. I am aware that this probably is to give the visitor impression of entering a flashy nudy-bar of some kind, but for the site's own sake they better change the look of this intro page into something a bit more professionally looking.

Fortunately the impression of the site gets a bit better as one goes for a tour, but still...!


3 day trial - $5.95
Re-bills At $24.95 Monthly Unless You Decide To Cancel
Payment by: credit card, discover card, debit card or check.

Our opinion

In the members' section the first impression unfortunately lasts.

The topbar menu makes the site quite easy to navigate. It's a simple dynamic drop down menu containing a whole lot of subcategories. The menu options are: "Feature of the...", "Stage", "Contests", "Live/Streams", "Private Strips", "Just Pictures" plus a few more...

Technically, This site is not exactly the best I've ever seen. E.g. the dropdown function in the topbar menu suddenly becomes inactive when one goes for a peek at the pictures.

Be there no question that this site has a lot of stuff to offer.

Nevertheless, it suffers from some severe flaws. The perhaps most radical issue the poor quality of the movies in general. In spite of the fact that the streaming material can be customized according to the speed of one's Internet connection (which is a nice feature), the basic problems seems to be the resolution when one wants to go for a full-screen peek.

Furthermore, this site has way too much third-party material. If one decides to go seriously hardcore at this site, it's practically impossible unless one is willing to settle for unoriginal and poor quality third-party stuff...

That being said, "Nude Bar Cams" has a bunch of funny things to choose from as well. E.g. Games, Mardi-Gras pictures as well as a lot of other original pics of girls stripping. The picture section is quite all right in terms of quality and the model quality is average.


I cannot help thinking that if this site only had had a consequent design plus a bit more integrated functionality, it would be a more pleasant experience to pay the site a visit.

As the site appears now it is WAY too confusing to behold, and a simple start would be to get a thought- through design strategy and implement this accordingly.

The way the site looks now most of all reminds me of a unattractive gloomy looking nightclub that hasn't been taken care of in years...

The content varies as well. I don't want to waste any time commenting the third- party stuff, due to the simple fact that it is unoriginal and hence totally irrelevant... but let me emphasize that its quality didn't impress.

There is fortunately a LOT of original material (pictures, videos and streaming) to enjoy here as well. The biggest problem for a site like this, which offers live action from various bars around the US, is probably that a transmission of pictures doesn't match the experience of being present... the quality and sound simply isn't good enough.

Perhaps this will get better in the future as the technology improves, but for now it doesn't do it for me (in spite of the fact that I actually have a quite fast broadband connection).

Altogether, "Nude Bar Cams" absolutely has a lot to offer in terms of quantity, some of which is great stuff as well, but I do think it would heighten the standard of the site, if it decided to re-evaluate its quality standards.

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