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Pee Pee Babes review

Summary: Pee Pee Babes is a fetish site with great looking babes posing and masturbating but with the additional flavor of watching them pee at the end of the shoot. Good quality content and a good deal is possible to loyal members.

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Uli, 2007-01-16

Fetish, Photography / studio, Babes, Lesbian, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

"Welcome to Pee Pee Babes - the web's wildest site for kinky watersports girls! These hotties simply love to relieve the pain of their bladders by peeing in front of our camera. They play with piss and drink it all down. If you have a fetish for wet panties, peehole closeups and gallons of warm yellow nectars, this is the perfect place for you!"

When having a look at the site yourself, you will agree with me: The main promises are not verbal like the intro promise above - they are done in photos and intro-movies. Both pics and videos definitely look promising - very hot beautiful ladies in well done hardcore scenes and of course pee-shots in high picture quality! It's a little bit sad that no photos in the preview are available in full-size to give you a demonstration of how the real thing looks like since all the pictures open a preview video which is at least unique for every shoot.

There is a further promise of quality and well done content that might not be recognizable that clearly for a newcomer but only for the experienced surfer: This is a 21sextury site - and if you ever have been a member of "Pix and Video" or "Club Sandy" you will know what quality level to expect. It's erotography at its best! At least I got interested in the site at once when I noticed that. They are now following a "niche-concept" with Pee Pee Babes and the other sites being less mainstream-porno than their main sites.

First impression

After getting your mouth watered by the preview you might want to check the real stuff, especially the photos which did not have a demo on the free page. Yes, they keep what the preview promises. Strolling around you'll see there are 15 pages of exclusive content full of pictures and video - and there are possibilities to download all the content either as movies or as zip-files. And you might recognize the pee shots are only a small part of the series which are mostly hardcore action - they are meant very often as a spice during climax and finale!


$1l.95 - 1 day trial subscription, recurring
$29.95 30 day subscription, recurring to 24.95$
$59.95 90 day subscription, recurring to 54.95$ (~20$/month)
$95.95 180 day subscription, non-recurring (~15.80$/month)

Payment is done via CCBill

Our opinion

As always I think before discussing anything else there should be a closer look at the models of a site - this is after all the main reason why you subscribe a site - or would you subscribe to a site with models you don't find interesting? If you know any given 21sextury site you will know some of their models - there is no difference to Pee Pee Babes, they are presenting the same hot ladies as e.g. on Pix and Video, but with slightly different action ;-). The girls are real hotties, young gals with beauty significantly above average and very great bodies. They are all of the slender styled model type - no ladies next door here.

The action is as already mentioned hardcore, but there is no fucking. There are no males on Pee Pee BABES! Logically the action is either lesbian play (there is a lot of lesbian action) or mainly masturbation scenes, e.g. dildo play in all varieties, spreading, some anal, showing it all and as a sort of climax to most scenes a pee shot. It's obvious the girls are experienced with that, no bashful sitting on toilets or cowering in corners, but very often leaning back, spreading the pussy wide and spraying to the max of what is physically possible. So if you want to see it, you'll see it here!

Picture quality is high, good to very good. Typical for all 21sextury productions are the warm colors of all the pictures which give them a very lively flair. Picture size is great ~1280x850 pixel - all pictures have this resolution. The site offers 93 series of perhaps 70 different ladies at the moment each with about 100 to 150 pictures making a grand total of more than 10,000 pictures - a number that's indeed increasing daily. A rating system used by the members helps you to find the top rated scenes.

Each shot scene is also available on video, as such the content of the videos is the same as the pix. You can choose between the whole movie and the movie broken up into several parts, between streamed or downloadable and between several resolutions. The high quality movie files are 512x384 pixel, the medium sized ones have 400x300 and the small ones only have 176x144 pixel. The downloadable ones are in MPEG4-format (playable by several players, e.g. DivX), the streaming ones can be played by Windows Media Player. File sizes are between above 200 MB for the full movies in high quality and 30 MB for the medium quality downloadable single partial files. Picture quality is good and content is of course professionally done.

The whole setup of the site works well and does not give you substantial hassle. You can easily switch through the several content pages. All single pictures are opened via javascript-code. If you are using the site-resize-blockage on firefox you have to switch it off - otherwise no picture will open in a full size window! The site design is nice - it's basic color is yellow (heck, what did you expect? ;-) ) It's done in a typical way for nowadays adult sites. As I already mentioned all content is downloadable and the pictures are available in ZIP-files.

At last there is a special to mention on Pee Pee Babes: They offer a rewarding system for people keeping their subscription alive for a longer time. At first the price gets reduced by some $'s, but more importantly - for every month you stay you get free access to two of their other niche sites meaning if you keep the subscription alive long enough you will get access to 22 other sites on a level comparable to Pee Pee Babes - and this number is still increasing!


Well, if you are interested in pee shots a visit to Pee Pee Babes is a must do. The ladies are great and they are good performers. Site quality and mass of content is top, the usability of the site is well done.

The downside of the site is the price. Although I accept that niche-sites tend to be more expensive because of their smaller audience, the price of $29.95 seems a little high to me. The reduced price (by longer subscriptions) of $24.95 looks more adequate to me. The rewarding system with admittance to other niche sites is a nice idea, but the decision which site you get next is not yours. If it was, it would make a great step ahead. And if you could get all sites for one price, this would create a real top site with a rating much better than that for a single niche site, even if it is as well done as Pee Pee Babes!


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