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Pregnant Wishes review

Summary: On Pregnant Wishes, you can find a pretty large collection of exclusive pregnant content. Both videos and pictures are available on good quality. Layout could be improved though. Part of a network with many bonus sites.

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Melissa, 2007-01-30

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Intro promises

With bulging bellies and big dark nipples these pregnant ladies are showing you how their hormones are going strong right now, and they need sex to keep their cravings satisfied. Promises are this is 100% the real thing, which thereís not much doubt for that statement since you can see the stretch marks and the protruding belly buttons. Some are showing you how horny they can be with their husbands, while others share girl/girl fun or just a stranger with the dick to get the job done. The tour images and free trailers will enhance your arousal as you watch a hot, bubbling load of cum oozing from a gaping ass that was just moments ago filled with an erection. To go along with the fetish offered here, they also throw some bonus sites into the mix, so you can keep your desires high and horny.

First impression

To be honest, I was impressed while going through the introductory pages of how these ladies were able to assume positions to get that perfect angle for penetration. Some are sporting larger bellies than the others, but nothing is going to stop them from achieving an orgasm. Everything is clear and seems to be nice quality in tour, so, Iím looking forward to wandering into the maternal membership area.


Our opinion

You wonít find a lot of flash once the username and password has been entered. You have links taking you anywhere you need to go and then a running list of the latest news and also the latest updates, most viewed, etc. Oh, and they definitely want to know what you thought of their website, itís right on the front page, so that means they take your feelings into consideration. So far Iím enjoying the plans that went into the layout here, you can either access all of the pictures with one click, which carries approximately 180 galleries with 30+ images each folder, or you can venture into the video area where youíll find about 96 clips, well, actually pieces broken down into plays. I would consider them more to be episodes, but there doesnít seem to be any full length offers anywhere. They display the date they were added to the site and how many times theyíve been viewed.

I donít want to jump ahead of myself here, since I always try to offer information on the picture galleries first, thatís where I really want to start. I like the way you have a small link at the bottom corner, and top corner of the picture page, allowing you to choose the newest material first for viewing, and in this case, itís pregnant Kristina with her own muscle man. The clarity is wonderful, the shooting has a warm tone to it with a lot of neutral shades in the back-drops, enhancing the flesh tones and just making for a great presentation. Kristina is quite a few months along and finds herself squatting down on her muscle man to take his largest organ into her valley of delight. But thatís only one of the many positions this mom-to-be is placed in to get that G spot hit over and over again. They bring you pixels for the enlargements in the size of 1200x800, so your screen is filled with the scent of arousal. The quality really was enjoyable and they cater you with a slide show function for the pictures and also a chance to download them all as a Zip file.

Kristina was the one holding the honors for the most recent video episodes as well, so weíll stick with this horny girl to keep the information flowing like her juices. The pieces of porn shows you how this mama masters missionary position and also doggie style, which heís preferring because heís more aimed at that moment for her tight sphincter muscle instead of her pulsating pussy. At first she doesnít seem too pleased with the thought, but once his fingers start prepping the area, her belly swells with anticipation.
For the newest videos, there is two different resolutions both in WMV, 520x416 and 854x480. And all videos are available in either 3 minute clips or as one single file and can be streamed or downloaded. The layout could be improved though.

The quality was good through the low play and very good in the big one. If you just click to stream youíve got a self supporting window that opens up, giving a smaller screen that doesnít call for balloons and a parade for quality, but it was decent. When downloading the files, the act was quick and slick, but one thing I noticed was some blurriness here and there in the low resolution.

I found a lot of things about this site that I enjoyed, not just the choices in the image section, but with the preggos themselves. I liked the natural way it was presented, it looked real, not too orchestrated. Youíll find all sizes of tummies and breasts here, along with mounds that are bushy and full or shaved to the nubbins. I find myself missing the natural look, so I really appreciated the ladies that kept their pubes in tact. They do keep all of the action here hard-core and they feed your pregnant fetish with some great material, but I must mention a couple of things that I found as drawbacks to the site. In going deeper through the material, a few of the sets didnít hold realistic looking back-drops, it was as if they were in a prepared studio somewhere, and not in the comfort of their own home, or someone elseís home. As I mentioned before, the layout and organization of the videos could be improved and there were some areas I found in the video play where there was a little fuzziness.

There are some perks added with your membership fee to this site, which includes stories. This includes a list of approximately 29 stories, some pertaining to the pregnancy desire and some are just strictly hard-core filled from other niches. They also offer you free access to their exclusive sites, which include; Bet On Lesbian Sex, Creampie Mania, Dirty Show Business, Dirty Smokers, Hentai-Mania, Ideal Boobs, Toon Adventures, Mature Lessons, Now Porn Talents, Nubile Ones, Nylon Butterfly and Real Drunken Girls.


I found while spending quite a bit of time on Pregnant Wishes there are some ups and downs, besides the ins and outs. Just when I thought the meter was tilting to a high mark, something would bring it back a few pegs, I guess it all balances out in the end, depending on how aroused you get by pregnant women. This site is all about the pregnancy factor of raging hormones and how these inseminated ladies just canít get enough hot sex. All holes are filled from numerous positions along with some nice oral sex shots too. Itís all about the fact that these women are pregnant, and if that turns you on enough to consider it worthy of the membership fee, then youíre in store for a nice amount of content to keep your desires satisfied, along with the bonus sites that are offered.



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