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Public Disgrace review

Summary: Public Disgrace combines bdsm with hardcore sex and nude in public. This new site from has so far 13 scenes featuring eastern European porn models all shot in eastern European streets with random people passing by. Videos are available in multiple formats including HD WMV.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2008-10-28

Fetish, Hardcore, Pornstar, Videos, Movies

BDSM, bondage, group sex, Kink, public nudity

Intro promises

There are no promises, per se, but the Public Disgrace tour indicates there will be weekly sizable updates that usually include over 100 photos and videos averaging around 50 minutes.

First impression

This is another site from the fine family. This site has quite the twist: women are bound, stripped, fucked, and punished - but not in the privacy of a dungeon with a couple stars, but rather out in public! That's right - it's all out in public for anyone to see! This site truly takes the notion of public humiliation to its literal meaning.


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$59.95/90 days, recurring
$99.95/180 days, non-recurring

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Our opinion

Since this site just started, it has only around 15 episodes. They're laid out in good sized thumbnails and explicit descriptions - just as on the tour. Before you commit to watching an episode, there's a handy trailer you can view to see if you'd like to stream or download it. You can download the episodes as a zip file in their entirety, or you can stream in Windows Media, HD/mp4, iPod/mp4, or most compatible WMV. The average episode lasts around 50 minutes, divided in clips of several minutes in length. The videos open to a 1280x720 (1.62 Mbps) screen and are very good quality, especially since they're outside without the benefit of studio lighting.

Pictures open to low and high resolution and are zip downloadable. There's also the CoolIris/PicLens option, which is a software you can download to make the photos full screen and in 3D. The low res pictures open to around 533x800 pixels, while the high res pictures open to around 800x1200. They're both very good quality, again especially considering the majority of these photos are shot outside. There's quite a range of the number of pictures in each photo gallery - from around 70 to over 400 pictures.

As with other sites, the episodes can be very intense. There's no slow down of bdsm and humiliation just because these scenes are shot in public. I'm amazed that so many people walk by and don't seem to be shocked by all the action. Some people walk quickly by (trying to ignore the action), while others stop and stare. Still others get out their cameras and take pictures.

There aren't many episodes yet since this site has just started; however, new scenes are uploaded at least once a week, and they are worth the wait. This site is unique and really does shoot in public. I've seen a few porn sites that claim public exposure, but they generally seemed so staged. With crowds, traffic, buses, etc., passing by, there's no way these episodes could be staged. The stark reality of the public setting doubles the kinkiness and eroticism of what's going on with the participants.

The submissives being humiliated seem to literally get off on being showcased like sluts in public. For instance, Jagdelfe giggled like a school girl getting away with something naughty, while Cecilia Vega orgasmed after a couple little rubs by Princess Donna as she's being displayed to a passerby who stopped to take pictures of her. There's also plenty of public fucking and pain; as I said, it's much of the same action that happens in a dungeon, only it's all in public.


I wish I had a lifetime membership to Public Disgrace because it's... WOW! I had high expectations of the site since it's produced by, and it lived up to those expectations. While the site is very new and doesn't have much of an archive built up yet, the good sized updates are regular at around once a week. The content is high quality for public shoots, and the navigation is simple. If you love true public humiliation, you won't be disappointed with Public Disgrace.

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