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Public Nude Sluts review

Summary: Public Nude Sluts is all about cute eastern European girls who get out on the streets and strip out of their clothes. The twist to this theme is that many of the girls also take a pee while in public. Frequent updates and decent quality pics and videos.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Uli, 2006-09-05

Fetish, Photography / studio, Amateur, 18-23, Softcore, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

Quoting the promises: "Public nude sluts - no rules and no limits" "Everybody around their behaviour is a tremendous insult for social morals [sic!]" "Here you will satisfy your taunting interest and we won't disappoint you" "Tons of HQ public nude materials" "Hours of shoking [sic!] videos" "100% real public pissing"

Well, and so on. I think the promises above will not be able to give you an idea of what this site is all about, but I think the six trailers and eighteen pictures will do better: This is a site about well, classical exhibitionism (you know, coat closed, coat open - aaaah - but of course not done by guys...), combined with public pissing. Trailers and pics don't leave a doubt about that - and the site promises: "you'll see for yourself that our place is worth checking out!". I admit it's more the quality of the preview stuff that makes me curious than such claims being typical for most adult sites.

First impression

The very first pics and movies don't leave a doubt about the fact, that Public Nude Sluts is a Russian site. Well, I admit I have done some positive experiences with Russian sites (see the review of Helen Volga for example) the ladies are nice, the stuff is hot, the picture quality good - and they are working hard on their sites making them biiiig - Public Nude Sluts luckily doesn't seem much different!


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Our opinion

I already mentioned my review of Helen Volga's site - Helen Volga herself is also a performer on this site, as the free tour says "Strips in public without fuss, knowing her thing, makes deepest male fantasies real. Helen easily crosses all possible moral boundaries of decency. She is not restrained by the sexual taboos of modern society." This is also quite typical for the other girls and performers on this site - the action to perform is not suitable for any mommy's girl - these ones are looking young and innocent, but they definitely ain't. Public Nude Sluts' 19 ladies are all young, and range from average to really beautiful, typical girl next door with good and sexy bodies - and except Helen Volga I can't remember to have seen anyone of them elsewhere i.e. these are so-called "fresh faces" - ouch, did I talk about the faces?!? You should watch the pussies!

Judging from the action this is not the average porn site with either strip and nudie pics or the everywhere hardcore stuff. E.g. there is no fucking on this site - perhaps not yet - who knows what these crazy Russians will do next IN PUBLIC? Well, as mentioned most of the action is exhibitionism, but in such a risky way that I bet they got caught more than once. And my impression is that it is quite often intended that they were spotted - sometimes you see the astonished and shocked faces of random passers-by. The second big part of action are the frequent pee scenes, mostly combined with exhibitionism. There is no single pee scene behind closed doors - everything is public! And finally there are some masturbation scenes with dildos. BTW, as far as I can see most of the scenes were photographed in St. Petersburg and surroundings. Sometimes the photographers do their best to "get" the girls in front of classical style buildings, in public parks or palace gardens.

The site's content is both pics and videos. At the moment of this review there were 122 picture series each with about 50 pictures giving a grand total of 6080 photos. Note this is only a snapshot at the moment of the review - there are very frequent updates, normally every 2 or 3 days. Although the site just started at the beginning of 2006 it's no wonder that it already has such an impressive size. All images are available in two sizes - a very good resolution of 1050x1400 and a still good resolution of 768x1024. Regarding the picture quality: well, on the one hand it's of course a good thing with such a high resolution, but on the other hand I have seen better picture quality especially with natural lighting. Sometimes my impression is that the site compresses too much - many of the pics are below 200 KB and this is in my opinion not enough for such high resolution.

The movies were captured at the same shootings as the pictures. At the moment there are 153 of them available on the site. Some shootings seem to have several ones - others have none. Like the pictures they are available in two different resolutions: very good 720x576 (PAL-size, definitely more than the average American TV has) with a DVD resolution and the other option - still acceptable 360x288 (this is the quality an average VCR has). The file sizes thus are either 60 MB and above for the big ones and half of this for the smaller ones. The picture quality is very good, crystal clear and smooth. The playtime is quite short (1 to 3 1/2 minutes) giving only some highlights of the shootings. Nevertheless I think it is better to make the movies short and keep up the quality than making them long and have animated and jerky stamps - so I'm quite pleased with Public Nude Sluts' quality here. Oh sorry, forgot to mention another important issue: These are neither wmv nor mpg files - they are DivX .avi.

Those were the contents (well, there is a forum also, it's nice to get in contact with the producers or to post some statements, but it's obviously not the reason you would subscribe this site), but now let's have a look at the "Packing" of this site, i.e. the site design, handling and comfort it provides. Regarding its design I found Public Nude Sluts down-to-earth and uncomplicated. It's obvious that the designers know that it's the content that counts. But nevertheless the handling has to be ok and comfortable and I think it is. It's no problem to reach the contents you want to see and open them. The navigation is easy to handle. You can reach all series either from the chronological listing, from the girl's listing or the type listing (public nude outdoor, public piss, public group nude and so on). All photo-series can be rated by the subscribers. The content is downloadable without any hassle, but this still could be improved with a so far missing ZIP-archive of each shoot.


Public Nude Sluts is one of those sites where it's easy to decide whether you find it interesting to yourself or not. You have to have an interest in outdoor exhibitionism and outdoor pissing scenes. If you don't, stay away - there's no content here which might be interesting for you. But if you do - in either one or both of these types of content - then this is a great site for you and really will satisfy you. The ladies are hot, so is the action, the content is good and voluminous and is growing fast. The price is not a bargain but still not exaggerated. The many different subscription options also might be interesting to you.

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