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Real Drunken Girls review

Summary: Real Drunken Girls is what's featured on this site. Videos show the girls drinking and then taken advantage of by one or more guys. Videos look very good, but only screen caps - no photos. Note that the action is not real though and the girls are acting.

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Melissa, 2007-02-11

Fetish, Amateur, Hardcore, Movies, Reality, Videos


Intro promises

Just hand ‘em a glass and they’ll show their ass! Real Drunken Girls has set out to show you just how uninhibited a normally shy woman can be after a few drinks. They pretty much get loaded... to get loaded on this site. Some streaming action on the tour page gives you a hard-core look at how much they enjoy what they’re doing, along with smaller sized screen caps too. Throughout the intro they talk about the videos, no mention of pics, but that may change once inside membership. The color of the backdrop, the collage of the captures, the text font, etc. sort of gives me one of those feelings of, “Uhm, ok, it’s going to be one of those sites,” but logging in may change my hesitations. They do offer bonus sites with your fee as well.

First impression

Everyone needs a niche and this site settled on boozing the beauties and then banging them. I can’t say the addition of alcohol doesn’t loosen one up a bit, I know first hand it does, but they are really portraying these women to be falling down inebriated, so we’ll see how much motion they get out of them. I would have to call this first main membership page kicked back and casual, not too much flash and yet they get the job done. Someone has an eye for organization because there are just bordered areas of arousal showing you the pic of the day, movie of the day and then the latest updates as well as you scroll downward.


Our opinion

They really do clean up this site well with some crisp edged thumbs, just a symmetrical look that is pleasing to the eye. I did find 45 galleries here, with primarily screen captures for pictures. A bit of graininess to the enlargements, but the heated horniness is coming your way through them. I will say one thing, if this isn’t a reality site of sorts, they have coached the girls well because their eyes are droopy and they have really loose looking features, which portrays a bit too much alcohol consumption. So, if they’re just acting, then give them an award and get those panties off! An average amount for folder content on the shots seems to be around 120+, it balances out, a few less, a few more. You do have some opportunities for viewing the pictures, with a slide show effect you can do hands-free admiring, or you can download as a Zip archive for later reference.

Get ready for some episode playing here. After scrolling through the long list of pages they offer, yes these do come in bits from beverages, giving you a total of, 167. Some are marked with “Super high quality” across the advertising shot, so we’ll check out everything to see what differs, if anything. Right now my mind is racing with thoughts after taking a gander at the videos here, so I’ll try to sort everything out before trying to express my thoughts. They have definitely saved the flashy looking site for the high quality they supply in the video episodes. I am absolutely amazed at how much they offer for a site with this topic, I mean, the first episode I opened was this girl and a laundry basket next to her, where apparently she didn’t hold her liquor very well. Not what I wanted to see after just eating dinner! But in the realm of how much they think of their members here, they have gone above and beyond to give you a wonderful time. All actors in the videos have that eastern European look and talk in an unknown language, so keep that in mind if you prefer a credible dialogue.

They have episodes broken up, a little over one minute in time that you can stream or download. For the streaming I got a 1460 Kbps and a beautiful clarity that made me think it couldn’t get much better than that... but I was wrong. Nestled within the episodes is the full length movie, in what they call super quality, just waiting to be accessed, so that’s just what I did and I was more than impressed with what I received.

Even though the episode choices held a video size of 640x480, the full length had a video size that bypassed it, at 854x480 and a 3.04 Mbps bit rate, I could hardly take my eyes off of the screen. It’s more clear than a lot of movies that play on HD TV. They have really pulled out all of the stops in showing these tipsy tarts as they are taken advantage of, which in this instance, it’s by two men that can’t wait for her to polish off her drinks, putting her into the state of mind where she’ll go along with anything... with anyone. They do a nice job of following through with the title to this site, making sure there is a female involved about three sheets to the wind and able to be violated while in that condition.

Put on your reading glasses and get ready to partake in some of the less than sobering stories they offer on this site as well. To be exact at this time there are 45 that will lull you into needing more of that hot video action to finish off the job. They don’t stop giving from this site, they also have a list of free exclusive pay-sites when you purchase membership. Those sites include; Dirty Show Business, Dirty Smokers, Hentai-Mania, New Porn Talents, Nylon Butterfly, Pregnant Wishes, Toon Adventures, Wife’s Dream, Sex In A Car, Cyber Mature, 2x2 Sauna Orgy, Huge Titted Booty Gal, College Orgy, and, Bondage Sluts.


I can’t really say I was a fan of the topic here at Real Drunken Girls, but they really wowed me with the quality of the videos, they were amazing. If you have fantasies of getting that someone special a bit on the drunk side so you can have your way with her, then this is a site that might offer you some pointers. It’s all about the booze, then the boobs, and much more.


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