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Restrained Elegance review

Summary: Restrained Elegance is a softcore bondage site where the models all have an elegant look. It contains the work of renowned photographer Hywel Phillips and images and video clips are offered in good quality.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Melissa, 2007-09-27

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Intro promises

Most bondage sites hold the dark, dungeon looking areas with womenís faces streaked with mascara, but Restrained Elegance is vowing to be different. They are focusing first and foremost on glamour, giving you the beauty behind the abuse. They are barefoot, dressed in lovely attire and sporting ball gags and chains, so this is indeed a different spin. The tour area captures the clean look nicely with high promises such as, this material is exclusive, and offered from the renowned bondage photographer Hywel Phillips, there are over 12,000 high resolution images featuring Ariel Anderssen, hours of near DVD quality video clips in WMV and Real Media, holding full length video storylines.

First impression

I enjoy anything that steps outside the box to make a uniqueness that could be the make or break point to a porn site, it takes something a bit different to draw in the traffic. My only concern about what membership will hold, stems from the tour area. Everything has a perfection to it, and through that perfection I donít want it to loose the realistic nature.


30 days $29.95 (recurring monthly @ $27.95)
90 days $89.99 (non recurring)

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Our opinion

Opening the main membership page immediately made me think of a blog area, just the layout itself was so stiff and formal. There are numerous entries, such as a diary from the photographer Hywel himself and then links across the top are self explanatory. I opted for the model index, expecting to see an image of each of the 69 models this site holds, but instead itís all text and nothing but text. Youíll find everything held by each girl whether it be stories, pictures or videos and links to access them.

When delving into the images first I found the thumbs to be done a bit on the smaller side but with a beautiful and classy looking layout. There are beveled and blended frames that give the exotic look Iím sure they were going for. Restrained Elegance has definitely managed to capture a look that will make them stand out from the rest. Yes, ladies are clad in clothing, but, as an example, a tight pink bathing suit with twine hoisting the edges upward into her butt sort of mixes a little bondage with a little back area camel toe action for a show of sexuality.

There is a variance in regards to the pictures' pixel sizes, some will hold 853x1280, while others go well above and beyond with 2709x3086 pixels. I have to agree with the tour promises made about the high resolution quality of the images, they are definitely presented with deep, rich colors, a crispness and fine detail. These galleries are also offered through a ZIP file, and a rating system is placed for your vote. There are approximately 267 galleries, holding numbers ranging from 16 to nearly 200, so their pledge of 12,000+ is right on the money.

The videos are done with beautiful intentions that showed nicely in their presentation. As promised, you have the two formats, Real Media offered in a small or large, and WMV offered in a single manner. The Real play held numbers such as 1044Kbps and a video size of 640x480, whereas the WMV came in at 1088Kbps and a 720x540 video size. Youíll find that both will bring you lovely play, and they have definitely found some ways to express themselves here that I havenít seen on other sites. The filming is indeed lovely, starting with the backdrops and the stories theyíre telling to the clothing worn, the bondage avenue that is chosen, the expressions, the crispness of the film, etc. it just all worked nicely. The videos offered on Restrained Elegance held nice run times, some were approximately 13 minutes long, but many were over 30 minutes.

Restrained Elegance has done a wonderful job at bringing their title to life through this site. The glamour shows nicely and the bondage is restraining. For those with a foot fetish, youíll enjoy the titillating toes that wiggle while trying to break free. The only thing that I noticed on a few of the sets was a too posed look now and then. The forum to this site is well utilized with a nice amount of postings. I am going out on a limb to say this site has been in existence for at least the last 4 years, and they pledge at least 2 updates are now being done daily. Under the special features link youíll find some very nice guest galleries and more.


Restrained Elegance has struck me in numerous different ways, most of them pleasurable. The beauty is abounding, the bondage will make your heart race and itís all done with such class and high taste that it puts a different spin on things for sure. Restrained Elegance holds a few ďtoo posedĒ looking sets but for the most part, itís very nice. It seems strange to use descriptive words for this site as fetish and softcore, but it does fall under those headings.

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