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Rubber Dollies review

Summary: Rubber Dollies is a fetish amateur site holding high quality latex photography and perverted videos, along with a forum and stories.

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Score 60.0 /100
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J., 2004-02-26

Fetish, Amateur


Intro promises

The highest quality latex photography from the world's most famous photographers.
Highest quality latex photos and most perverted videos you'll ever see.
The most beautiful girls in rubber and latex fashion.

First impression

High quality intro pages, very professional design. They make no promises about quantity, but it appears that their devotion to quality is real and in full effect.


Our opinion

The opening members page is a simple and to-the-point gallery of the Rubber Dollies models. There are 24 exclusive girls (only 10 listed on the front- click on "Features" to see them all) as photographed by Amelia G and Forrest Black who are, apparently world famous in the latex and fetish photography arena. Their work has appeared in "Marquis, Skin Two, Secret, Taboo, Leg World, Fetish, Extreme Fetish, and of course Blue Blood" according to the site and I believe them.
The gallery thumbnails alone are of high enough professional quality to warrant publication in any fashion (no pun intended). Apart from the 24 exclusive models, they have sets of 48 other models (found in the "Galleries" section) as photographed by other well-known latex photographers, all of which appear to be as high quality as the others. Since the meat of the site appears to be in the pictures, I'll waste no time and begin there.

Each model has a gallery consisting of anywhere between 30-100 photos (one oddball set had only 15), all of high magazine quality (I checked and found none lower than about 1000X800 resolution at 8"X10"). The backgrounds are simple and plain- usually a white or colored sheet, but that makes sense here as the focus is to be on the girl and the latex outfit she's wearing. In fact, they list the manufacturer of the sets' outfit right up with the photographer and models' names! These pictures are pretty fascinating and, in most cases, the girls are simply showing off the outfit (and, of course, what's underneath). In some of the exclusive sets, there's as much as some self- and object-penetration, but it's all solo stuff there. The models here are pretty extradorinarily hot "goth" type models- crazy colored hair, Marilyn Manson eye makeup... the whole works. I personally have a soft spot for the punk rock/goth look and I was quite impressed with the models' range- from demure semi-goth to full-on Skinny Puppy stuff.

Nice mix! The commissioned galleries are of equal quality, description and merit with the addition of some girl-girl sets that will not disappoint. The models' range here drops to more of the pornstar look and peaks at only a Depeche Mode level of gothness (I hope my 80s music references aren't being lost on anyone), but are all attractive in their own way.

Their gallery system isn't exactly confusing, but I do wonder why they seperated "Galleries" and "Features" into two seperate buttons. One could easily miss one or the other, as only 25 total girls appear on the main page of the site. A consolidated photo viewing setup might be nice. Also, the images open in their own seperate windows (that's good) but the windows are absolutely huge even on my full res (1024X800 or something) screen. Another addition that will be helpful once the galleries begin to flesh out more (again, no pun intended) is consolidated zip files of entire galleries for quick downloading. I can understand where a site might not want their photos so easily distributed, but it would be a nice touch for us honest pornsters. But I digress...

Next up is the Forum which is obviously quite young, as a grand total of 25 messages have been posted on it. However, it should be noted that both Amelia and Forrest are extremely interested in hearing ideas about sets and about the site. A personal touch is great, especially on such a specific fetish site- you can probably order up anything you want. These two seem like they're willing to try anything with their models. There's also a chat link to Adult Chat Network which reminds me way too much of mid nineties BBS chats for me to stay for too long. Good luck deciphering all that ANSI art!

A Stories section has about 20 stories with titles in the format of "Slave ." So, if you like slave stories, head to the forum and suggest some male names for them to plug into the titles. May I suggest "Slave J?" Actually, I take that back.

The Videos section is indeed perverted, as the intro promised. There are 25 videos, each licensed from a site with a name like "" or "Hog Tied." So there's some pretty crazy stuff here. The video quality varies, as it's not exclusive Rubber Dollies material, but it's all certainly within the viewable spectrum. The Water Bondage stuff is claustrophobia-inducing to say the least. And I just plain don't understand that electrosex stuff. Too Blade Runner for me. But I digress... again... The video here is clearly just kind of a bonus and is primarily bondage-related as opposed to latex-related. But videos are videos, so enjoy them.

Rubber Dollies is rounded out by a couple of articles on the "latex scene" (yes, there is one) in the United States. They seem to be pieces of a larger collection and I wonder why the rest aren't there, but it's nice to know where to find info for that latex report I have that's coming up due.


Rubber Dollies does not disappoint when it comes to quality photographs of naked women in latex (yes, I realize that's a contradiction, but you know what I mean). However, Rubber Dollies is apparently quite young and still has some growing to do in order to catch up on the quantity front. This does not, however, mean that the site isn't worth joining. In fact, joining while the site is young and still small might be of great benefit for someone who wants to request special sets in the forum... Amelia and Forrest won't have so much free time once the site gets as huge as it has the potential to become (at least in such a niche market).

As Rubber Dollies is a part of the larger Blue Blood family (they also do Gothic Sluts and Barely Evil, both of which I have reviewed as well), I don't understand why it's not included as a freebie add-on to one of those larger sites until it has its own legs to stand on, but I don't think this site will suffer much (unless it's into that sort of thing).



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