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Sex and submission review

Summary: Sex And Submission is about raw passion and power exchange. The Kink site provides high quality videos and pictures of girls being tied up and fucked or somehow stimulated sexually. Quality BDSM site.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2008-01-08

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Intro promises

The tour of Sex and Submission offers the promises on this site. As you can see, there are updates every week of large sized photo sets and long videos. Plus, since this is a Kink website, it's bound to be of good quality.

First impression

I have to admit my first impression of "BDSM with hardcore sex" is a bit skeptical. Is this just going to be a general porn site with some whips and chains thrown in, or is there going to be the total power exchange that is found in BDSM? From the looks of the tour, there does seem to be some intensity to the episodes. So, I'll check my skepticism at the door and enter the gritty looking dungeon.


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Our opinion

The set up inside Sex and Submission was the same as it was on the tour. I liked how each episode is laid out with a decent sized picture, a dozen good sized thumbnails and a description. The amount of pictures varied in each episode; I'd say the average was around 250, although one episode went off the chart with almost 700 pictures. The average length of the episode in videos was probably 45 minutes.

There were close to 150 episodes of women submitting to sexy Masters. The videos came in clips, which you could stream (in WMV, Real Player, or iPod) or zip download in WMV. They played in a very good quality 960x540 sized screen. The older episodes had smaller screens - anywhere from 854x480 pixels to 320x240. They quality was still very good.

I watched the Steven St. Croix and Denise K episode. As was common in the Sex and Submission episodes, there was an interview before the session and a follow up afterwards. At first, Denise K didn't seem all that submissive, or perhaps she wasn't able to express herself very well. She didn't offer any good reason to be there, except to giggle or smile nervously. But I decided to chalk it up to her being jittery. Sure enough, as soon as the scene started, Denise K got into it pretty quickly. I'm sure Steven's take charge demeanor and how he oozed passion helped her get loosened up. She was chained, padlocked, and tied to a metal grate on the floor, with a chain and padlock around her neck. A cold metal anal ball hook was inserted very slowly inside her ass. The camera got some very good close ups of that going in, with Steven coaxing her to relax her sphincter. The hook was tied to her hair, so when she orgasmed, her muscles ended up pulling the hook, with a resulting ouch. She was also bound, gagged, and had her breasts flogged. Denise K was forced to suck cock and deep throat while her arms were tied firmly behind her back. She always looked so sad and lost when her Master left the area. These two had very good chemistry, as you could definitely tell in the follow up interview. It was a great hardcore bdsm session.

Another episode I watched contained Domme Audrey Elson. The tables were turned, and now she was the one being caned, flogged, and bound. She had tears literally streaming down her face when she was forced to deep throat. She was also put into all sorts of positions and endured a leather strap and electrical play at the same time. I watched a few more episodes, and I tell ya, I haven't seen this much squirting on a general porn site. There was a ton of hardcore BDSM sex, with the women put in all sorts of positions, and then fucked vaginally, anally, and orally. There was plenty of close ups of all this hardcore action. In addition to the raw lust and passion, there was visible intimacy between a great deal of the couplings.

Included with every episode were plenty of pictures. They came in hi-res (800x1200 pixels) and lo-res (534x800). Both resolutions were pretty good quality, with that same dark dungeon grittiness that permeated this site. If you want to keep the photos, have no fear; a zip download option was available.


My skepticism about "BDSM with hardcore sex" quickly dissipated when I started watching the episodes on Sex and Submission. The women definitely seemed to be submissive, and when they were humiliated, bound, gagged, and flogged, they became even more pliable to their Masters' whims. Even the Domme who uncharacteristically submitted, learned her place as soon as she was collared and led around by a leash.

There was a lot of raw passion in these episodes, as the Master got turned on by what he was doing to his slave. She then became turned on, and the chemistry between the participants was one of intense desire. I didn't get the feeling these were just actors going through the motions. There was definitely total power exchange, and since the participants were into BDSM, they really had a squirting good time!

The quality of the content was very good, even during the hardcore close up sex scenes. The updates were regular, with weekly episodes containing hefty sized photo and video galleries. Because of all this, I would highly recommend Sex and Submission.

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