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She Sado Me review

Summary: She Sado Me is a Eastern European feminization and sissy BDSM site. The action is mixed with some episodes being good and others poor. There are no downloadable movies, a small archive, and no more updates being added to the site. There are better sites out there for fans of the niche.

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Tamesin, 2011-01-17

Fetish, Hardcore, Videos, Movies

BDSM, bondage, CBT, corporal punishment, femdom, femdomme, feminization, strapon, wax play

Intro promises

- Exclusive content
- Weekly updates
- Zip downloadable movies
- Subtitles if video isn't in English
- Hi-res photos
- Bonus sites

First impression

She Sado Me claims to be "the weirdest place on earth," filled with sexy women "hellbent" on delivering a heavy dose of sadism to their captive males. Since the site mostly deals with feminizing men, it brings a unique perspective on the usual bdsm site.


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Our opinion

There are around 20 videos, and up until late in 2010 a new video was released usually every two weeks. Unfortunately since then, there has been no activity on the site. So the archive is no longer growing. I can't even say that the site is new for such a small archive since the first video was uploaded in January, 2010. Photo galleries were usually updated every 2 to 3 weeks.

You can stream only in Flash low, high, and ultra quality. The low plays in 512x288; high in 770x434; and ultra in 1024x578. Unfortunately, there are no downloadable movies here. Once buffered, the movies play without freezing up, which is nice. They also play in exceptional quality - even the low quality is quite good.

The sound is very good as well, though they do not conduct their sessions in English. There are subtitles for the Russian dialogue, except in the low quality format. In some scenes all the participants do is basically moan and groan, so you're not missing much in the way of verbal humiliation and domination; whereas in other scenes, there's some good dialogue (though still too much moaning and groaning). The videos usually last around 15 to 20 minutes.

There are around 20 hi-res photo galleries, with the pictures opening to 1936x1296 pixels. They're very good quality, as you expect from high resolution. The galleries contain a slide show option, as well as a zip download option. The galleries I saw contained between around 60 to 150 pictures. The videos also have screencap galleries, which are very good quality. These pictures open to 1024x576 pixels, with 40 pictures per gallery. These screencap galleries aren't zip downloadable, though.

Navigation is very easy inside SheSadoMe. You have your choice of Updates, Pictures, Video, Bonus Zone, and Bonus Sites. Bonus Zone has a message stating "coming soon," while Bonus Sites gives you access to 5 other niche sites.

She Sado Me also features the usual bdsm activities you expect to see in a site of this nature, though with a sissy/feminization twist. Additionally, there are extreme activities like anal fisting and hot wax poured into a rectum. While the hot wax up the ass is certainly extreme and unique, I wonder if the uniqueness (I haven't seen or heard of it anywhere else) is due to the fact that this isn't a safe activity. Hot wax play, even when safe, leaves some red marks on skin. I can only imagine what such an activity is doing to the inside lining of an anus. I also wonder if the hot wax poured into the rectum was real, considering the tip of the speculum wasn't actually shown going in. It made me wonder if there was some sort of cap at the end of it to catch the hot wax. (I certainly hope so for the sub's sake). Plus, the reactions of the recipient didn't seem realistic, since he didn't react much to the hot wax going straight into his anus. In fact, at first he emitted far more painful reactions when the hot wax was poured on his butt cheeks than inside his anus.


While some of the content on She Sado Me is unique and very good, the site has some drawbacks. First of all there are no more updates being added to the site. The movies aren't downloadable, and the interactions between the couples can be hit or miss. I'm also bothered by the safety aspect of hot wax poured directly into an anus, and bdsm is supposed to be all about safety! Thus, I have some mixed feelings about this site and can't give it as high ratings when I compare it to high quality bdsm sites that have a large archive, downloadable movies, and that practice safety first.


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