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Sickogames review

Summary: SickoGames is a hard-core fetish site based on amateur reality content. Thousands of full screen, hi-resolution pics along with videos and weekly updates. 5 other sites are available.

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Score 80.0 /100
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J., 2005-01-27

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Intro promises

-High Quality exclusive and original content
-Each episode is nearly 3 hours long
-New updates weekly
-Thousands of full screen, high res pictures
-24/7 customer support
-Access to 5 other sites with VIP and Platinum memberships

First impression

When I first went to review this site, there was a cease and desist order from the producers of the American television show "Fear Factor." You see, until a few weeks before writing this, the site was called Fear Factor Fuck. They had the domain name and their logo was a modified Fear Factor one. How they got away with only getting a cease and desist is beyond me, but they've survived, changed their name and logos and they're back in business. Their brand of pornography is, for lack of a better comparison, just like Fear Factor but for a few changes: The contestants are naked and have sex, the contestants aren't as smart, and it's far more degrading than anything on television. There are sample trailers here that emphasize the disgusting and degrading things they do to their models and I can tell this is going to be a squamish review for me.

At least everything looks professional on the opening pages, though the splash page here is in a mock-50s American advertising style which, needless to say, has nothing to do with the site but my main problem with it is that the style never makes another appearance on the site at all. I don't get it. But I have a feeling I'll be thinking that a lot in the next few hours.


Credit Card, Online Check, Telephone

One month: $24.95

One month: $29.95

Three months: $59.95 (non-recurring)

Our opinion

The layout of the main page is about as efficient and easy to understand as possible- they even give you a description of how things are layed out right at the top. Each episode is seperated into three different segments, each about an hour long. Each one of these "chapters" consists of 1-3 of the Fear Factor-style games and a sex scene. Within each chapter's section on the episode page you can also find links to the pictures from those games and a 1-4 photo sets of the girl that's featured in that chapter. Each week a new chapter of an episode is posted. So, essentially, the episode index (aka: the main members' page) has everything you need to know to get started viewing an episode. Each episode gets a description and headshots of the people involved, plus vidcaps so you know what you're getting into... at least a little bit.

Let's get the technical details out of the way before I dig into this content here. The chapters are available in two different formats each: WMV and MPEG. The first few WMV vids are at 500kbps and the newer ones are bumped up to 700, and the resolution of 360x240 remains the same. The MPEGS have the same resolution and look very similar to the lower resolution WMVs both at natural size and expanded. Blowing these vids up brings out some pretty heavy digital artifacting and pixelization, which is really a shame since the television episode format is conducive to full screen viewing. The most frustrating aspect of this site is that each chapter of the episode is somewhere around one hour long. That means some of the longer .WMVs are around 500MB to download. Splitting these up into sections would be incredibly helpful (and easy, as each game could have its own file), but you have to watch or download the whole thing at once.

The videos are not the most professional things I've ever seen. There are camera flashes and clicks busting all over the place, the "hostess" is a somewhat annoying girl who's usually trying too hard and there's "narration" that sounds like they took a microphone to the streets and asked some guy in a backwards upside down visor to read something off a card for them. The lighting is pretty standard and flat and you learn every detail about what goes on behind the scenes because they're not shy about keeping that stuff in the background. The bottom line here is that these episodes look less like something you'd see on television and more like something you'd see on a porn site. It wouldn't have taken much to make this look like an actual game show, but they decided to go the gonzo route with it.

Now to the content. The game is set up so that three girls are competing for $10,000. Whoever wins the most games wins the money. The games range from simple stuff like giving a blowjob with hot sauce on the guy's wang to eating tic tacs out of a guy's asshole. The girl with the lowest score in each game gets to spin the Wheel of Shame and has to do one of several things, including eating a piece of pizza with pubic hair on it, get pissed on, eat dog food, sniff some guys' farts, etc. I'm very torn about the ethics of this site. They boast about the girls not knowing what they're in for when they come in for the shoot and they mock the girls who bailed when they found out. But then, in some of the less disgusting games, some of the girls actually seem to be having fun. I can imagine that the professional life of a female adult actress can get pretty dull and maybe the chance to do something a little different is welcome by some of the models. But, then, do they really need the extra dose of degradation that this site offers? I suppose it's not my place to judge the site on it, but it's only fair to bring it up so that anyone thinking of joining the site knows that it's not all giggles and jokes that everyone thinks are funny.

The photos taken during the video shoots (are of a very decent quality at about 900x600 resolution. These are documentary-style photos and were obviously taken with a very nice digital camera (there's actual depth of field!) which is a nice surprise. The sets of the girls in each episode are the same resolution but it seems like less time was spent in lighting and setting up the shoots here. Sometimes there's even some flash-induced washout on the faces and whatnot. The quality of the camera saves these sets from being totally amateur, but they don't compare with the nice quality of those shots of the video being produced. The photos are really kind of a bonus anyway, as the episodes themselves (or at least the games) are clearly the focus of the site.

Also available on the site (if you get anything about the Basic membership) is access to 5 other sites, including BoyGirlBang and TubbyBob. These sites, for the most part, have the same long video lengths holding them back. Speaking of which, the Girls Gone Wild and Bumfights full-lengths are
available on the site, too, which was surprising.


While I could spend all day arguing the ways in which this site is kind of wrong, I think those problems go a little deeper than our little scoring system here. So let me just say that if you think this sort of thing would be funny, then this is probably the only place you're going to find it and you should join. There are some technical problems and nothing here is very high quality (from production value to compression rates), but it certainly is unique. The pricing system is a little strange and I can't imagine why you'd just not get the three month thing because it's so much cheaper and you get more than the basic membership. So, watch some of the trailers and if it looks good to you then the technical things I've mentioned probably won't deter you... nor will my soapbox speeches on respect in pornography I guess.

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