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Slime Wave review

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Slime Wave continues to update on a weekly basis, and they have gone from having only 90 vids to 227 exclusive scenes. The movies are in full HD, and each scene comes along with its own high-resolution photo gallery. The scenes are in different formats, and there is one for most mobile devices. The site itself is pleasing to the eye, and is simple to navigate, although you cannot post comments.

Score 85.0 /100
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Summary: Slime Wave is the site for you if you have a penchant for lesbians getting wet and messy using strapons. The site does a great job combining lesbians and the wet and messy fetish, offering members very high quality videos and photos. Weekly updates, a decent sized archive, bonus access to over 15 kinky and fetish sites, and easy navigation round out the offerings. The only thing missing is the live shows, which will cost extra at sign up and aren't included in the standard subscription.

Tamesin, 2018-04-09

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Intro promises

- HD quality videos
- Network of bonus sites, which includes 545,130+ pics, 4200+ videos, and live broadcasting
- 15+ network updates per week
- 18+ live bonus cams

First impression

One look at the tour on Slime Wave, and you think it's all about bukkake, but you'd be wrong. All the creamy looking jizz is so thick and the babes so drenched with it that it can't possibly be real. But upon further examination, you see that this site is all about the wet and messy fetish, but with the look and feel of jizz, so they don't even pretend that it's real. How ingenious! Now those who get aroused at hot babes plastered in creamy slime can fantasize that it's jizz, while those who love the wet and messy fetish can make their very own slime wave!

The scenes look to be heavily in the corner of girl on girl action - with big slime-shooting strapons and toys - but there's some male participation in the group sex scenes as well.

Promised are HD videos and lots of other extras. I signed up to have a look at the members area and see how things add up for subscribers.


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Our opinion

The tour samples on Slime Wave don't disappoint once you get inside the members' area. That's always a good thing, since in some sites, you see the very best on the tour and when you get full access, the members' area is a huge let down. Every single slimy bit of hardcore lesbian action you saw on the tour is multiplied inside the Slime Wave members area, and there's lots of great extras included as well.

Great Wet and Messy Fetish Footage
When I say these chicks are coated, I really mean coated! Wave after wave of wet and messy fake jizz gets plastered on to each of these babes. Some have so much on their faces that they can't even open their eyes; all they have is globs of white slime where their eyes are! They even lick up the special ingredient sauce and then rub it in all over their bodies, clothes, and hair. I don't think one single inch of their skin has been untouched by this slimy fake jizz, thanks to not being limited by a mere man's ability to fill his ball sac. Truly those who have a wet and messy fetish will love these lesbian and hardcore scenes!

Hot and Kinky Lesbian Babes
Slime Wave is mostly about hot lesbian babes who love the wet and messy fetish. Usually one hottie is fucked senseless by a couple other equally gorgeous chicks with strapons that can shoot out loads of the thick creamy slime. These strapons seem to be filled with a never ending supply of this special jizz, which coats the chick in question in wave after wave of eruptions and ejaculations. After a while, the strapon wielding babes drench each other and themselves in the white sticky goo. They just can't get enough of that special sauce, and soon all the hot lesbians are covered in goo. In addition to the strapon fun, you'll see such lesbian porn action as double penetration and tit sucking. There's also some scenes with real cocks.

Great Close Ups of Lesbian Penetration
Slime Wave gives its members great close ups of lesbian strapon penetration. Sure, there are lots of great closeups of slime covered body parts, but if you love seeing pussies penetrated by proxy cocks, you're going to love the great close ups here. All of them remain in focus, too, and the camera angles are awesome when it comes to showing lesbian sex and lots of slime covered body parts.

Multiple Video Viewing Options
Members get multiple video viewing options of the around 227 scenes. You can Flash stream in full screen size for low, medium, and HD qualities. Streaming is awesome in that it doesn't freeze up to buffer at all.

Downloading speeds are also quick, and you can grab MP4 copies of the movies in HD (1920x1080; 7 mbits), Medium (1280x720; 4 mbits), and Low (960x540; 2.2 mbits) qualities. There's also an iPod/iPad option for the newer scenes. The movies average around 23 minutes run time and also offer very good quality audio.

High Quality Videos and Photo Galleries
As mentioned above, you can download or stream the videos in HD quality. This quality is, of course, very high, but the low and medium qualities are very good as well. In addition to the videos, each scene also has a very high quality photo gallery to go along with it. These are zip downloadable, so you can save your favorites. The pictures open to 1920x1080 pixels, and there are usually 100+ photos in each set.

Good Sized Archive and Weekly Updates
Slime Wave contains around 90 scenes, thanks to weekly updates. Each update contains a video and a photo gallery. There are also several updates (of both video and photo gallery) per week within the network of bonus sites.

Easy Navigation
There's nothing slimy about the navigation within the members' area. To find the latest updates, simply click on the menu link of "Updates." You also can browse by the more than 140 full length DVDs that all the scenes on the parent network, Tainster, come from.

A Great Network of Bonus Sites
When you first enter Slime Wave, you're in the network of bonus sites. There are 16 of these sites that you get full access to, and they feature a variety of fetish and kink. You'll find sites that revolve around orgies, drunk babes, pissing, and shiny clothes. There are also sites you'll more than likely be interested in, such as wet and messy fetish and facials. The network is really easy to navigate, and you can quickly get to the particular members' area that you want. You'll also find easy menu links to all the updates throughout the network, cams, live shows, blog, and more.

Live Content Is For "All Inclusive" Memberships ONLY
When signing up you would have noticed two different tiers of membership: the usual with Video and Picture access, and an All-Inclusive option. The latter will include access to more than 120 taped live shows with their porn star babes, as well as access to live shows with them on a regular basis. Shows run about an hour in length.

Unfortunately the "18+ live cams" promised to all members are not actually free. They are hosted on another site and you need to buy credits to go private with the models.

The Dialogue Isn't in English
Some members might be put off that the story lines and thus, the dialogue, aren't in English (and there are no subtitles), but I don't really think that's much of a problem. After all, the lesbian wet and messy action begins quickly enough, and soon you won't need any translation! Plus, you'll probably want to keep the sound on so you can hear these babes moan and get off on getting penetrated by strapons and plastered with fake jizz.


I highly recommend Slime Wave to those who love lesbians getting wet and messy.

I also think the site will appeal to those who love seeing a good facial, even though you have to suspend belief when you see that the "jizz" isn't real. Each of the scenes has an equal amount of hardcore lesbian porn and copious amounts of wet and messy slime waves. These babes get totally coated with wave after wave of this awesome sauce from the ever ready and ever spurting strapons. The scenes are shown in very high quality videos and photo galleries, offering members HD videos and zip downloadable picture sets. There are weekly updates and around 90 scenes thus far. Members also get several weekly updates throughout the network of over 15 bonus sites, as well as easy navigation.


Slime Wave is unusual in that its wet and messy fetish features hardcore lesbian playing, so you could say it's in a category all on its own. Plus, the wet and messy revolves around a special creamy thick sauce that looks similar to jizz, so the facial crowd will likely love the site. Because of these reasons, it's hard to find a direct competitor because it's like comparing apples to oranges.

But there are sites that you have a good chance of liking if you liked what was here. Wet Spirit is one such site, which is not hardcore but erotica with girls soaking wet.

Anal Acrobats is worth a look too: HD videos, lesbian hardcore sex with strapons and multiple girls, porn stars, and a good amount of Wet and Messy action mixed in - like whipped cream enemas, and using food to make a real mess of the hardcore sex.


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