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Smother review

Summary: Smother is an amateur fetish site that carries a massive amount of content in the form of, 250,000 XXX and fetish related images, 100,000+ videos and access to 12 other sites.

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AdultMonkey, 2002-06-23

Fetish, Amateur


Intro promises

Are you supposed to wear a helmet when you have a chick sit on your face? I mean, the eventual nose breakin' pussy is a tremendous risk. I've often been compared to Tom Cruise, and I do need to use caution at times. Seriously, I'm a bit frightened with the thought of a big ol' puss-puss wrecking my pretty mug. With that said, I do have a job to do however and now I bring you a fetish that is simply foreplay to the extreme.

Smother happens to be a happy little place where the Waffle will try and have fun. They promise over 250,000 XXX and fetish related pics with an additional 100,000 XXX vids. That's a lot of face squatting. Here's the great thing: when you join you receive access to over 12 additional websites. Let's take a look at these superfreaks.

First impression

Some good imagery so far. Honestly, I'm not sure if I can handle all of this face sitting, but I do dig the free additional sites offered. Let me say this though: I love big tits, asian chicks, black women, hardcore fucking and super nipples. You get all of that with this site. My first impression also notices some crap ass navigation......let's see how bad it is.


Our opinion

When you first hit the main page you're kind of spun around. There's all kinds of action - it's almost confusing. With a little bit of time I soon discover that this is the same as all of its sister sites. That means a lot of crap that needs to be sorted, but after a while you'll find your way. However, it must be noted that Smother really serves up content for its customers. Shitloads of pics and vids, none that belong to them exclusively, but lots of chicks sittting on faces. You need to search to find them all, but they're there and it's very much worth it. One image that stands out is the three-way action with the two blondes and one lucky bastard. I wouldn't mind having my face squished with these chicks. The actual amount of on-topic pics is not entirely near 250,000, but with quick downloads and great quality, you'll be OK.

This site is beginning to grow on me a bit. The more I'm able to get around, the more I like it. I'm actually beginning to enjoy fucking face sitting. However, I've come to one conclusion, if you join this site expect a little of everything, not just a lot of your favorites. This is a company driven to please the masses, not the few. But that's ok, because I'm really liking the action they serve up. In all, I'd say there are about a hundred or so face sitting galleries with about a dozen pics in each. Not bad considering weekly updates allows content to grow.

After all the the pics I hit up the vids. It's a bit shitty really, but so's the navigation - these are the only real bummers. How many fucking 'face sitting' movies can you expect? Look for some decent tit and asian vids to relieve you of all that stress. Navigation is an obstacle that you yourself must conquer. I'm sorry.

Another fab aspect of the site is the fact that you can dig around and find some nice wanking stories. I also enjoyed the fact that it's difficult to find things for sale. Hooray!


This isn't a face sitting gold mine. But, it is an overall great value and I do recommend it to a certain degree for fetish lovers. You'll have enough variety to keep you chokin' your chicken for at least a few months. Enjoy.

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