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Society SM review

Summary: Society SM is a large BDSM site starring hot girls and pornstars in scenes with lots of gagging and bondage. The scenes are pretty good, but without the same emotional connection between dom and sub as seen elsewhere. Video quality is good as are pictures, but navigation could be improved.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2008-08-20

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bdsm, clothes pins, flogging, gag, pain, ropes, suspended

Intro promises

- Weekly updates every Wednesday
- Well known bondage, fetish, and porn models are featured
- New models added each month

First impression

Society SM looks pretty dang cool. Maybe because it looks a lot like any of the sites from Hopefully, they'll show a little more originality inside the members' area. There's certainly plenty of porn and fetish models scrunching up their faces in pain and submission on this tour. Since I'm always up for a good BDSM site, I throw open the dungeon door and enter.


$29.95/30 days, recurring
$59.95/90 days, non-recurring

Credit cards through CCBill, Netbilling, and Epoch.
Pay by mail option is also available.

Our opinion

As soon as you enter, you'll see the same set up as on the tour, with the simple menu options of Members, Cinema, Updates, Models, and Forum. Below are some visuals and news items for the site.

My first stop was "Cinema." You can imagine my disappointment when I received the message: "The Cinema Will be back On-Line Soon. You can view the Clips from every Update in the Updates Galleries." I clicked back to "Home," and that took me back to the tour page. I had to click on "Members" again. When you're on that empty "Cinema" page, just click on "Members." "Back" just keeps you on the same page. Thus far, I'm not impressed with this site because of their no-nothing link and poor navigation.

"Updates" takes you to the episodes laid out in a style. There's a note that says the site has almost 60,000 photos and over 10,000 minutes of videos. Archives go all the way back to January, 2004. "Models" shows you the almost 150 models within the site, alphabetically arranged by first name. There are quite a few well known porn, bdsm, and fetish stars on this roster, which is impressive. Since I'm a Paige Richards fan, I click on her photo. It shows her episode, dated in August of 2004. There are 91 photos and a 32 minute video. The only problem is, while I can access her picture galleries, I couldn't find her video. At first I thought if I wanted to watch it, I'd have to go through the "Updates" and wade through almost four years of episodes to find her. Uh, no thanks.

Then, on a lark, I decide to click on her "Gallery 5." Lo and behold, this took me to her 16 clips. This mislabeling is another poor navigation instance, in my opinion. There's no option to watch Ms. Richards' episode in its entirety. Instead, you have to stream or download all 16 clips, which are around a couple minutes in length. There are thumbnails to each of the clips, so if you're interested in a particular scene, the thumbnail will help you find it. They play in Real Player in a tiny screen and are only a couple minutes in length. So much for watching Ms. Richards.

Luckily, the newer videos open in 640x480 in WMV and 320x240 MOV. They're also easier to get to. Whenever you press on any of the links to each episode's galleries, you're more than likely to see the video clip for that particular scene; that is, if the scene has a video. Not all of the galleries have a video to go along with it. The clips I watched were around 15 minutes in length. As on the older videos, you can't watch the episode in its entirety. Rather, you have to watch in clips. There are interviews at beginning of each bdsm episode. The videos have very good quality visuals and sounds.

Each episode has a photo gallery. The photos open to various pixel sizes. The sizes I saw were 900x1350 and 867x1301. They're very good quality, with the whole gallery being zip downloadable.

The episodes include a lot of bdsm: bondage, gags, spreader bars, nipple torture, flogging, spanking, electrical play, hair pulling, violet wand, bound up in very uncomfortable positions, etc. The models are very pretty and act very submissive. The only problem I had in watching these videos is that the dominants didn't seem all that interested in what they were doing. Since Society SM has modeled itself on, I couldn't help but compare e.g. Sex and Submission's Dom/sub interactions, and those found in this site. I didn't feel any connection between the Doms and subs here. It just seemed like another video shoot, albeit a painful one at that. And that's also another impression I got: the pain was painful and not erotic in this site.


The content is very good in Society SM, although the navigation is very poorly done. They also update regularly, as they promised on the tour. You'll either like this site or be disappointed in it, depending upon how you view BDSM. If you like to see kinky photos and videos of damsels in distress, then you'll like this site. If you want to see that indefinable, yet observable, connection between a Dom and sub during BDSM play, you'll be disappointed in this site. There was no depth or emotion on the Doms' part, and the women seemed to be in genuine and very unerotic pain.

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