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Spandex Planet review

Summary: Spandex Palace is a fetish site that focuses on amateur, soft-core action. Lacking in videos, but JPEG images are nicely done.

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Mads, 2005-12-17

Fetish, 18-23, Amateur, Babes, Softcore


Intro promises

- Top teens
- Top dresses
- Top quality fetish site

First impression

Huhaa...! (Pacino wannabe- style groan) Now THIS seems to be a one way ticket to a sticky world of plastic wrappings and tight kinky costumes. The grapical design of this site evidently suits its spandex/latex fetish theme very well. Whether you just wanna try something new or whether you're fed up by sleeping with your rain jacket and plastic boots on, this site might be the gateway of no return for you. Let's peek inside...


Our opinion

The structure of this site as simple as can be. The navigation of the members' section restricts itself to four basic subthemes; Satin shorts, Bondage, Spandex Galore and video. No intro text... no nothing! Well, let's see what's going on.

Hmmm... let me get straight to the point in regards to the movie section. If movies are a must for you this may actually not be the best place to start. In fact... I'd probably rename the site to Lonely Planet as the site currently has only two movie clips to choose from. These particular movies are releated to domination/clothing fetishism. The format is .avi and the content can be downlaoded really fast (at least on this side of the globe). Altogether it amounts to a good 10 minutes of video. The resolution of the clips is quite decent (720x576px). however the clips seem relatively out of focus in full screen mode. This may be due to bad settings in relation to zooming and lightning, but as far as the movie quality goes it seems apparent that this site is a newcomer and there's is some way to go yet.

This is not only technically speaking, but also in relation to basic setting, moods and originality. There's no hardcore going on at this site so you are expected to get your thrill and kicks from the models, costumes and the mind games. Speaking of whom; I must say that the models overall are really nice and attractive.

Moving on to the other sections which are pictures only this pattern repeats itself, fortunately there's more to the pictures than there is to the movies. Apart from the fetish outfits which fortunately often hits bull's eye, the tension of the sessions nevertheless varies quite a lot... It's actually difficult to pinpoint why; some of the models are evidently a bit shy and the poses seem a bit unimaginative from time to time. On the other hand, some phote sessions are really top notch in part due to the beautiful models as well as the creative latex/spandex outfits.

The formats of the photos are JPEGs and one enter a photo session by clicking the index thumbs. The site is overall extremely sparse on information, and the same goes for relavant content metadata, but at least the thumbs are relatively clear and the basic size is a really decent 100x150 which gives a fair impression of the content. The thumbnail gallery view is replaced by an original picture by clicking any desired thumb. The resolution of the original pics varies between 576x768px and 1024x682/768px which is a really fine size for most.

In regards to quantity the total amount of content on Spandex Planet is not overwhelming, yet decent considering that the content evidently is original and not third party stuff. A model's photo gallery rarely exceeds a total amount of 30 pics, which is a shame as it is fair, but not exactly excessive. On a critical note the harsh light settings ought to improve, unless the intention is to alienate the look of the models.

Speaking of whom, the models are in my humble opinion one of the greatest assets of the site as the degree of personality that the site manages to pull off exceeds through them. Still there's evidently room for additional directions from the photographers to intensify the material further.


If the intention of Spandex Planet is to come forward as a well equipped and professionally established site it deserves mention that it has quite some way to go.

What really makes Spandex Planet worthwhile is a fairly uncompromised dedication towards its latex/spandex fetish theme along with a nice clientele of unique and attractive models. If Spandex Planet along the way manages to improve the overall quality a couple of notches e.g. through regular updates including a great deal of thought-through HQ videos I wouldn't hesitate to rate this site a serious prospect for the future.

As of right now Spandex Planet is definitely a nice addition to the online collection of any devoted fetish fan, but I think it is reasonable to expect more as the potential is present.


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