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The English Mansion review

Summary: The English mansion offers female domination featuring a number of mistresses using and abusing their male slaves. The action is very good and clearly made by people very much into this fetish. Videos are the main part of the site with several hundred of them arranged by niche, all in average quality. A great site for femdom or bdsm fans.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2008-09-24

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ass licking, bdsm, domination, femdom, submission

Intro promises

- Daily movie updates that are fully downloadable
- 3 hours of new movies added every month
- 3 hours of archived movies added every month
- Exclusive movies
- 200 hours of footage currently showing
- Movies broken down into various categories within BDSM and D/s

First impression

The English Mansion is where all these lovely, yet very strict, Mistresses use subs, especially of the male persuasion, for their pleasure. Looking at the sometimes harsh and hardcore movie trailers and photos, there's little doubt what's in store for slaves inside.


$34.94/30 days, recurring
$39.95/30 days, non-recurring
$79.95/90 days, recurring
$84.95/90 days, non-recurring

Credit cards through CCBill, Paycom, and Epoch
Bank transfer through DirectPay
Online checking
Pay via post option available

Our opinion

The layout inside The English Mansion is basically the same as it is on the tour, except it's further broken down into categories for you. These include Dungeon (Mistress and slave movies); Barracks (uniform and prison inspired bdsm); Cellar (extreme humiliation and bi-boys); Lounge (domestic femdom/chastity/ponyboy); Boudoir (boys as toys); Clinic (medical fetish); Wet Room (water sports and rubber fetish); Vaults (Mistresses and slave girls); Dressing (TV and cross dressing); Wardrobe (clothing fetish with no bdsm); Shoe Box (shoe/foot/boot fetish); Office (corporal punishment); and Study (pov: Mistresses talk directly to you). Other menu options include Photos, Voice, Forum, Blog, Library, and Tower.

If there are particular Mistresses and genres you fancy, you can use the search feature to find them. There are over 30 Mistresses and almost 30 different categories to choose from. You can also search by keyword, which may be included in the movie's title or description. If you love hearing audios, there are around 30 of them inside "Voice." Most of these are recorded by Mistress Sidonia, but there are a couple other Mistresses who have recorded vignettes for you. "Library" features articles about Mistress Sidonia, as well as erotica. The "Tower" is her "personal domain giving an insight" into her bdsm philosophy and personality.

To see the latest updates, merely click on "Updates." There's a note indicating new updates are posted daily at 12 midnight GMT. There's also a preview of what's coming up. There are two movie updates per day; one is new and exclusive, while the other one is archived footage not currently seen. "New" will show you the updates that have been added since your last visit. That's a handy feature, showing you what's new so you won't miss anything. Considering this site is broken down into several categories, with a lot of content, this "New" category will ensure you won't miss any update.

Once you decide on a category you want to view, it's further broken down for you. What's neat about the English Mansion is that they have little icons to let you know what the movie consists of - such as cbt, water sports, corporal punishment, bdsm sex, session footage, fantasy story, etc.

The WMV movies open to a 640x480 (around 1.34 Mbps, or 4.28 Mbps for the full length) sized screen and are of very good quality. The sound is very good as well. You can download the videos in low or high resolution, in parts or full length. The parts of generally a few minutes in length. Some of the episodes are only several minutes in length, while others are around an hour or more.

Photos can be zip downloaded. They also can be viewed in a slide show, where the photos will size themselves for your computer screen. I would've preferred them larger, since they didn't take up the whole of my computer screen. Some are quite small, though they are of good quality. There are over 200 galleries, each of which varies as to how many photos are within. The ones I viewed were around 10 to around 40 pictures, with the average being around 20. After viewing the photo galleries, I'd say the main thrust and enjoyment of this site is in the videos.

It seems the whole range of BDSM and D/s is covered within the English Mansion; if it isn't, it's pretty darn close! A lot of the footage shows some pretty harsh stuff; it isn't a site for those who only like a mild slap and tickle. There are, however, a good amount of videos that have more of the sensual bdsm. Plus, there are some categories that stress the fetishes, such as foot worship, leather and rubber worship, etc.

If you want to see some of the Mistresses in real sessions, many of the videos cover that. Granted, they're heavily edited, but I don't think the quality suffers in any way. They definitely show the good stuff! Some videos are fantasy stories which are inspired by the Mistresses' own sexual fantasies.

I watched quite a range of videos. The POV video in the "Study" was pretty cool. It really did seem like Mistress Sidonia was scolding the viewer. I also watched a great video with water sports, spit, and other humiliation. The masked sub was tormented and demeaned by two harsh Mistresses, who eventually let him cum - but only if he mixed his spunk in with their piss and lick it up. (They pissed all over his face and cock). I also watched another video with Mistress Sidonia getting her slave out from inside a wooden cupboard. She teased him a bit, used him for her sex toy, and then put him back in the cupboard. Another video I enjoyed was a 40 or so minute long episode where a wife shows off her newly feminized husband to her two friends. They discussed sissy as if she were an "it," furthering the humiliation. The sissy maid was punished a few times for not living up to his Mistress Wife's expectations.

In each of the videos I saw, there was no doubt that the participants involved were very much into their roles and weren't just playing a part. The Mistresses showed a deep understanding of the subs/slaves and how hard to push them. I really enjoyed that aspect of the videos; it wasn't just eye candy for a masochist or sadist. There's a real dynamic, chemistry, and trust amongst all the participants involved.


I give high marks to The English Mansion. There's a lot of good quality content, and it's updated daily. Navigation is fairly simple amongst all the content and various categories within the Mansion.

You'll find some of the most well respected Mistresses tormenting subs and slaves in an incredibly well equipped dungeon, fetish rooms, and other settings. The sessions and fantasy videos show a deep understanding of the submissive mind, which will delight any sub who likes BDSM. If you like fetishes and extreme BDSM, I'm sure you'll wince and love the English Mansion!

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