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The Rubber Clinic review

Summary: The Rubber Clinic is rubber perversion and medical mayhem as they put it. Nurses as well as patients are partial to tight rubber clothes and lots of medical procedures involving enemas, catheters and speculums are performed. High quality content.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Uli, 2006-10-05

Fetish, Babes, Hardcore, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

"This website contains images of and materials relating to fetishes, consensual sadomasochism, bondage, nudity and other sexual activities." "Welcome to a world of heavy rubber perversion and medical mayhem as the world of the rubber clinic unfolds before your eyes... You will find latex water-sports, catheter insertion, enema fun, double penetration, strap-on fucking, heavy piss play and drinking all with the best medical heavy rubber and latex outfits on the net! If you like what you see and hear explore the site and see what Matron has instore for her rubber patients..."

There are previews of all (!) photoseries and movies, so you can nearly check out the whole site. There's even one free video. Sadly there are no demo photos I can subject to a quality test.

First impression

Wow! This is hard stuff! This is one of the most extreme (perhaps even the most extreme) fetish sites I've seen during the last years. ALL series (without exception) are strong fetish takes with indeed lots of rubber and latex, lots of pissing, often enemas and other strange (medical) things. Fans of simple nudie softcore pics - stay out of here!


$ 29.95 month/recurring at $24.95

Billing services by Verotel or CCBill
Other billing options available (cheque, telephone)

Our opinion

Let's give the whole thing a closer look - after having taken a deep breath ;-). I'm used to describe the actors first. This time it's a little bit difficult because, hm, this site does not have full nudity in the common sense of the word. At least I can say it's a female only site - didn't see a man in any of the series. But what you see of the most girls, are naked genitals, less titties but more pussies and asses because that's what you need for pee- and enema-scenes. Faces and most parts of the bodies are covered in colorful, shiny, strange and skintight latex and rubber clothings (? - well, sort of) and masks. From what I can see I suppose many girls to be real beauties, but this is hidden often, so I only can guess.

I denoted it already - the action is nothing but hardcore. It's not the orthodox missionary fucking, from behind, cum shots, dildos, lesbian games and so on - it's strange stuff without exemptions. As announced there are fetish games with looots of rubber, golden showers in big lots of cases (preferably in rubber pants or bags, but also giving and receiving), enemas, bondage, latex strap-ons and so on. All action takes place in a well faked medical environment - white tilings, medical apparatus standing around and preferably medical examination chairs - now you know why this site calls itself rubber CLINIC!

The picture quality of all pictures is high. Resolution of 1024x800 pixels is common. The compression of the pics is low - filesizes between 150 and 250 Kb are average. At the moment the site has 160 picture series, each with 30-50 pictures making a grand total of more than 6000 pictures. The number of photoseries is growing steadily.

The content of the videos is comparable to the pics. Their quality is also high, the older ones have a resolution of very good 720x576 Pixel (=PAL resolution) with 800 kb/s bitrate (average), the newer ones an absolutely outstanding widescreen resolution of 1200x676 pixel with an also very good bit rate of 1500 kb/s. No wonder the movies are crisp and clear and show lots of details - that's around twice the resolution you get on a normal tv-set, guys! On the other hand you need a real fast computer (otherwise movies tend to be jerky) and a quite big monitor to enjoy this. Ah yes, this seemed really strange to me: These movies are not wmv, they are in Real Player format with varying bitrate (.rmvb). The player is free (there's a link on the site) and works well. Since there was no hint I tried to find out whether this player uses a sort of DRM playing the movies on my second pc. It played well, too. Either there is indeed no DRM (Cheers for Rubberclinic!) or the DRM of Real Player (might work with password authentication on the Real-site) isn't as disgusting as the Microsoft one. Forgot to tell the statistics of the movies: At the moment there are 56 movies, their size is between 20 and 80 Mb. Sadly the free sample clip you can view without being a member only uses the standard PAL resolution.

With the exception of a collection of links to other fetish sites the site has no additional stuff, no cam, no forum.

The site design is well done and looks professional - the predominant black and red colors underline its character well and let the bright pictures even look more colorful. This is one of those sites not having a seperate members area. As a guest you can nearly move around the site freely. Thus no preview tour is needed. You are asked for a password from the very moment you are trying to load thumbs of pictures the first time. This in my opinion could have been done better, because for guests it's not a real nice situation to cancel this password-request each time a thumb is loaded - that password requester should appear when trying to open the picture pages and not loading the thumbs. But that's the only criticism I have - the site is comfortable to handle and hassle-free - yes, and it also has zip-files for all photo-series, great! If you only want selected pics, also no problem, all content - and the movies too - is downloadable without giving you a hard time.


The Rubber Clinic is definitely not meant for everybody. Those surfers being interested in the average nudie pics or the average hardcore scenes you find on thousands of other web-sites are not the target group of this site. In fact you have to have a triple fetish to enjoy it to the fullest: You should have a very strong medical-, latex- or rubber-fetish, you should be into pee-scenes and a clinic atmosphere should appeal to you. But if this is a description of your interest, watching this site will be an absolute must for you.

The content quality is very good to excellent. The scenes are extreme and outstanding even from different points of view. Pics are well done, but the movies are even better - high definition is going to be reality on adult sites!

Although this site would have been quite expensive, if this would be an average porn site, I regard the price as acceptable because of the very special interests it serves. Special stuff always has a different price than bulk goods. Because of the high content quality I even was thinking about a higher rating, but the site is not yet big enough to compete with the very top players - just give it some time with the actual update rate and this might change.

Screenshots from The Rubber Clinic

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Total average: 81/100 Our score: 85.0/100

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2010-09-15 16:21:21

Nice image series, and clips

Videoclips are DRM'ed - means: can only be viewed as long as your membership is active.

DRM is Big big big minus !!!!

Good sites as for example from don't nedd such digital garbage :)