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The Training of O review

Summary: The Training of O is an ambitious BDSM fetish site where submissive girls are put through a week of extensive training with a hard, but caring domme or master. The action can be very intense and if you are into BDSM, you are bound to get involved mentally and emotionally as well.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2008-01-30

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Intro promises

The Training of O's tour page does not state what you'll get inside the members' area. Instead, you're presented with samples of high quality scenes that are uploaded every week.

First impression

The episodes presented on The Training of O look very intense. Due to the nature of this site, there's much more written on the scenes' descriptions than any of the other Kink sites I've visited. This seems like it will be a site that not only affects you physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. I'm looking forward to seeing these dear submissive get trained!


$24.91/30 days, recurring
$34.91/60 days, recurring
$44.91/90 days, recurring
$74.91/180 days, non-recurring

Credit cards via Jettis or Epoch.
Personal check via online or regular mail.

Our opinion

The navigation is the same inside The Training of O as on tour, so there's no surprises here. "Updates" contains all the episodes laid out by latest release. Each is presented in a dozen good sized thumbnails, a larger picture, and a lengthy description. As you saw on the tour, the write ups detail the sub's strengths, weakness, training goals, fears, bdsm experience, trainer recommendations, current status (owned, unowned), and disposition (i.e. mashochist, service slut, etc.). At the beginning of each training, there's an interview where the trainer(s) and submissive trainee discuss many of the above points. A lot of these submissives are nervous and excited to start their training.

There are over 30 episodes, with a new one uploaded every week. Each episode is a day in the life of the submissive-wannabe and her training week. Not everyone successfully completes their training; there is an episode where a submissive couldn't handle it. The trainer thought it was in her best interest to stop the training. While these trainers may appear sadistic, they have a lot of compassion when dealing with the subs. And let me tell you, there is a lot of raw emotion shown on this site. It is as true to real life slave training as can be filmed on a paysite.

The average episode contains over 200 photos and at least an hour of video. The photos open to 800x1200 pixels (high resolution) or 533x800 (low resolution). Either option has very good quality, although obviously the high resolution has the better quality. The videos stream or download in a 960x540 (2.07 Mbps) sized screen. Again, the quality is very good. You can zip download the photos or the videos.

My only problem with the videos is the audio part; the sound goes in and out sometimes. Due to the nature of this site - dealing with a lot of the emotional and psychological dynamics of Domination and submission, it's very important to hear every word. I wasn't able to and wish I could have.

One of the episodes I chose to watch was of Berlin. I was impressed by her struggle at Hog tied, so I wanted to see more of her. She was sweating during interview because, as she stated, she was nervous. You could tell she was, despite an excited gleam in her eye. She really wanted to endure this training, no matter how hesitant she was. Part of her goals was to learn better posture. She was made to stand on her tip toes for a long period of time. She also had to walk in high heels while in a stockade and led around by her clamped nipples and labia. She had to do menial tasks, such as shoveling dirt and getting hosed down and muddy. Another goal was to be a good pussy licker, so she had to learn how to lick pussy while being bound, spanked, and lightly whipped. At the time of this review, I was only able to watch Day One of her training, so I'm not sure how she fared during the rest of her training.

I next watched Madison Young. While I'm not the least bit bisexual, I tell ya, I wanted to take her home and make her my pet after seeing her heart and willingness to please during her training. That girl has got spunk and bravery, and her training brought it all out on camera for the world to see. Some of the things she had to endure: spreading her pussy so it could be whipped; being a service slut and fucking another man, while her master whipped her. She was also bound at the knees and arms, while having to walk one foot in front of the other in impossibly high heels. There were many other training tactics she endured. She became very emotional at one point when she thought she had lost her master. At the end of Day Four, she was so overwhelmingly happy to have earned her leather collar that she had tears of joy. She told her master she loved him. My words are just too inadequate to do justice to her accomplishments. Suffice it to say, you have to see it. Her training is beautiful, deep, and raw.


The Training of O is an excellent site. The updates are regular and are of very good quality. Plus, navigation is super simple. As a lifestyle Domme, I'm blown away. I have to admit to becoming emotional at some points when I saw the intensity of the raw emotions exposed during these extreme training sessions.

There is a lot of sadism and humiliation exhibited but, as I stated above, the Dominants are very caring. They wipe tears away and kiss their trainees on the forehead for a job well done. The job doesn't have to be one of accomplishing a particular task, but one of showing the heart of a submissive in trying to do their best. I'm a nurturing sadist, and this site showed how those two diametrically opposed characteristics can coexist in one person. All I can say is, this site is absolutely beautiful for those who are into intense BDSM and the emotional aspects of it.

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