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The Upper Floor review

- 2nd revisit

Summary: The Upper Floor of the Kink castle in San Francisco has been converted into a decadent Edwardian mansion. House slaves are trained and punished, used as party favors by guests, fucked in every hole, tied up and tortured, and otherwise dominated and humiliated in lavish events, some of which are streamed live for members here.

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Score 95.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2014-07-24

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Intro promises

"Authentic BDSM Community"

- Hardcore threesomes
- Elegant bondage
- Sexual service
- Regular live updates
- HD Video

First impression

The Upper Floor of the castle in San Francisco has been converted into a decadent Edwardian-era mansion house. In its halls and rooms slaves serve their Masters and Mistresses every sexual craving, often while being humiliated and dominated in front of the partygoers in attendance. Beneath the mansion the slaves are trained and punished and pushed to their naked limits. This site is unique in its thoroughness and intensity and is guaranteed to satisfy any of you interested in a true D/s lifestyle.


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DHD, Epoch

Our opinion

If the idea of a 24/7 BDSM lifestyle appeals to you, if you've lost yourself in the worlds of "The Story of O" and Anne Rice's "Sleeping Beauty" series, and think "Fifty Shades of Grey" doesn't go nearly far enough in its BDSM and hardcore play, then join Kink on The Upper Floor.

Decadent, Explicit, Extreme

Be transported to an Edwardian mansion, where decadence is everything, where flesh is owned and used as Masters and Mistresses deem fit. There are a stable of slaves called upon here, beautiful women paraded around in ropes and chains, made to suck visitor's cocks, swallow cum, to be fucked in every hole by whoever would desire to penetrate them. These same girls are tortured and punished for amusement or training; hands cuffed, breasts covered with alligator clamps tied to strings that the party guests hold tug on while she whimpers and cries. There are canings, gaggings, girls are kept in cages, made to gag and choke on large cocks, fucked and humiliated in front of guests - there are no limits here!

Regular live shows

Besides the hour long episodes in the collection here, you can tune in to see live events and training sessions with the slaves. There is no schedule but since the site launched in 2009, there have been many live events.

A large collection of videos and pictures

There are a total of 399+ episodes at the time of my visit. Each has a video that runs at least 50+ minutes long, and an average of 100 pictures in a gallery. Every week they add a new episode.

High definition downloads

You can save full-length movies or download clips from any episode, and you can do it in multiple formats. Their highest quality options are 720p HD MP4s (1280x720; 5 mbits) and WMVs (1280x720; 3 mbits). You can also grab mobile-ready MP4s or stream the full length scene online instantly in their embedded Flash video player.

Galleries have hi-res photographs (1200x800) that you can browse online or save in Zip files.

Authentic BDSM

What makes this site truly remarkable is not the amount of content it offers but the authentic slave/master lifestyle it portrays. Masters talk and lecture slaves while training, the parties activities ring of a realness that is missing in a lot of BDSM sites, especially BDSM sites that try to incorporate a lot of hardcore sex in their action.


The Upper Floor lets you live an authentic BDSM lifestyle in a decadent mansion. The stable of slaves are varied, their punishments, pleasures and lessons are intense and real and the quality of the downloads and streams is excellent.


Another Kink site that you are probably going to enjoy is Sex and Submission, where girls throw away all control and let their male lovers do whatever they deem fit. A very intense experience all about domination.

Wasteland is a large BDSM collection bringing you slaves, masters, bondage, corporal punishment and hardcore action in unique and exclusive library.

If you prefer truly beautiful babes as slaves, then the gorgeous European girls tied up, punished and used hard at Dominated Girls will appeal. The large library is filmed in 1080p HD and you'll get network access as a bonus there as well.


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Total average: 85.4/100 Our score: 95.0/100

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