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The Upper Floor review

Summary: The Upper Floor is a unique BDSM concept from the incomparable Live streaming shows of real bdsm parties and slave training make up the bulk of this website. For those unable to see the training and parties live, members can view the highlights via good quality videos and photo galleries. There is only about 20 archived events so far, but live events are scheduled several times week.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2010-01-25

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Intro promises

- Multiple weekly shows streamed live
- Downloadable high reels posted 3 times a week
- Monthly interactive broadcasts of special events and parties
- Members' forum and director's blog

First impression

The Upper Floor is a unique look into a "refined and explicit bdsm household." Here, you'll see Masters and Mistresses dominating their slaves in party settings and more personal settings. What's unique about The Upper Floor is the live streaming parties that are offered to members. For those who aren't able to view the action live, highlights of the day's or evening's events are uploaded in episodes members can view at their leisure.


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Our opinion

The Upper Floor has the same navigation layout inside as on its tour. Prominently displayed is the Kink Live schedule, so you can see when the next live bdsm scene is occurring. By the way, the forums are fairly active, which is a nice perk.

There are only around a dozen episodes uploaded, each with pictures and videos to go along with it. (There's also a trailer available to whet your appetite). You can stream or download the videos in Windows Media, Highest Quality HD, iPod, or flash streaming. The episodes come in several parts or in their entirety. The regular videos open to a 960x540 (approx. 984 Kbps) very good quality screen while the HD are 1280x720 and come as WMV and MP4. The videos last from around 15 minutes to over 2 hours, with most of them being around an hour in length. Buffering is wonderful and doesn't freeze up at all once it gets going. I consider this quite a feat since some of the episodes last more than 2 hours!

Pictures open to 533x800 (low resolution) and 800x1200 (high resolution). The galleries are zip downloadable and are of very good quality, even the low res. Most picture galleries contain over 100 photos, while some over have 400. The PicLens/Cooliris option is also available.

As I mentioned above, The Upper Floor is delightfully unique in that sessions are streamed live for members. Members can interact with the director, dominants, and submissives, making suggestions for further action, comments, or to ask questions. This interaction doesn't take away from the action at hand. A naked slave sits with a laptop on her lap, monitoring the comments. Plus, you can hear the members' comments in the background from a computer voice. That might sound a bit clumsy, but trust me, it doesn't diminish from the action at all. I didn't find myself being distracted by the computer voice or the responses of the participants in front of and behind the camera.

As to the bdsm action itself, it can be very intense. You'll see real tears and red marks. You'll also see slaves being pushed to their limits - enduring more pain than they thought they could. You'll also see slaves going in and out of subspace at the hands of their sadistic masters and mistresses. You do feel like you're a voyeur, peering into real life elite bdsm parties, which is pretty cool.

One of the parties I watched included a new slave being "initiated" by a lot of attention from the powers that be. She was blindfolded and bound and anybody could come up and do whatever they wanted to, and with, her. Fingers were shoved in her mouth while she was getting cropped, slowly fucked by a fucking machine, and enduring suction cups on her nipples. Her orgasms were quite intense, just as were her pleadings to cum. She came without permission, however, and members decided how she was to be punished.

The slaves' training helped them handle all the pain and erotic humiliation that was served to them at these parties. They showed how well they did in areas such as manners, dignity, speech, deportment, and grace.

As you can see on the tour pages, the site is updated every couple days for the last couple of months. You can also see when the next live streaming is coming up by clicking on the prominently displayed countdown to the next live show!


From the highly regarded, The Upper Floor offers a unique concept for bdsm members. Live streaming S&M parties, where submissives are clearly treated as slaves, are offered to members. If members aren't able to view the parties or training live, videos and photos of the highlights are uploaded. Such videos and photos are of very good quality and show not only visual evidence of the erotic humiliation and sadomasochism, but also the psychological dynamics. I believe that's because the participants have a keen knowledge of bdsm or are eager to learn, and also because they have a sense of trust and camaraderie with each other. All in all, The Upper Floor is indeed the "upper floor" when it comes to letting members vicariously attend an elite bdsm party.


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