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UK Mistress review

Summary: UK Mistress is an enjoyable bdsm site. With around 475 very good quality video clips, Mistress Alexandra presents herself as a very formidable and sadistically creative dominatrix. Unfortunately, there is no way to view the photos without downloading the picture sets. On the plus side is easy navigation and weekly updates, though not the daily updates as promised in the tour.

Score 80.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2011-10-14

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BDSM, bondage, British girls, CBT, corporal punishment, domination, femdom, femdomme, humiliation, latex, medical fetish, PVC, rubber fetish, smothering

Intro promises

- 60+ hours of bdsm videos
- 16 categories
- Daily updates
- Thousands of fetish photos
- Exclusive content

First impression

UK Mistress is a BDSM members' area hosted by Mistress Alexandra, one of London's premier dominatrices. One look at her and her beautiful and sadistic aura, submissives will be quaking in their loins. Mistress Alexandra invites many of her equally imposing Domme friends along for some double teaming of masochists who are truly lucky to be at the feet of such premier FemDommes.


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Our opinion

The navigation inside UK Mistress is very simple. You're presented with the straightforward menu links of Pictures, Guest Book, Updates, Models, and News. There are around 20 models, with most of them being Dominatrices, though there are a couple slave girls thrown in. All of them are very beautiful and sexy, so the eye candy on UK Mistress is amazing. Of course, Mistress Alexandra is quite beautiful on her own, but it's an added bonus that she also includes equally beautiful women to round out her members' area.

Mistress Alexandra is definitely comfortable as a dominatrix, with a natural ease in her role of sadistic and teasing domme that transfers wonderfully across the internet. She's creatively cruel in some of her methods, with her slaves often moaning and writhing in pain. She's also confident enough in her abilities and sexuality by giving credit where credit is due. For example, in video clip entitled "Pleasure and pain," Mistress Alexandra teams up with Mistress Annabelle. Mistress Annabelle did what I can only describe as awesome wicked nipple torture of a male slave, and Mistress Alexandra delighted in learning a new trick. Many dommes would be threatened by not being the "know all, be all" in front of a slave and/or audience, but not Mistress Alexandra. So kudos to her for being confident in her abilities and also willing to spotlight other talented dominatrices. She totally makes the UK Mistress compelling to watch.

There are new videos added every 1 to 5 days. To see the videos, simply click on "Updates," and you'll be presented with the clip title, date added, and the category it's filed under. The categories represent quite a variety of bdsm activities, ranging from sensual - such as tie and tease and face sitting - to the more hardcore bdsm - such as bondage, torture, and humiliation.

There are around 475 videos, which is a good sized archive. These clips go all the way back to 2008. The videos open to a good quality 640x480 (1978 Kbps) sized screen that play in Windows Media. (You can also stream them, by the way). The sound quality is also very good, and believe me, you'll want to hear what Mistress Alexandra and her Domme friends say as they're humiliating the hapless slave. The videos generally last between 5 to 9 minutes in length, with some scenes being divided up in to parts.

In addition to videos, there are around 50 photo sets, averaging around 50 pictures in each gallery. The photos are very good quality and open to 2300x3500 pixels. Unfortunately, you cannot view any of the photos unless you zip download the whole set. I see this as a disadvantage.


Even though UK Mistress has some drawbacks, I do like it. Mainly it has to do with the good quality content and Mistress Alexandra herself. I like how she presents herself to her slaves and in front of the camera. She has a natural commanding way about her, and I love how she thoroughly enjoys being sadistic and dominating.

I didn't see the daily updates as mentioned on the tour, which is a drawback. Another drawback is having to zip download the photos sets if you want to look at any of the pictures. Despite these, however, if you focus on the video archives (around 475 clips), you'll be delighted with UK Mistress.


The main competitor in the BDSM genre is Men in Pain and its successor Divine Bitches. Because that site is put out by the incomparable, it's hard to measure up.

UK Mistress, however, does nicely when it comes to the video clips. Mistress Alexandra is just as sadistic and dominating as any Femdom on Men in Pain. The quality of the videos is better in Men in Pain, but that's not to diminish the quality in UK Mistress. Even though her videos aren't in HD, they're still very good quality. I also like that Mistress Alexandra is very much at ease showing off her bdsm skills in front of a camera. She shows a genuine enjoyment of her role as dominatrix, and she's confident enough to share the spotlight with other Femdommes. Her site also presents a wide range of bdsm activities that you find on Men in Pain. The main drawback UK Mistress would be the inability to view the photos unless the set is zip downloaded, and there isn't as much content as Men in Pain. Many subs, however, like the more personal feel to a site that isn't put out by a major company, so it all boils down to a personal choice of the bdsm fan.


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