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Ultimate Surrender Review

Review Update

Ultimate Surrender has 969 vids mostly in Full HD. It hasn't updated and new content since August 2018. The site is kinky, and members get full access to 29 sites from the network. The network has over 12,890 scenes, and these are spread over more fetish sites such as Fucking Machines and Foot Worship, and it all comes at no extra cost.

Score 87.0 /100
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Summary: Ultimate Surrender gives new meaning to the term catfight. 2 or more girls wrestle each other fully nude and the winner is allowed to use the losing part as she pleases. As with all the Kink sites, video quality is good.

Tamesin, 2023-10-30

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BDSM, bondage, Kink, pussy licking, wrestling

Intro promises

- All exclusive Content
- Discounted membership price
- Access to all the sites included with your membership

First impression

At first blush, Ultimate Surrender looks like nude Greco Roman wrestling. Then you look a little closer and see face sitting, breast fondling, and pussy rubbing. Look even closer, and you'll read that the winner of the match gets to have her way with the loser. Hm, I guess you could say Ultimate Surrender is a mix of wrestling and porn - the ultimate in surrendering.


Our opinion

Inside, you'll find the same set up and menu items as on the tour, so there are no surprises. There is one additional menu item that isn't on the tour; it's Special Offers, where you're offered a discount to other Kink sites because of your membership here.

There are over 969 episodes.. Each of the newest matches are laid in a nice sized picture, a dozen 200x134 sized thumbnails, and an informative description. The older episodes are arranged in good sized thumbnails. Each episode usually has a photo gallery containing around 200 pictures and videos of over 40 minutes.

You can stream the movies in clips through Real Player, Windows Media, or iPod. If you want to save them to your hard drive, zip download them in clips, which are usually at least 10 minutes in length. The videos play in a 1280x720 HD at (5.0 Mbps) very good quality screen; full screen mode doesn't diminish the quality.

There's a separate pre-match interview with each of the opponents, then the fight begins. The match is set on a wrestling mat, with an impartial referee. He makes sure of the women's safety, as well as to allot the points. The goal is to overpower the opponent with wrestling moves aimed at getting them "helpless." You'll recognize some of these moves from Greco Roman wrestling, only this is with topless, and eventually totally nude, women. Once the aggressor pins her opponent, she gets points for forced kissing, face licking, breast fondling, pussy rubbing, and finger fucking. You'll hear a lot of heavy breathing and grunts like you do in regular wrestling. The determined women get sweaty, frustrated, and red in the face and on the body. I was amazed at how seriously they took this competition, although once the buzzer sounded, they often asked after each other's well being.

Ding, ding, ding! And the winner... gets to fuck the loser. As Matt, the referee said: "You may fuck your toy any way you want." Now if you thought the women were nasty to each other before, wait til you see the winner taking her spoils of victory. There's forced dildo gagging, hair pulling, and being moved around like a rag doll. A favorite move is to flip the loser over on her back, pushing her legs up behind her own shoulders. This presents a mighty easy target for the strapon wielding winner, who gleeflully takes advantage of the situation. The tag team wrestling matches are especially fun to watch, as two team members would gang up on one opponent. This carries over into the victory celebration, where the loser oftentimes gets double penetrated. In one episode I watched, one of the losers wears pigtails. She is led around the mat like a little doggie by her pigtails. She is also ridden like a pony girl. The winners of that particular match were especially aggressive in enjoying their winners' rights.

Each episode comes with a picture gallery. Hi res pictures open to 803x1200 pixels and are of pretty good quality. The low res opened to 800x535 pixels and, again, are of good quality. These photos aren't posed or screen caps. I could hear the camera clicking away throughout the match, so it's recording the action right as it's happening live. I didn't find the camera noises bothersome at all; I was too engrossed in the wrestling match. By the way, the sound on these videos is pretty good, too.

Members now get full access to all the sites when they join this one. That means the best collection of BDSM you will find anywhere. All the scenes are exclusive and with 29 sites you get a nice variety of subjects covered. Throw in a discount price for our readers and you have an awesome package that is too good to miss.


I enjoyed Ultimate Surrender very much. The quality of the content was very good, and navigation was super simple. I couldn't help but want to watch all the episodes here. It was fun seeing some of these porn stars in a totally different light. I was amazed at how real and unscripted the action was and how very determined these women were to win their matches. There was no doubt at the end of the matches - seeing the sweat glistening off these womens' bodies and how tired they looked - that this was real action.
A discount price and access to all the Kink sites seals the deal for me, and makes it an easy recommendation.

Ding, ding, ding! And the winner is... you when you become a member of this female wrestling site.

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Total average: 86.1/100 Our score: 87.0/100

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Comments from other readers

2013-11-02 16:33:11

Rating: 95/100

I usually watch the Round 4's. The site has plenty of videos from all the seasons and is very fast at streaming and has high quality videos.

The one negative I noticed is that not all of the matches are available to new members (this isn't mentioned anywhere). As proof, I can find some matches (Serena Blair vs. Shae Simone) on google, but I can't find them on the Ultimate Surrender site even though I'm a member.

Though this is understandable since they don't want a new member to download all their videos and upload them to the internet, I still find it annoying.