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Wasteland review

Summary: Wasteland is a fetish site. They feature thousands of XXX feeds, a photo gallery in the thousands and movies.

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Score 65.0 /100
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AdultMonkey, 2002-10-10



Intro promises

Ok, today I'm reaching out to the fetish fans. Today we will be reviewing, a site that promises constant updates, loads of topical pics and vids - I mean 1000's upon 1000's - XXX feeds, news updates and more. In order to reach out to those that desire this sort of material I'm going to bring a special report correspondant. Ladies and gentlemen...err, slaves, I present to you Mistress Kuntz.

First impression

"Ok, nancy boys. You bitch slaves need to listen and shut up, because I like this site a lot. Your Mistress finds the site easy to manipulate and with a slick styled members area it's easier than putting a candlestick up your ass. Switching from the newest update section - which is as recent as two days (not bad) - to the members page I was able to actually scroll to the bottom of the page and read the news while I ate my raw meat. Nothing is more suiting for punishment then reading the news you fuckheads."


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Our opinion

"I find lots of things here. The photo gallery is loaded with beautifully colored shots of nipple twisting and leather straps. We're easily treated to over four segments of photo galleries including "dark garden" and "asian underground". Slaves, go to the update section and check out the "thai bondage series" and hurry your fat asses over to "abduction part 3" it's real mean, and if you don't like those photos I'm going to whip your ass. From what I've seen nearly every fetish is covered. This is every masters delight, good pics and even greater ideas on how to put your slaves through hell and back. In all, my slave counted pics in the 1000's. Literally fulfilling anyones dream - or nightmare."

"The films were less to be desired. Being a Mistress, I've had to raise the bar in terms of films, they have a "wasteland" segment that's really mediocre, but quite frankly, I'd rather put my high-heel to my slave's nutsack. The site promotes some sort of Pay-Per-View, but slave, I'd rather put you in my wood chair and slide pieces of glass up your pisshole." (note from Waffle Man: Misstress Kuntz is a sick cunt)"

"Wateland offers alternative porn feeds from holio and the other low-level providers. If you really want some pain - like the pain from boredom - then watch these you sick fucks. The rest of the site is just for shit. Speaking of shit, lefty is available to drop steamy loads full of peanuts - for a price."


"Go to this site you fucking dogs. I like the pics, nearly every fetish is covered. The entire site is very original and the fact that the site is updated regularly makes it worth every cent. Downloads and pic quality are superb. Now roll over and beg!!"

Screenshots from Wasteland

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Total average: 86.2/100 Our score: 65.0/100

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Comments from other readers

2009-12-16 11:25:31

Maybe you should think about re-reviewing this site. Your review is 7 YEARS old. I'm a member of Wasteland and the picture of the tour you have is not even accurate. All their updates are in 1080 HD, their archives are huge. The largest I've every seen. Oh and one more thing, there customer service is brilliant!

Your review of Wasteland is so old, it has no reflection on the site itself, but rather on your review site and the inability to be current.

Jeppe, editor of AdultReviews
2010-04-08 11:04:52

I agree that our review had become outdated. We just posted a new review of Wasteland based on your request: