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Wasteland Review

Summary: Wasteland is highly recommended for all fans of BDSM. The site offers over a decade's worth of intense BDSM content with today's updates available in HD videos and high res pictures. Whether a veteran or a newbie to the scene, this site offers great content and a whole wealth of resources. In other words, you get educated while you're getting off! Who says learning can't be fun?

Score 78.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2011-06-06

Fetish, Butts, Hardcore, High-definition, Lesbian, Movies, Videos

BDSM, bondage, CBT, corporal punishment, domination, electrical play, femdom, fisting, humiliation, latex, leather, medical play, peeing, rubber, shibari, spanking, strapons

Intro promises

- Thousands of hours of HD videos
- 100% exclusive content
- Multiple formats for video viewing
- Updates three times a week
- Large archive

First impression

If you're familiar with BDSM, you'll know that Wasteland is a highly regarded bdsm members' area. Winner of many awards from XBiz, AVN, and People's Choice Awards, and featured on such mainstream channels as HBO and BBC, Wasteland is a must see for those who identify with the S&M genre.


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Our opinion

The content in here is every bit what you expect in a high quality bdsm site. You'll see the usual staples of heavy corporal punishment, humiliation, bondage, tit torture, labia torture, strapon play, wax play, lesbian domination, male domination, femdom, and much more. There's a good amount of Japanese Shibari movies in here as well. The bdsm players are very much into the scene and all seem to be having a good (though in many cases, painful) time. They're engaged in the activities at hand, and a lot of that has to do with how well versed in bdsm the dominants are. The submissives follow along and endure some heavy duty humiliation and sometimes intense pain. The reactions are real, which makes this site a delight for bdsm fans.

In addition to the titillation, there are instructional video guides and other online resources, scene profiles, bdsm themed stories, personal ads, and much more to offer the bdsm fan. This site is definitely more than just a members' area.

Navigation is very easy inside Wasteland, despite the large amount of content, educational materials, and a whole host of other offerings. Menu items are Weekly Updates, Original HD Movies (approx. 275), Full Length Feature Films (approx. 100), and Showcase (which features several videos about various porn stars and studios). There's also a more in depth menu once you click on Original HD Movies or Full Length Feature Films.

There are updates 3 times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays), so there's plenty of fresh content to keep you busy. Additionally, the site has been around for more than a decade, so there's already an impressive archive built up. As it stands now, there are approximately 275 original HD movies and approximately 100 full length feature films. The full length films are divided up into shorter clips so it's much easier to download or stream.

Speaking of which, there's a variety of viewing options: streaming or downloading in Quicktime HD and WMV HD (720x1280/2400 Kbps); WMV SD (360 pixels for slower connection); and iPhone/iPod. You can also download in a zip file for Windows Media. Flash streaming is available for some episodes. Older movies offer Flash streaming, WMV and Quicktime (640x480), and iPhone/iPod.

What's also zip downloadable are the photo galleries, which you can also view in PicLens. Many of them are very good quality, so you'll appreciate that option. They open to varying sizes, such as 700x532, 700x1200 pixels, and 1800x1198. On average, the galleries have at least 20 pictures in them, while others have approximately 60.


Wasteland is a highly regarded site by both its peers and its members. One look inside at all the content and how very good quality it is, and you can see why. With thrice weekly updates, a very good sized archive built up, and a wide variety of BDSM offerings inside, Wasteland is definitely not a waste of time or money for bdsm fans.


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Total average: 86.2/100 Our score: 78.0/100

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Comments from other readers

Max Ingram
2013-01-17 16:07:43

Wasteland has well-made original content, and presents an excellent depiction of the niche in question. However, site navigation is very frustrating and has way too many hold-overs from the mid-90's (like endless lines of text-only links). The options for cancelling an account are hard to find and needlessly complex, often requiring direct contact. And the experience, overall, was so frustrating that I was left never wanting to go back.