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Wet and Pissy review

Summary: If you have a pissing fetish Wet and Pissy may not offer enough of the golden nectar to be to your liking. The bulk of its very good quality content revolves around kinky masturbation, with pissing as an afterthought. True, the hot babes do piss in their scenes, but the actual pissing is such a small part of the scene's run time. The site is also new in 2012 ad it has a very small archive, though they are working hard with HD updates once or twice each week. A high quality site, but one that needs to grow and focus more on its pretended niche: pissing.

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Score 70.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2012-05-16

Fetish, 18-23, High-definition, Videos, Movies

720p, adult toys, closeup, European girls, peeing, solo masturbation

Intro promises

- 330+ models
- 450+ scene
- 480+ videos
- 60,500+ photos
- High speed downloads
- Exclusive content
- Bonus sites and content
- iPod formats
- Free cams
- Model interviews

First impression

As soon as you see Wet and Pissy, you know exactly what this site is all about. Of course, the name clues you in, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. And oh my, the tour shows dozens of gorgeous babes spreading their legs and letting the piss flow right out of them. Whether they're spreading and peeing or masturbating and peeing, these chicks have no qualms about showing their golden nectar. Wet and Pissy makes some high boasts, stating it's the #1 pissing site on the net and that it contains the best peeing movies you'll find. If the tour's high quality closeups are any indication of what we can expect, Wet and Pissy should be an awesome pee fetish site!


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Our opinion

Wet and Pissy is a site for those who love to see women peeing. As the tour indicates, the content isn't just footage of a chick squatting and peeing from far away. Nope, this site shows these hotties peeing in up close and personal action. The site is a recent addition spin-off from the site Wet and Puffy and features the same type of models only in peeing scenes.

Wet and Pissy
As the site indicates, these chicks get all wet and pissy. First they get wet from playing with their bald pussies. While a lot of guys might prefer a hairy pussy, the peeing fetish is best viewed with chicks who have shaved lady parts. In that way, the camera can get in and see the stream flow right straight from the source, with nothing getting in the way.

720p HD Quality Videos & Other Options
What better way to view closeup pissing than in very high quality videos. Fortunately, Wet and Pissy gives its members just that. There are MP4 HD quality videos. These play in 1920x1080 screebs (8 mbits) and look fantastic. If you prefer to view non-HD videos, you also have your choice of downloading in WMV (1440x810 screens; 9 mbits) or MP4 (640x360 screens; 1.7 mbits). As I mentioned above, there are lots of closeups, and none of the ones I saw got blurry in any way.

You can stream in Flash as well. The player is embedded in the members area and the playback quality is great. The videos have to be watched start to finish though. I wasn't able to skip to the end of the video right away, but had to wait for the video to download to that point first.

The sound quality is very good, so you'll be hearing the tinkling of piss as it falls into a sink or wherever the babe is pissing. When she's masturbating, you'll hear her deep breathing or groans, but most of the chicks I saw were a bit on the quiet side.

Very Good Quality Photos
The scenes have photo galleries that contain very good quality pictures. They are zip downloadable, with your choice of downloading in high quality or low quality photos. The photos open to 2600x1730 pixels when downloaded in the HQ zip files, and there are usually around 40 pictures in each gallery. (Some of the galleries contain as little as around 20 photos while others have over 150).

Exclusive and Unique Content
Wet and Pissy states that its pissing content is exclusive, so you won't see these scenes anywhere else. The scenes are also unique in that it isn't just a squat and piss site. The babes warm themselves up to pissing by playing with their pussies, and then when they do pee, they often do it while dildoing themselves, having a suction cup on their pussies, or in some other unique way. Some even use their pee as lubricant for further masturbation. Others piss on their panties and wring them out, showing just how much piss is soaked into their panties.

Sexy Models
As you can see on the tour, Wet and Pissy has some mighty fine looking hotties. Most of them are from Eastern Europe, so they have that uninhibited look about them. All of them have gorgeous bodies, faces, and easy smiles. There's nothing shy about their bladders either, as they seem to gleefully pee in front of the camera.

Weekly Updates
The updates are weekly; in fact, there's more than one update per week. This has to do with the fact that the site has just launched (in April, 2012), so it needs to work on building up an archive. Kudos to them for updating several times a week when they just launched to build up their archive.

Very Small Archive
For boasting that it's the #1 pissing site on the net, you'd expect a good sized archive. As it is, there isn't much in the way of content - 15+ scenes at the time of our visit. This is a very disappointing amount and, I'm sure, due to the fact that the site is very new.

Too Much Variety and Not Enough Pissing
While people love variety, if you're joining a pissing site, you expect the bulk of the content to revolve around pissing. Unfortunately with Wet and Pissy, most of the site revolves around kinky masturbation. For example, a 19 minute video will only contain about 2 minutes of pissing. The rest of the content is the hot chick playing with her tits or pussy and has nothing to do with peeing.

Good and Bad Navigation
The navigation itself is pretty straightforward, but the problem arises when a couple of the links are dead. The Bonus and Archive links say "Comming soon!" There is also no advanced browsing tools like category filters or advanced searches.


A hot pissing site that is more about masturbation than peeing at times, but with great HD content and regular updates.

If Wet and Pissy is a new site, and it shows in the small size of the archive at the time of our visit. The quality of scenes is fantastic though, with the caveat that the majority of the content has to do more with kinky masturbation than pissing. The two bonus sites don't have to do with pissing either, but again offer more high quality masturbation and pussy porn. On the plus side, the videos and photos are very good quality and feature lots of great closeups. The babes are hot, and the navigation is very easy. Perhaps in time, Wet and Pissy will grow into something really special.


Since sites revolving strictly around the pissing fetish are rare, you might think Wet and Pissy is in a league of its own. That simply isn't the case, however. One main competitor is Piss Hunt. It features a heck of a lot more content and revolves entirely around pissing. The slant of the content is different in that these are amateur chicks featured in real and sometimes very raw peeing footage. Spycams are often used, so the quality of the videos may not be as high, but the site does offer much higher quality videos with chicks posing and peeing for the camera.

The other competitor to Wet and Pissy is Pee Hunters. This site is much like Piss Hunt in that it features amateurs. Its archive is very large due to being around for awhile. It's also regularly updated and features lots of outdoor and indoor pissing.

If you're into the pissing fetish, I'd definitely check out either Piss Hunt or Pee Hunters, or both.


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