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Whips And Women review

Summary: Whips and Women is strictly a fetish site. There is a large categorized image area and also a large video section offering hard-core fetish content.

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David, 2001-09-16



Intro promises

Feet and Legs

First impression

Whips and Woman, just the title sounds very bizarre, the front page is stuffed with bounded women and men.


Our opinion

The members page is very attractive with nice calm colours. To the left there is a simple text menu that is easy to navigate.

The gallery is large and very well organized into different categories. The categories are sorted after what type of pictures it contains, like Upskirt, Feet n' legs and Peeing etc. All the categories are with a bizarre content, so if you like the bizarre you will defiantly enjoy this delightful picture gallery.

The video section is also very large. It contains everything from bizarre feet sex to ordinary lesbian porno. The videos are organized in all the different categories - Fetish, hardcore, Latin, and much more. The different video sites are rated with stars and they tell you which movies have sound or not.

If you are into live feeds they got a big section for that too. The live feeds are organized just like the videos. You can choose from a large list of live feeds some with chat and some without. The section is large end easy to navigate in.

They also have some Interactive feeds, and I must say I like them alot. Most of them are just like movies except you can specify what you want to see with good descriptions of the scenes. A very nice feature that ads a good touch to the site.

The section of stories contains stories for you to read and stories that are on audio stream with girls reading hot stories for your pleasure. The Stories are good and the girls reading have nice voices, so if your in to it give it a try.

It you want more reading there are also magazines. There are about 5 different magazines, some of them are nice but some of them are a bit tacky.


The page is very good. It has the entire thing that a bizarre thinking man needs. They keep their promises, which is not all that difficult since they hardly made any, but still a plus. I think the price is fair since the site has a very large amount of porn. Overall a wonderful site. But remember it is a bit bizarre so if you don't like that, you might want to find another site.

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