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Will She Explode review

Summary: Will She Explode is a trip to the extreme fringes of solo masturbation and female insertions. These porn babes fuck and fit massive rubber cocks and objects inside themselves, and no hole is free of the tyranny of these mega cocks. Movies are long and filmed in 1080p HD. Media options are varied and convenient. With regular updates plus the network access that is included free for members the site is an attractive option.

Score 80.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2010-10-19

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Intro promises

- "Extreme dildo action!"
- "Massive dildos and toys!"
- "Gaping holes!"
- 1080p WMV HD movies

First impression

After looking at the samples on the tour, Will She Explode? seems a very apt question to be asking these pornstar and adult models. The mission of the site is very clear: fit gigantic dildos and sex toys and pretty much any other large, cock-shaped object into all their tight holes and gape themselves to the extreme. Can they handle it? Can they fit the 3-foot black rubber cock up their asshole all the way to the hilt? Will they literally explode?

The site looks to be a blast and those into extreme penetrations would appear to have a real treat here, all of the action in 1080p HD videos to boot. I signed up and logged in to see how members are treated on the inside.


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Our opinion

It would appear that the title of this extreme insertion site caught your interest just as much as it caught mine, and if you've been to the tour as I have you're no doubt pretty excited and interested at this point. The samples there were large, crisp and really close up. There is good news for you: the members area delivers more of the same, only in much larger amounts and with more intensity.

The models that fill this site's library are pornstars, but not among the most famous. They are the ones you'll recognize and have heard of in other words, but not the ones that are on the DVD box covers, not yet anyway. There were very sexy models in the mix and most were busty as well. Babes like Mason Moore, Tyla Wynn and Payton Ray are among those that were bold enough to take the challenge, and crazy enough not to run off the set when they saw the sex toys they were meant to somehow fit inside themselves.

The size of the sex toys here are what make the site stand out from other solo masturbation and insertion sites, and I still can't believe I saw what I saw. Take the episode with Beverly Hills for example. She is a pretty dark haired girl with a nice body, fake tits and a nice bubble butt. She is average in height. She starts off the scene undressing, showing off her naked tits, then bending over and spreading her ass cheeks open to show us her two tight holes. They won't stay that way for long.

After showing us her assets she pulls out one of the two big dildos she's going to be fucking. It's about two feet long, and about 4 inches in girth. It is huge and black and rubber. She mounts this bad boy on the floor, then squats down on it, feeding the lube-slicked head of the rubber weiner into her asshole slowly. After she's managed that she starts to ride up and down, fucking her round ass on it. She takes it in an out after that, slurping on it, sliding into her pussy, too, until finally she cums and finishes.

In other movies it is more of the same, but with other toys, some even larger, and even baseball bats. You've never seen a Louisville Slugger do such damage.

The movies at Will She Explode run 15 to 20 minutes long for the most part. You can save them to your hard drive in 1080p HD Windows Media file downloads. These have a 1920x1080 pixel resolution and play at a 7 mbits/s bit rate. They look amazing in their clarity and detail. You can also save full length MPEG files in 368x204 resolutions and 900 kbits/s bit rates. If you want there are shorter 1-minute long clips of each movie, too. These have to be streamed though.

The streaming options are in Flash videos with 640x360 resolutions and they look very good.

Every video came with a picture gallery with high resolution photographs. These were 1136x852 pixels in size and looked great. You can browse through them online or save entire galleries in zip files.

Will She Explode updates every 1-2 weeks on average. As a member you also get access to all of the network sister sites. These include a pretty diverse collection of hardcore, fetish and tranny porn from sites with names like Hardcore Power Tools, Gagalicious, Spitsters, So Cal Porn Sluts and Tag Team Tranny.


Will She Explode offers really exciting and very extreme insertion porn movies. That these deep and gaping insertions are filmed close-up in 1080p HD just makes the action that much better. With regular updates, a good collection online and fun, if diverse, bonuses the site is a nice pick.


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