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Zoliboy review

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Zoliboy is a vast site, and one of the biggest in the 21 Sextreme network. It has 1,357 exclusive hardcore scenes that last for approximately 30 minutes each, and many of these are in full HD. It was updating on a regular basis, but no new content has been added for a year now, and the site looks fantastic and is simple to navigate. They also have around 720 high-resolution photo galleries that are downloadable in a zip file, and these sets have about 100 photos in each set. As a member of this hardcore site, you will also get access to the 21 Sextreme network as a bonus, where they have collections such as Teach Me Fisting, Pix And Video, and Grandpas Fuck Teens.

Score 88.0 /100
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Summary: Zoliboy is proof that there is hope for everybody. He is an ordinary guy with no money, but manages to talk girls into some perverted sex games often including peeing, fisting and lots of hard oral sex. Contains mainly videos in decent quality.

Joseph, 2019-02-18

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Intro promises

100% Real, 100% original amateur sex
"Hello, I'm, Zoli, an ordinary guy with perverted dreams."
"I've got a loser car, a lousy flat, and no money. But I score every day!"

First impression

Zoli is a self-described “ordinary guy” with “a loser car, a lousy flat and no money” who somehow manages to “score every day.” How does he do it? Does he have magic powers? Is he a witch?! Nah, he just works as a porn assistant, which affords him the opportunity to easily trick “stupid amateur teen-girls” into thinking he can help them become stars — all they have to do is fuck him. Of course, that’s not all they have to do — Zoli doesn’t just fuck these girls, he pisses on ‘em, fists ‘em, stretches out their vaginas and dunks their heads in toilets. You might say this horny Hungarian has a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Like most men who enjoy pornography, Zoli was overweight and “a typical loser” who got no action as a teenager; unlike most smut fans, though, Zoli is now in a position of power and he is using his power to get back at every girl that wouldn’t give him the time o’ day in high school. Members of Zoli’s site are in the fortunate position of living vicariously through this incredibly lucky young man. In other words, Zoli’s story is one of hope. It almost brings a tear to the eye...


Our opinion

As you’ve probably already guessed by now, Zoliboy is not a softcore site, not by a long shot. The well-adjusted among you can go ahead and stop reading this review — Zoliboy is not for you. Zoliboy is a porn site for the outcasts and angry misfits of the world, the kinda guys who play World of Warcraft on Friday nights, the kinda guys who lost their virginities to prostitutes. You know, guys like you and me.

Zoliboy was updated every single day with new content and every other day with new girls, but no new content has been added for a year now. Zoliboy is a cinch to navigate, thanks in no small part to the fact that all the content on the site is linked at the top of each page. First, there’s Updates, where members can see the last seven days of updates (members can also see the updates in calendar form on Gallery). Next is Pussies, a listing of all the girls on Zoliboy. There’s also Members, which contains general information for members, and Links, which are links to other sites owned by the same people who own Zoliboy. Lastly, there’s Wassup, which is Zoli’s blog. Zoli encourages members to write in with requests and he’ll try to get the girls to do anything that members want to see. Isn’t he a sweetheart?! This guy’s marriage material, ladies!

Currently, there are two hundred and fifteen women on Zoliboy. Most of these gals are attractive European teens who are willing to do just about anything with our man Zoli. The action on Zoliboy is absolutely filthy — girls pee on Zoli, Zoli pees on girls, you get the idea. Sure, there’s some tame stuff here (like solo masturbation), but the vast majority of the content on this site is exceptionally dirty — you’ll want to take a long shower after you look at some of this shit. A lot of the action on Zoliboy is filmed by Zoli himself, so members get his point of view in most of the clips. It’s almost like you are RIGHT THERE getting your dick sucked, dude!!!

The videos on Zoliboy are in the MPEG format. Members can either download clips or full movies. The FAQ for Zoliboy claims that members can also stream the videos with Windows Media Player, but I didn’t see a single WMV file on the entire site. The videos look alright in their 400x300 resolution, but are a little washed out.

The pictures on Zoliboy are a mixed bag. The pictures that come with the videos are screen captures that look absolutely horrendous. Unfortunately, the majority of the photosets on Zoliboy contain pixilated screen caps. However, there are some standalone photosets as well and these have higher quality pictures that look pretty good. All of the pictures are available as ZIP files (either one page of the gallery or the entire gallery) or can be viewed one at a time. Honestly, though, you won’t want to download any of the lousy screen caps because they all look like shit.


Zoliboy is a porn site for dreamers, especially those of us who dream of fisting cute teenage girls. Sure, the content on Zoliboy is somewhat crummy, but that’s a moot point. Zoliboy exists merely to remind us all that every dog has its day. Zoliboy also reminds us that some women are actually crazy enough to let us pee on them. And I think to myself, “What a wonderful world...”

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