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Feet Files review

Summary: Feet Files delivers softcore foot fetish content in the form of good quality pictures and equally good looking videos. Photo sets can be a bit short, but everything is exclusive and all models are amateurs. Clearly a site made by foot lovers.

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Mephistopheles, 2007-08-22

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Intro promises

- You get all our exclusive feet
- 100% Exclusive Pics and Vids
- Real Amateur women shot by US! AND ONLY US!
- All pictures are in downloadable zip format
- All videos are downloadable
- Insane amounts of bonus foot related content
- Twice a week updates

"This is our corner of the net where we like to showcase our foot fetish and the feet we shoot ourselves. Yes we actually do all of our own pictures and videos ourselves! Weird I know, but that's how we get all exclusive pictures and videos on Feet Files. We update weekly here. Sometimes a couple times a week, depending on how many girls we can talk into taking their shoes off for us."

First impression

I'm looking through the tour at Feet Files and, I must say, I'm diggin' what I see. If the tour page is any indication of what awaits inside, there should be tons of exclusive, amateur content going on here. I counted at least 18 different girls all sporting exquisite pairs of feet. I can't wait to see what's going on inside!


Our opinion

The design of the member's area is simple and very cute. I think the pink and purple color scheme fits the site's theme perfectly. There's a banner at the top of the page, which I can only describe as boner inspiring. It's a brunetete hottie, who appears to have just gotten out of a bubble bath. Her moist, soft soles are pointed right at your face. Directly below you'll find a message from the site's adminstrator, who confesses he's a foot fanatic who strives to photograph the best feet in the world. He says he likes to update twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday), but that he sometimes can be a little late. Hey, at least he's honest!

Directly below you'll find a vertical menu, with cartoon foot prints for buttons: Latest News, Pictures, Movies, Bonus Content, and Comments & Suggestions. There's also a large series of thumbnail links to the site's exclusive and bonus content, just incase you missed them on the menu. At the bottom of the page you'll find a small area which tells you of the latest upates, and site news. This makes for a very small, simple, uncomplicated member's page. No clutter of ads, redundant menus, or worthless features. Short and sweet!

There are currently 55 photo galleries, and they are all in the standard format we've all come to know and love. Each page has a series of 20 thumbnail images. On average a gallery will contain between 40-80 pictures. You have a choice between a medium (399x600 pixels) or large (798x1200). Simply clicking a thumbnail itself, will give you the default option of large. You also have the option of downloading individual galleries in their entirety, all in one file, compressed in the ZIP format. This is a great time saver if you come by a particular photo set that you MUST have for your personal collection. Unfortunately however you cannot save an individual picture for some reason.

The pictures themselves all come in the high quality JPEG format. They appear to be shot digitally, on a high quality camera. These babies are well lit, and the clarity is more than adequate. In these pictures you pick up several, subtle details. For example, in one of Demetria's sets, there were several closeup shots of her feet. In every single one you could see every wrinkle on her sole, and even minor flaws in her feet. I noticed a few, very tiny dry skin spots on the big toe of her left foot. This adds a very real level of realism, and helps to further validate the amateur nature of this site. I honestly believe his claim that he finds a lot of these girls on the street, and talks them into letting him take pictures of their tootsies. Not all feet are perfect, and not all foot fetishists want them to be. Just like with anything else, in the foot fetish world, opinions and preferences vary.

In addition to the above, there are plenty of other sets in the gallery that scream 'Amateur', in a good way. In one girl's gallery, she is completly nude, but hides her vagina in every photo with a towel. Many of the other girls truly have the look as if they'd just walked in off the streets. Some of these girls looked very much like plain Janes. One of them even had quite a few zitz on her face and other areas of her body, and really didn't fit the profile of a 'classic beauty'. I don't hold that against them. On the contrary, I applaud them for it. The majority of the babes on this site are smokin' hot. These average girls will definitely appeal to many and, to me they only make looking at the hotter girls' sets even better. Because it just reminds me that these are real girls and not porn stars.

There are currently forty three videos at Feet Files. They come in both MPEG and WMV format, with low and high speed options. To break down the file sizes, I'm going to use a Six minute clip as a benchmark: WMV Hi (183 MB), WMV Lo (50 MB), MPEG Hi (232 MB), MPEG Lo (39 MB). The High speed WMV and MPEG are both excellent. Whilst I definitely wouldn't go as far as to say they are DVD quality, they are absolutely crystal clear, almost no pixelation, and surprisingly good sound quality for something shot by an amateur. The Low quality videos are decent, although they do look quite grainy, especially when taken to full screen. Surprisingly, the MPEG is compressed even worse than the WMV in this option. I would highly recommend that if you have a decent connection speed, that you skip the Low speed options altogether. I can't see a big difference between the High Speed MPEG and WMV formats. The MPEG does seem to have a slight edge in clarity, but with twice the file size, it's hardly worth it. You can only download one file at the time from the site, so unfortunately you cannot use the time waiting for your download to browse the pictures.

The videos themselves are pretty tame by anyone's standards. You're not going to find any hardcore sex here, no blowjobs, not even a single foot job! This is strictly for those foot fetish purists out there. In fact, the bulk of the videos are mostly girls pampering their feet. I saw a ton of videos of girls rubbing on lotion, oil, and even just painting their toe nails. I even saw one of the old niche standards, pedal pumping! As extreme as these videos get, is naked girls smelling and loving on each other's feet. Now, don't think I'm knocking this material. I actually like it very much. I just don't want anyone who is into the hard stuff being mislead. My only complaint would be the length of the videos. Most of them don't last much longer than five mintues. I also think they should force these girls to talk a little more. The ones I watched they barely uttered a word. I think it's much hotter when we can get to know them a little more.

I particularly liked a video that was shot with an extremly gorgeous, and innocent looking Spanish model. Her name is Isabella and she has extremly sexy, slender feet with long flawlessly shaped toes. She sits half naked, atop a faux marble counter top, in a small kitchen which wouldn't be out of place in most suburban homes. Also sitting on the counter, is five sets of mardi gras beads. You know, the kind all those drunken girls are rewarded with, usually for a quick tittie flash. The entire 6 minutes of video is dedicated solely to her using her feet to play with the beads. While this may sound mundane to the average guy out there, to anyone with a hardcore foot fetish, this is a sight to behold. The video is shot exclusively handheld, and the cameraman seems to know all the right times to zoom in and out. There are some excellent closeup shots of her slightly wrinkled soles, and the beads being slowly, and seductively pulled back and forth between her dainty toes.

There was also another one which was quite hot. A girl named Chanti gets a foot massage from, who I'm guessing, is the site's owner. It's all shot in POV. You can just see his hands working on her feet, and he moves the camera back and forth from her lusciuos, high arches soles, to her face (reaction shots). The girl is extremly shy, keeping most of her face hidden against the camera when he brings it up towards her. She seems a bit tense at first, and it's obvious she had never done anything like this before. This really helped to turn me on all the more.

There is a bit of bonus material here, and it's quite hardcore in comparison to the site's exclusive content. You get access to 6 videos - Foot Traffic and 8 DVD rips from a site called Silk Stockings. While this isn't a huge amount of bonus material, it's still better than no bonus material at all. It's also a nice change if you're in the mood for a good footjob, some fucking, or even light bondage. Oh yeah, and you also get access to a streaming network called 'Foot Fetish TV'. As far as I can tell, this isn't a live stream but you do get access to tons of shows that cater to the niche. Cool stuff!


Feet Files is a quality, amateur foot fetish site. While there isn't a huge amount of content, there is plenty to keep you busy. Not to mention it's all exclusive and they update twice weekly. There's no hardcore action going on here, you'll rarely even see an exposed vagina. So, if you're not a major foot fetishist, this one isn't for you. If you, however, absolutly adore women's feet and especially amateurs', this may very well be your own personal Utopia.


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