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Glamour Stockings review

Summary: Glamour Stockings caters to the stocking enthusiast with an extensive archive of primarily photo series of mature eastern European models in stockings. The action is mostly softcore. Design and navigation need improvement to take the site further.

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Score 70.0 /100
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Mephistopheles, 2007-04-23

Foot-fetish, Softcore, Mature / MILF, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

- The most beautiful models in sheer nylon stockings...
- High quality original images and dvd quality movies...
- Thousands of photos and frequently updated website.
- Most of the pics taken by a lesbian female photographer who is a real stocking lover!

First impression

The tour makes the site look fairly promising. The head of the site, Christina, an attractive, mature red-headed lady who gives you her speel about offering you to join her in a world of 'glamour nylons and stocking fetish' and a very tempting offer to suck and smell her feet. There is a free area which contains 8 images of Christina and some teaser 'come-on' lines. I'm anxious to see if the member's area lives up to the tour. Hopefully, I can let you guys know if it's worth taking the 'bait'.


1 month recurring membership: $19.95 first month (then rebilled at $17.95)
1 month non-recurring membership: $23.95
3 months promotional price: $45.95

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Our opinion

The members area is laid out in a very simple and direct fashion. There's a large cut out image of Christina, her legs spread and wearing a pair of black stockings, with a sly grin spread across her face. Below you'll find three buttons, which are your keys to navigating the vital sections of the site. Two of these buttons lead to picture sections, the other leads to the movie area. It doesn't get more simple than that! There's also a little balot box graphic. Clicking this will take you to a poll section of the site. Here you can cast your vote to ever important questions such as "What pussy style do you prefer? Trimmed or Shaved?".

The first part of the site I checked out was the 'Glamour Stockings Image Area'. One of the first things I noticed was that at the top of the page it says they update every 5-7 days. A quick scan of the various galleries confirms this (assuming their dates are correct). There are currently 33 galleries, which is pretty impressive considering they've only been adding photos here since late 2006. So, as you can imagine, the photo archive here is growing at a rapid pace.

I like the way the links to each gallery are done. You get four series of thumbnail images which give you an idea of what you'll see as well as a breif synopsis (usually containing info about the model). The majority of these sets have a generous number of images (ranging from 75-150) even contain information on the file size and dimensions.

The site boasts that the pictures are taken by a talented lesbian photographer who is a friend of the site's owner. These are definetly good quality images. They clock in at an average of 150KB with dimensions of 1280x960. These images are plenty big enough to see everything, but not so huge that you're scrolling down for what seems like ages on your 20 inch monitor. I also like the fact that all of these photos are well lit. I can't count how many sites I've seen where one of the basic elements of photography was neglected - lighting!

I'd rate the action in these sets is closer to the mild end of my 'mild to wild' spectrum. Most of what you'll see here is girls in various settings, sporting nylon/stocking clad legs and feet. And that's okay. This is a stocking fetish site, afterall. However, these girls aren't afraid to show off their pussies. The site's head Mistress sports a nice little landing strip. Most of these babes are of the more 'mature' variety. A lot of MILFs on this site. The youngest ladies here look to be in their mid twenties.

One of the girls here really caught my eye was Kinga. This chickie has bleach blonde hair, fair skin, and very intriguing eyes. She also has a very professional look about her, like she could be a secretary, or a girl you'd see in a business meeting. I found it highly appropriate that one of her photo shoots was in a office setting. She's the type of girl you'd picture teasing you all day pulling her foot in and out of her shoe, giving you a peak of her toes and sexy arches.

But, this isn't your only option for pictures at Glamour Stockings. If you're into pics you're in for a treat. You also get access to a large gallery of work from photographer and adult video director Viv Thomas. This well known photographer has a pretty extensive and impressive resume. You may have seen some of his work in Penthouse or Maxim magazine. This guy specialises in lesbian oriented material, and has long had an interest in all things to do with the erotic side of legs and feet. So, I'd say this guys work would be a great addition to any leg/foot sex oriented site.

One thing I like about Glamour Stockings is the interactive nature of it. It seems like Christina really cares what her members think and want. Case in point - in one of the latest video updates she wore some sheer Lycra panty hose because many of the members had requested this. I think this gives a much more personal feel to the material as the guys watching feel like she's doing what they want. Almost like she's their cyber sex mistress. As I mentioned earlier, there are quite a few polls, but I also get a feeling members can voice their opinions by e-mailing her directly. I think that's pretty darn cool.

I like the way the video section is laid out. On the left side of the page you'll find a little shot from the video with a graphic around it that makes it look like a piece of film. To the right you'll find a brief synopsis of the clip. Clicking the picture takes you to that videos individual page. I really like the fact that you get a large variety of still shots. A lot of sites will only give you a few, if any at all. This really lets you get a good idea of what kind of action you'll see. In my humble opinion, this saves you a ton of wasted download time.

The bulk of these vids are in the WMV format with a few AVIs here and there thrown in for good measure. The download speeds here are nothing short of awsome. I'm getting averages of 1100 KB/sec on most of the vids. The videos range between 5 minute to 15 minute clips. The quality of the videos themself is also excellent. They are usually well lit and all the action is clear. My only complaint would be, some of the videos lack any audio whatsoever. This isn't a major problem, though. You see, most of the videos are solo action without the girls talking any. The silence almost feels appropriate. I'm just glad they didn't dub in of that irritating 'porno music'. I really can't see much of a difference between the Avis and the WMV files. There appears to be a minor jump in quality in the AVI's but not enough to matter.

One of the babes in the vids that really caught my eye Vika. This foxy brunette is incredibly gorgeous and always seems to have a very mischevious look on her face. Watching one of her videos, I have to wonder if she has a history in gymnastics. She is incredibly flexable. At one point she even puts her leg behind her placing her foot on top of her shoulder! She's an incredibly talented tease. Normally I'd be bored with this sort of thing, but she really drew me in with her slow seductive moves. I had a boner the size of the empire state building by the time she removed her shoes and nylons! She really has gorgeous soles. The way she curls up her toes really drives me bonkers.

Whoever does the camera work gets some really nice, closeup, pussy shots - the kind I just love. There are currently 24 episodes and at the rate they update, it looks like there will be even more very soon. The majority of this stuff will mostly cater to the foot and leg purist out there. Whilst the majority of these videos are solo or girl on girl action, there are some nice foot worship scenes with guys and there a really tasty footjob done by Christina (the site's head Mistress) herself.


Overal, I'd say Glamour Stockings is a pretty solid site. It has a so-so looking design but it makes up for that with excellent content. If you consider yourself a pure foot and leg fetishist you should enjoy their wide array of material very much (especialy the pictures). So, if you're into seeing classy stocking clad ladies bearing all, this one will probably do it for ya. When you consider the interactive nature of the site, the excellent pictures, and the very reasonable price tag - I'd say it's well worth taking a look for the stocking enthusiast.


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