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Hot Legs And Feet review

- 2nd revisit

Summary: On Hot Legs and Feet you can find tons and tons of very high quality images and videos of incredibly beautiful girls paying special attention to their own and each other's feet. Recommended site for foot lovers!

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Score 90.0 /100
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Mephistopheles, 2007-01-12

Foot-fetish, Photography / studio, Babes, Hardcore, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

Super High Quality Pics Sizes Up To 3200x2000
Over 150,000 Exclusive Pics and Hi-Res Videos
High definition videos
Downloadable VIdeos

First impression

You have a thing for looking at women's legs and feet? This is reported to be one of the most common fetishes 'round the globe. Hot legs and feet claims to be the "Ultimate leg and foot fetish site on the net!" and rated #1 by leg and foot lovers the world over. That is a pretty bold statement. If they can live up to half of that the site should be more than worth the money. Let's have a look inside and see!


One Month: $29.95
Two Months: $49.95
Three Months: $59.95
Five Months VIP: $79.95

Our opinion

At first glance I can already tell there are a ton of high class hotties to be found here. The top of the member's area has a cute banner with two gorgeous babes licking each other's toes and a pretty straight forward, horizonal menu which is key for navigating the site's material. Directly below you'll find the 'Latest Update'. This includes a little information on the girl contained in the update, including things such as birthday, country, bra size and most importantly... shoe size! You'll also find links to all picture and video sets of the current month spread out across the lower half of the page. These are usually accompanied by a provacative still shot and a very brief description of the action.

You can either browse the material by using the Model Directory (in the top menu) which will give you a list of their models in alaphabetical order and links to their videos and pictures. Or you can use the drop down menus in the middle of the page. From these you can browse by Date, Content Category (Lesbian, Threesome, Single, Footjob or Casting.) or both.
I definetly have to give them an 'A' for navigation. It doens't get much easier than that!
Anyway, back to the content. As I was saying before, I'm highly impressed with the models at this joint. There are currently over 500, and let me tell you - the majority of these girls are nothing short of stunning!

This site is heavily foot fetish themed but those who aren't so much into feet should still be able to get off to these videos. There is plenty of hardcore action going on around here. I saw an excellent anal scene and some amazing threesome (lesbian and straight) action. But foot fetishist - worry not! This site can only be described as awesome. I'm totally digging Rita Faltoyano's set. There is this one scene where she has her leg arched up and this guy is sucking her toes while she gives him a blowjob. She has one nylon on and one off. There is just something utterly erotic about that. There is another scene with her, where her feet are really close to the camera (showing off her high arches!) and her toes curl whilst she's being rammed in the ass hole. To top it all off she removes both her stockings and has a healthy dose of cum shot all over her gorgeous, bare souls and then runs her nylons between her toes for the camera. HOT!!! I highly recommend you check her set out. This girl has some of the sexiest feet I have EVER seen!

I couldn't help but notice that the bulk of the girls on this site KNOW how to use their feet. One problem with the majority of foot fetish sites I've reviewed over the years is that most of the girls simply aren't skilled enough to give a proper foot job. It's refreshing to see a girl who actually knows how to get a guy off with just her toes. In fact, watching this site, one can't help but wonder if some sort of course in the 'art of foot play' is given to the models.

One thing that seemed a bit weak was the 'Casting' section on the site. I think this could of been a whole lot better. Here they basically take a new model trying out and have her show off her feet in various poses. What bothers me is the whole thing just isn't personal enough. I think it could be much hotter if they got the girls to talk (they almost never do) instead of just showing their feet and sitting there in silence. A little personality would go a long way here.

The videos seem to be very high quality. They come in four different formats: High definition AVI which is the new standard. This is by far the best looking one with 1280x720 (720p), but it means HUGE file sizes of 700 mb for a complete scene. The videos however look awesome. The three remaining formats are: AVI (672x378 average 60 MB for 5 minutes), MOV/Quicktime (average 15 MB) and WMV (672x378 with a bitrate of 1.33 mbps - average 50 MB for 4 minutes). The AVI is by far superior to the WMV and MOV files. To be honest I can't see a huge difference in visual quality between the WMV and MOV files. So out of those two, you'd probably be better off downloading the MOV files. Overall the video quailty and the camera work is superb. My only complaint about the videos would be the sound quality. Most of the time it's just too low (sometimes WAY too low) and I'm often left wondering what the girls in the video are saying. Although this can be mildy annoying at times, it didn't seem to bother me too much once I got into the scene. Other than the audio issues, I'd have to say these videos are top notch and VERY sexy.

The photo galleries at Hot Legs and Feet are pretty well put together. At the top you have a nice list of vital statistics for each model (including shoe size!) and a brief description of what's going on in the shoot. The images themself have no amateur feel to them whatsoever. These were obviously shot by a professional photographer and are very clear and crisp. Usually there are about 16 images per page in each gallery. Some contain well over 200 images in total. There are also a few nice options when it comes to downloading the pictures. First off - you could download the entire gallery in a compressed ZIP file if you wanted. This comes in handy if you find a gallery you really like and don't feel performing the tedious task of downloading the images one at a time. Recently the picture resolutions were upgraded and all future sets each come with the option of Small (797x530 px 135 kb), Medium (1616x1073px 310 kb) or Large (3200x2125px 600 kb). Although I can't see why anyone would want to view the small pictures. I mean, we wanna see these girls toes and souls in all their glory, right? The large pictures really pick up a ton of details in the girls feet. It's almost like actually having them up in your face!

I might also add there are a few 'extras' on the site. I already mentioned the 'Casting' section. But they also have quite a few erotic stories. There are currently 69 (how appropriate) stories and the bulk of them are told in the first person perspective. Usually about an experience involving a girl and (of course!) her feet! Although they aren't very long they are generally well written and often boner-inspiring.


Hot Legs And Feet is right on target with its niche and delivers great material in abundance. With this amount of high quality models, kickass videos and frequent updates I'd say this site is great value. I'm a hardcore foot fetishist and I'd jerk off to this stuff (I already have!) any day of the week and twice on sunday! Give em' a try sometime. Highly recommended!


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