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Lanas Lingerie Tease review

Summary: Lana's Lingerie Tease is the site where Lana demonstrates her love for sexy lingerie. And what better way to do that than by trying everything on and shooting movies and photos at the same time? Good content, but video quality is too fuzzy though.

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Melissa, 2006-09-09

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Intro promises

Get ready for some neon nookie on this website. Lanas Lingerie Tease is presenting her stuff on purple, pink and lime green back-drops and borders, sure to grab your attention, but itís Lana herself that will hold it. This isnít a young, freshly aged 18 year old that is strutting her stuff like the big girls, this is an woman with some age and experience under her panties and she is showing you how sexy she can be. Her favorite thing to do is parade around the house in naughty little nighties and heels... no, she doesnít offer her address. But apparently in the confines of her own home there isnít enough people viewing her sultriness so sheís brought it to the web for you to lust over. Being nude is great, but most men still enjoy the sexiness that leads up to that point and Lana has captured the pleasurable plunge into porn through her images and videos, which are streaming or downloadable for your convenience.

First impression

I enjoy personal amateur sites, especially ones where you can tell the star of the role has chosen her own niche, to project to the fans what SHE wants and not just be a part of a website where they are told what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Lana has a lovely face and a great body so Iím looking forward to seeing what sort of lingerie she wears to make people begin to sexually sweat!


30 days $19.95 (non recurring)
30 days $16.95 (recurring)
90 days $34.95 (non recurring)

Credit card

CCBill, PayMonde

Our opinion

The addition of username and password takes me to yet another purple page that has a welcome letter, letting everyone know that her site is a bit on the new side and that sheís open for suggestions as to what she wears, what she does, etc. A few links across the top will lead us to our dirty destinations, and they are few in number, so it looks like weíll be able to breeze through the beauty of this site with no problem.

In venturing through the doors of the video link I found 62 choices of charming goodness here. There are images accompanying each video, however, itís pretty even steven on the dividing line between stand alone shots and screen captures. But, you have to tip your fedora over the fact that she does let you know which ones are still photos and what are video grabbings. The posed pictures are gorgeous, this woman just drips with seduction and she knows the way to put her body, contort her face and work the camera to her benefit. Her rose tipped nipples peek out with a perfect touch of seduction and the medium size that enlarging will bring you is just the beginning, click the corner once more and you have a full screen full of Lana, to the tune of 1000x750 pretty pixels.

As for the caps, they didnít enlarge quite as high, staying around the pixel size of 800x533, and one thing that I always find with these types of images are many times the look on their faces are caught and captured at not the most flattering moments, which is the case here, thatís why my vote always goes to the posed pictures. Many of her images reminded me of a model you might find in a lingerie catalogue, she had the correct stance, expression and flamboyant nature to make these pictures so natural and so sexy.

Getting to the videos we find she offers a high and low quality format while Windows Media Player is the player of choice to this site. I checked out the streaming version of low, and it was fuzzy to say the least, however the high quality came in better with a large playing screen but still with some fuzziness which I think Lana should try and find a way to overcome. As for the downloadable low option you come in at a 320x240 video size while the higher choice raises the option to 640x480 and runs at 759 kbps. If you donít want to save anything to your hard-drive for the little woman to find, the streaming in high really is a nice play, I prefer the download, but I understand thatís not always a choice for everyone. The buffering was quick, not a lot of wait time and she should be stripping on a stage somewhere, she really knows how to use every inch of her body.

Itís apparent that Lana still has a lot of the ďlittle girlĒ living within her, because she loves nothing better than to play dress-up... and then undress for her viewers. But, with her body, why not show it off! She has an entire wardrobe of alluring outfits to get the job done. Everything from pale, sheer pink nighties to thigh high boots and furry little wears that will make you sneeze before you please. Every outfit she donned made her look great and the little glimpses of whatís underneath that she shares with you is a turn on for sure. I think one of my favorites was Lana on her satin sheets and wearing nothing but her silky stockings, she will leave you wanting more, which she does offer in the form of the DVDís she sells from this site. Run time varies between 8 and 12+ minutes and the price is a reasonable $9.95. Of course her fetish of lingerie is still the topic at hand.


I have to say that Lana as the Lingerie Tease is a woman that knows all the moves to make you have to reach for the lotion. Seductive is the best adjective I can find to use when describing her. Sheís pretty, sheís older, sheís built great and she has a wonderful wardrobe that like her sexual energy, it never quits. Everything she promised on tour held up in the membership area and the navigation was a breeze.


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