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Leggy Lana review

Summary: Leggy Lana is the nick name of Lana Cox, a very attractive 38 year old blonde. Her brand new site is dedicated to foot fetish. Unfortunately the content is still limited and pics and videos should have been much larger to match Lana's beautiful looks.

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Mephistopheles, 2007-06-20

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Intro promises

"Welcome to my site,I hope you enjoy your stay with me. For all you foot, leg, stockings and pantyhose lovers I hope to make all your fantasies come true. So,what are you waiting for? Come into my home and enjoy...."

First impression

Lana Cox aka. Leggy Lana has a long history in the industry and, at the age of 38, she still has quite the stunning bod. I remember seeing her in a few vids when I was younger, and even in playboy. So, when I found out she had her own site, and a foot fetish site at that, I naturally had to check it out!

From what I see of the tour, this site is more of a personal nature. There's a nice gallery you can check out before you decide if you wan't to join or not. It features a nice mini-bio for Lana, as well as 20 teaser pictures. All of the images in the 'free gallery' are strictly Lana. Hey, I'm not complaining! I've always liked older babes, and Lana is a perfect example of a matured piece of ass. These images are all very classy, featuring her in some great outfits, and undergarments. One thing they all have in common, though, is her perfect arches and wrinkly souls. I love it! I can't wait to see what's going on inside.


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Our opinion

The member's area design is a bit amatuerish. All of the site's content is on this one page. However, this could be chalked up to a lack of material. I can't really hold this against them, though. A quick scan of the 'Updates' section shows all of this stuff was put on here within the last month. This site is still just a baby, and has plenty of time to grow.

There are currently 27 videos - five of those are available as downloadable videos. You can find links to those at the very top of the member's page. The other ones are directly below them, and they stream automatically upon your arrival, in a Macromedia Flash Player. You can then scroll down the list to see the rest of the videos (this took a while to figure out!) Even further below you'll find links to 27 different picture galleries, all featuring none other than Lana herself. There's also a links section, where you can a slew of other foot fetish sites you may want to check out. It doesn't get any more simple than this design. I don't see how anyone could have trouble finding their way around this place.

I checked out the photo galleries first. They usually contain around 60 images. All these pics come in JPEG format, and clock in at around 75kb with dimensions of 533x800 pixels. These were shot by a photographer, as opposed to still images from videos, which is always a plus. Thank god for that. Who needs screen caps, anyway?

While these photos are very clear and well lit, they just aren't as big as I'd like. Although, there is a nifty 'slideshow' like option in the gallery. If you click a picture it takes you to the next in the series from the gallery. The content itself is pretty hot. The bulk of it is Lana, in various settings, various sexy outfits, teasing you with her legs, soles, and toes. There's also a few tasty foot job galleries. If you're a pure foot fetishist, like myself, this stuff will definitely get you off.

One of ny favorites featured Lana in an office-esque setting. She's wearing a very smart, business suit, and chatting on the phone. As the pictures progress, she begins to get more and more comfortable in her rolling chair. She kicks off her high heels, and eventually removes both of her stockings, propping her gorgeous feet up on the desk. One of my favorite shots in this gallery shows her with one nylon on, and one off. For some reason, I find this highly erotic. Her toes look absolutly delicious in this picture!

The footjob galleries are also very hot. Lana has very small feet (size 3), and it shows when they're wrapped around a throbbing dick. The majority of these don't show much nudity (other than boobs), but I did see a few nice pussy shots here and there. So, like I said earlier, this site would probably be better for those of you foot fetish purist out there.

All the videos at Leggy Lana's are in the WMV format and average about 14 minutes in duration. You have the option to either stream them with a flash player, or directly download them by right-clicking the link. The direct download speeds were decent. The video quality itself is fairly good. Kudos to whoever shoots these for making sure everything is properly lit. My main complaint would be that the videos - like the pictures - should have been much bigger. The picture is only 320x240 pixels. Really a shame when the material is as hot as this. They would also benefit from better mics.

One of the videos I watched was more of a 'solo masturbation' vid than anything. It features Lana laying on a big, comfy bed, red silk sheets and all. She does a pretty good job of talking to the camera and getting you into it. Although, at times it was hard to hear her. There was a humming sound throughout the video that I found highly annoying. My main complaint, however, would be that the camera stays stationary throughout. While this gives it a 'home movie' quality, it's also a damn shame, as I think it would really benefit from some nice closeups of the clit rubbing action. However, her orgasm at the end is fairly convincing, and this did get me kinda hard.

The footjob video featured on the main page was much better, and didn't suffer from any of the above problems. The camera work was pretty good and the sound quality was definitely more clear (still not great, though). It starts out with a mailman traveling up her walkway, delivering some letters. Lana, being the perfect lady that she is, doesn't want him to have to stand out there in the rain, so she decides to invite him in.

We soon find out that her husband is out of town and she's a bit bored. She tries on some sexy, fishnet stockings for him, and he remarks what a lucky man her husband is, and that he hopes he doesn't come home any time soon. She does a very good job of teasing him and rubbing his crotch with her fishnet clad soles. She ends up giving him a very hot footjob. I must admit, Lana is very skilled. She doesn't look like no rookie. I have a feeling she's had her feet wrapped around a dick a time or two in the past. The money shot in this video was very good. Highly reccommended!


For a foot fetish site, this is pretty good stuff. I have fond memories of Lana Cox aka. Leggy Lana, so it's good to see she's made a comeback in such fine form. She's a very beautiful woman, with an absolutly stunning set of feet. If you're a fan, this site is well worth checking out. However, it's very new, so it is a bit lacking in content at the moment. I also must note that the video and pictures aren't exactly huge. But in time and with the right care and nurturing, I'm sure this will turn into an awesome site for you foot fetish purist out there.


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