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Nylon Passion review

Summary: Nylon Passion is a fetish site holding full screen images, in soft-core and hard-core, and videos either in clips or full run length.

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Score 65.0 /100
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Mads, 2002-05-12



Intro promises

- Only unique content that has never been sold to anyone else.
- Great support, e-mails answered within 24 hours.
- Easy membership control, includes easy members support page and one-click cancellation.
- Sexual content thematically based on pantyhose, stockings, nylon or the like.

First impression

It looks like a traditionally designed HTML site. The design is 'elegant' which seems to suit the theme of the site. Nice calm dark colors on a Bordeaux background...suiting for the eyes, perhaps a little sinister. It is very nice to encounter a site with no annoying banners or pop-ups.


$4.95 - 3 days trial
$29.95 - one month
$49.95 - two months

Payment by either credit card or online check.

Our opinion

Nylon Passion has four main sections apart from the home section. These are: Softcore, Lesbian, Hardcore and video. The site is apparently updated every second day.

The navigation is quite easy to handle, however, if one is not acquainted with the girls, it is a bit irritating that one cannot see a small thumbnail beside the girl's name. The galleries are neatly arranged in series of approximately 40 pics... all the girls are indeed "own breed", and altogether they look like quite attractive young amateurs.

Unfortunately, the picture quality is not brilliant, but the pics can be enlarged to full-screen, which is a neat feature. This is how the pictures' sections are arranged both in the soft- and hardcore sections and in the Lesbian section. Many of the same models are occurring in the respective sections.

To be frank, the pictures are not that exiting simply because they are not terribly inspiring. One really needs a serious fetish for pantyhoses in order to get turned on by hardcore series of pics that too frequently ends without a climax. However, the site deserves credit for staying loyal to its principles of showing off pantyhoses or the like. Nevertheless, I will stake the claim, that a lot of the content simply lacks an innovative angle...

On the positive part, it is nevertheless refreshing to see new faces that seem to enjoy their experience

The video section offers either bits of 2.4 mb, or the complete package for those who cannot settle for less. You need DivX 4.x to view the videos, but it can be directly downloaded via the site. The quality is amateur-like, and the sound quality is poor, nevertheless, this may only serve to emphasise the amateur look of the videos?


Let's summarize the positive aspects of the site first:

Nylon Passion remains loyal to the promises made before one enters. The contents of the site is EXCLUSIVELY dedicated fetish fans, who fancy the smooth looks of pantyhoses and/or stockings of some sort. The contents vary from soft to hardcore, and the models are generally good-looking amateurs whom one hasn't seen around before.
Altogether, thumbs UP for keeping stockings and pantyhoses central to the content, plus thumbs UP for the new and nice looking girls.

Hmmm.........Unfortunately, the overall impression is that the extent of the content on the site is somewhat limited, and the quality of pictures and videos vary too much to be classified as satisfying.

It is always easy to criticise, but I DO believe that some innovative interactive features would cheer this site up.

Another idea would perhaps be to try some new, less sultry, settings for the pics and videos would work, in order to make Nylon Passion look a bit more appealing and thus match the elegance of the stockings. :)

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Total average: 75.3/100 Our score: 65.0/100

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