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Nylonic review

Summary: Nylonic features lots of hot Eastern European models dressed in all sorts of sexy nylon stockings. Quality is a bit inconsistent and navigation is not the best, but overall it delivers exclusive content in its niche.

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Score 65.0 /100
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Mephistopheles, 2007-05-24

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Intro promises

- Only never seen exclusive movies and picture. We are proud to bring you the best nylon and glamour fetish you can get!
- All photos are in perfect crystal clear quality. You are able to download a whole picture set compressed in a zip file.
- Our movies are available in different quality formats. So everyone can enjoy it. Even Mac users.
- We provide both hot hardcore action and glamorous divas masturbating with dildo or just stripping and teasing you!
- You have guarantee that we keep Nylonic fresh and new. We update twice a week with a few fresh hot movie.

First impression

The tour at Nylonic is immense. There is page, upon page, featuring different long legged beauties. The number of images is more than I'd care to count. While I haven't seen any video clips, I'm sure some of these images had to come from their movies (maybe screen shots?). So, if this says anything at all about their amount of material, it should be vast. When I look at these gorgeous ladies, only one word springs to mind: classy. But don't let that mislead you. From what I've seen, these babes don't just strut around, acting seductive whilst wearing nylons. They're eating pussy, sucking cock, and getting fucked! I can't wait to see what awaits me inside!


$29.95 for 30 days(recurring)
Pay by Credit Card(Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover) or Online Check

Our opinion

You certainly won't break a sweat trying to navigate Nylonic. The main page of the member's area appears to have been designed with ease of navigation in mind. Topping the page is a horizontal, black menu which contains four buttons: Clips, Pics, Next Updates, and Troubleshooting. There are also links to the latest clips on the left-hand side of the page, and links to the latest pics on the right. It doesn't get much more simple than that.

There are currently 89 galleries in the pics section. They are a bit inconsistent in their number of images, sets consist anywhere from 35 to 180 photos. The links to the galleries are arranged by date, and spread out over 9 pages with preview thumbnail image (97x141 pixels) giving you an idea of what's going on inside. Clicking the thumbnail will take you to a larger version which of it (450x600) which is sometimes crystal clear, while others time horrid looking. I find it strange that some of them are pixilated beyond belief, so bad that you can barely make out what the person(s) in the image looks like. But, this image really only acts as a cover to the gallery, so it doesn't really matter too much.

Below the 'cover' you'll find a line of text telling you the number of pictures contained within the gallery. You also have the choice of viewing the images all on one page, or in the more traditional, slideshow fashion (a bit misleading since it is actually small thumbnail links). I much prefer the slideshow option. When you have all the pictures on one page, it makes browsing them much more of a chore than a pleasure. You're constantly scrolling down, not knowing if the next image you see will even be one you're interested in. Also, for those of you with slower computers (or internet connections), loading over 100 images which are 450x338 pixels and 90KB in size, will prove to be a massive pain in the ass! I'd say this feature is, in my opinion, totally unnecessary. The only real benefit is that the initial 'preview' images are much larger than the thumbnails we've all become accustomed to.

The pictures are very inconsistent as far as size goes. They range from 800x532 pixels to 768x1024. The larger images are adequate but the smaller ones are very dissapointing. Definitely not something I'd add to my growing collection of porno pics. I also never found the promised zip files with picture series. On the upside, the pictures are shot by professional photographers, and it shows. Other than a few minor lighting issues (only in a couple sets), these pics are stunning, taking on a magazine esque quality. A very nice mixture of clarity and vibrant colours. Although, some of them do have that 'airbrushed' look, which I can't say I'm a fan of. The settings vary (from the typical bedroom, to the elaborate) but I care more about the action than a picturesque background anyway. All the girls used in these, for the most part, are real lookers. I've seen everything from solo, to lesbian, to threeway action.

One of my favorite sets contained an elegant looking women named Julie. This stunning blonde looked as if she had been swept away from some fancy cocktail party and stripped naked. All she had on was the remnants of a bustier, formal evening gloves, and of course, pink nylons. Her appearence greatly contrasted with her surroundings which, to the best of my abillities, I can only describe as a mix of a cave and dungeon. What made this even more fucked up (in a good way) was how sleezy the guy banging her looks. He reminds me of those lowlifes you see at some seedy bar. The type of guy who would only be with this kinda girl if he was paying, or raping her. She gives him a nice footjob (with her nylons still on), he nails her doggy style, she rides him, and they fuck in some positions that I don't even know the name of, whilst making some of the most digusting faces imaginable. I love it! My only complaint would be that there was no money shot.

Like the pictures, the videos here are also arranged by date and you have two options as far as quality goes: Medium (ISDN/DSL), and Large (Cable/Broadband). The Medium quality videos are a bit iffy looking. They are usually pretty grainy but not to the point where it's unbearable. I'd say they would be great for those of you who have slower connections. Although, to be honest, I'd skip them alltogether regardless. The 'Large' version may clock in twice as big, but there is pretty good gap here in visual quality. The audio quality on both is actually fairly good. I was pleased to find the videos were quite loud. On a lot of sites, I've had trouble making out what people are saying and the moans almost sound muffled. That's not the case here. I've been getting some pretty fast downloads as well, usually around 700KB/sec.

As far a the vid content itself, it ranges from solo masturbation to hardcore threesomes. All with an emphasis on the girls feet and legs, of course. It seems like the videos get more raunchy towards the later updates. I get the feeling this company may be based in Europe. I've seen a lot of uncut cocks in these movies and quite a few German sounding narrations. One thing that pleased me was, I've seen a lot of great foot jobs here. Surprisingly, they seem to be lacking in a lot of these sites. Other than some cheezy music (mostly in the solo videos) I like what I see. Some of the videos even have silly fantastic elements added. Case in point: A video called 'Nylon Torture' features 2 babes dressed as nazi soldiers, speaking in german and torturing a prisoner of war by making him smell their nylons and sucking/fucking him. If that's what it was like, put me in a concentration camp any day!

One of my favorite videos really shows how these guys go all out to cater go those with the nylon fetish. It's called 'Nylon Pool Party', and it would probably seem pretty wacky to those of you not into this particular niche. It's a wild orgy with three women and two guys. Almost every one of them is wearing a full body stocking suit. Even the guys have stockings over their heads! Shades of mild BDSM show through in this one. I usually hate music in porn, but the ambient backing track actually adds to this one's unique weirdness. I like the camera work a lot, it borders on pretentious. My only complaint would be that sometimes the guy pans around a little too close to people's bodies, leaving you a bit confused at exactly what you're looking at (don't wanna look at a guy's feet by mistake!).


I liked Nylonic. It keeps things simple as far a content and navigation. There are no frills here and, personally, that's the way I like it. They do a good job of sticking to their niche. If you're into any aspect of the Nylon niche, there is probably something here that will cater specifically to your needs. I'd recommend it to anyone who is into nylons/stockings, or even just feet/legs in general. I'd say it's definetly worth the price tag.

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2010-03-16 05:38:39

Warning - this site has not been updated for over 8 months, despite promising twice weekly updates.
There are a number of promises on the home page not met - update frequency, ability to download zip files, videos available in multiple formats.
Do not waste your money.