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Pantyhose Supremacy review

Summary: Pantyhose Supremacy delivers a mixture of BDSM and pantyhose fetish content. There is quite a lot of content, but not all of the dominas seem equally genuinely into it. Overall a good site if you like to see men dominated by ladies in pantyhose.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Mephistopheles, 2007-03-03

Foot-fetish, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

A spectacle of pantyhose worship and female domination awaits you here. We bring you original and exclusive pictures and movies for genuine pantyhose fetish fans! Conceived by real life pantyhose fanatics and shot with actual submissives, the action is always intense. Each gorgeous nylon clad Domme's goal is a slow, sensual devestation of the men brought before Her. Your assignment is to watch the foot, ass and leg worship and enjoy. Silky nylon mixed with cock torment, smothering, bondage, ass worship and much more make for an explosive combination that you cannot miss.

First impression

Well, judging by the tour they aren't exactly giving anything away for free around here, and who can blame them? These thumbnails are small and they can't be enlarged. You see just enough to make out what's going on (and get you tempted to join). At least, I think I get the jist of it so far. The two main things here are pain and humiliation. These man-slaves are subjected to this with a variety of long, drawn-out techniques, by some very dominent ladies wearing panty hose. Basically the panty-hose fetish combined with a more than healthy dose of BDSM. Interesting to say the least. So, I think I'm gonna mosie on inside the members area and have a looksie at this unique site.


$24.95(USD) for 30 days then 18.95(USD) recurring every 30 days
$29.95(USD) for 30 days (non-recurring)
$49.95(USD) for 90 days then $49.00(USD) recurring every 90 days

Pay by credit card, online check or CCBILL 900

Our opinion

Well, the members area of the site is about as bare-bones as it gets. There are several pages, each containing about 7 to 10 domination sessions (over 100 in total). A thumbnail image can be clicked to take you to the main page (containing still images and the movie) and to the right is a lengthy, tantalizing synopsis letting you know a bit about the action within. There's nothing complicated at all about this setup. In fact, there isn't even a menu.

Every movie on the site has at least one Dominatrix and one submissive male. Another constant is the Dominatrix is always wearing panty hose. These guys are submitted to a variety of tortures often being forced to wear pantyhose themselves.

I got to tell you I find this site for lack of a better word 'interesting'. They seem to really have a thing for the Ladies smoking whilst performing their torture. This should cater to those who have a smoking fetish. One form of 'torture' the subs are subjected to that really cracks me up is second hand smoke. I mean, there's nothing worse than contemplating the impending doom of lung cancer whilst wearing pantyhose and a silly gimp mask, right? They also seem to have a big thing for flipping their cigarette ashes into the mouth of the subbies. But the most common forms of domination here seem to be cock-and-ball torture and fucking the guys with strap-ons.

I suppose it's obvious from the domain name that they also cater to those foot fetishists (particularly nylon) out there. I must warn you though, if you do have a foot fetish, they show quite a bit of male feet on this site. When the guys are being anally violated with the strap-on, there are quite a few shots of the guys feet propped up. I suppose this is to be expected since they are forcing the dudes to wear nylons, but it can be a little disconcerting (or distracting in the very least) if you have a prefrence for female feet.

One of my only complaints would be that some of these Dominatrixes don't really seem to be 'into it' at times, which leads me to believe all of them may not be for real. I guess I can't complain too much. I mean, this is a porn site. It's probably easy to find female starlets already in the industry. But, these girls are really performing (quite cruel at times) torture on these guys. So, that's all that really matters, right? Although, if it's any consolation... I can't help but get the feeling these submissive fellas are the real deal. They really geniune appreciation for humiliation in any way, shape or form.

These chicks don't hold back. Everything from electric probes to the testicles to clothes pins on the tongue (while forcing him to give them oral pleasure) this site goes pretty far with their 'torture'. I even saw them force a male subbie to toss another guy's salad.

My favorite session shows Mistress Jasmine applying clothes pins to her obedient sub's cock and balls. You can almost feel the pain when you see how red his genitals get from the pressure. She cruelly makes him lick her feet and suck her toes, not caring about the obvious agony he's in. After subjecting him to this for quite some time she orders him to shoot his load in a make-shift condom fashioned out of panty-hose (how appropriate?) then forces him drink his gooey load of it. Unlike some of the other babes on this site, Mistress Jasmine seems to genuinely love putting these guys through hell.

The picture galleries at Pantyhose Supremacy come in a series of thumbnails spread out over several pages. The pictures are of pretty good size and quality. They clock in at around 180KB with a size of 732x1100 pixels. They appear to be taken by a photographer (as oppposted to video captures) but you can't tell during the videos as there is no pesky flash (Unlike some sites). These pictures aren't the largest but they are definely big enough to make out what's going on. Each gallery contains around 80-200 images in total.

The videos are also pretty good in quality. Although, there aren't many options. Unfortunately, there is no streaming video here. Your only option is downloading them directly to your harddrive. They all come in the WMV format. They vary in size and length. A 9 minute video will generally clock in at 61 megabytes.


Although Pantyhose Supremacy may not be loaded with extras, or have the most options, it does a better good job of catering to the many aspects of its niche than many sites that have all of the above. They have a wide variety of torture methods and a ton of VERY sexy dominatrixes. If you got a thing for nylons and humiliation, this site should be right up your alley! I'm sligthly impressed and think it's worth the price of membership.

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