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Sapphic Barefoot review

Summary: Sapphic Barefoot is a site featuring lesbians engaging in foot fetish fun. Videos are lesbian sex scenes grabbed from various porn DVDs and not exclusive. As a result some of the videos mainly revolve around lesbian porn and seem to add a couple toe sucks as an after thought. The site needs some improvement when it comes to video quality as well as descriptions of the videos. It does, however, fulfill a niche within a niche.

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Tamesin, 2011-09-22

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Intro promises

- One of the largest lesbian barefoot sex archives
- Multiple streaming and downloading formats
- 3 lesbian sites for the price of 1

First impression

If "Hot toe sex the way girls do it" gets you off, then let me introduce you to Sapphic Barefoot. This foot fetish site revolves around lesbians pleasuring each others' pussies and peds. It claims to have one of the largest lesbian barefoot sex archives around, so if you're a foot fetishist who loves women, Sapphic Barefoot might be just what you're looking for.


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Our opinion

I have to admit to some initial confusion over the scene titles. The names of the movies don't seem very barefoot and lesbian related. Nautica's 1st Gangbang? Strapon Black and White Bitches? It soon becomes clear that the videos are in fact scenes featuring barefeet lesbian sex grabbed from various porn DVDs featuring porn stars. That's not necessarily a bad thing - it means someone has gone through a lot of porn to find a very specific niche. On the other hand it means that the action won't always be as focused on this niche as custom produced videos.

Unfortunately, there's no description of the action in the videos, which isn't user friendly. There are, however, screencaps to each of the videos, so you can see how much footsie fun is involved in the scene. You do have to go through all the photos, though, to see exacted what kind of foot worship is involved. As to how often the site updates, there are no dates noted, so I can't say.

There are around 100 videos that you can stream or download in a variety of formats: in mid (480x320/1132 Kbps) and high (720x480/4196 Kbps) quality in WMV or low quality in Mp4 (320x240/514 Kbps) format. The videos generally last from around 5 minutes in length to over 20 minutes. The quality is pretty good, even for the mid quality, with the high quality being very good. The audio quality is also very good, though these barefoot lesbians prefer to let their tongues and toes do the talking.

There is a photo gallery to go with each video. These aren't high resolution or posed photos, but rather screencaps. These open to 720x480 and are just screencap quality, with some of them being very blurry. The photo sets are zip downloadable, though I'm not sure how many members would want to.

The amount of lesbian barefoot sex, toe licking and sucking isn't uniform in all of the videos. One video I watched started out as a regular lesbian sex scene, and finally about 7 minutes into it, they get to the foot funsies. Out of the 24 minutes, 15 of those dealt with foot fetishism. That's pretty good, considering the length of the video, but there were other videos that had barely a toe nibble. These are basically lesbian scenes with a minute of toe licking, and that was about it. Some scenes are heavily edited, which pretty much ruins your enjoyment. For instance, in a video I watched, a woman is licking a pussy, and in the next frame, she has her own toes in her mouth.

Because Sapphic Barefoot is a sub-niche within the foot fetish niche, it does serve a need for those who want to see lesbians enjoying each others' feet. I would like to see it make some improvements: namely, better quality photos and high def videos. All of the scenes need to place a more heavy (or at least equal) emphasis on the foot fetish, instead of coming off as a regular lesbian porn site as it does in some videos. Additionally, adding descriptions to each video would make the site more user friendly.


I have mixed feelings about Sapphic Barefoot. It certainly fills a need for those who want just lesbian foot sex, but it doesn't always stick with the program, so to speak. Some of the videos play like a regular lesbian site, with a minute or two of lesbian foot licking and sucking added as an after thought.

The size of the archive for a niche site is pretty good - at around 100 videos, but there are no high quality photos, just screencaps. As to how often the site updates, it's anyone's guess. But, since it does fill a specific niche, and it's difficult to find a foot fetish site without the models having to give foot jobs to men, Sapphic Barefoot might be just what you're looking for.


Sapphic Barefoot is amongst the growing number of sites within the foot fetish niche. Most foot fetish sites, however, don't feature just lesbians. Take Hot Legs and Feet, for example. This site is so much better than Sapphic Barefoot in the quality of its content, the amount of models it has, the size of its archive, and in how often it updates. The drawback, however, is that Hot Legs and Feet also includes solo girls and male-female action, so if you're just looking for lesbians, you're basically paying for content you don't want (although it is cheaper than Sapphic Barefoot).

Magical Feet is also a main competitor of Sapphic Barefoot, but there again, it features male-female action. In fact, it doesn't have much, if any, in the way of lesbians foot fetish fun.

If you're after more lesbian action not necessarily focused on feet, then check out Euro girls on girls and Sapphic Erotica.


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