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Sonia Dane review

Summary: Sonia Dane has her own personal amateur site, where she parades around in her sexy lingerie. The pictures are good quality and look great and are primarily softcore.

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CB, 2006-02-07

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Intro promises

- 1000's of Pictures of Sonia - including all of her newest photo sets as they are released!
- 50+ New Pictures every day - all pictures, in each of 7 categories, change every day!
- Video Clips of Sonia in Motion - showing off her pretty lingerie at home, outdoors, and in public places!
- 100's of pictures of Sonia's hot sexy friends appear in their own photo sets!
- 100's of personal pictures submitted to Sonia by some of her daring guests!
- 500+ Erotic Stories - submitted to us by our visitors - The best in erotic lingerie stories!
- FREE Access to the member's areas of ALL of Sonia's LingeriePass partner sites...

First impression

Sonia Dane's site has a very “home made” look to it. Nothing fancy at all - which is fine - but it's not particularly aesthetically pleasing either, although the pink satin fabric background is rather fitting, albeit pixelated. This is a site dedicated to lingerie and all things related, such as stockings, panties, nightgowns, slips, bras and anything else you can think of that could be classified as women's underthings. Sonia started the site in 1997 with her husband, after they got a camera and discovered how much fun it could be to take some sexy pictures. They both had an interest in starting a website, and when they saw “...that there were not very many high-quality amateur pictures available that were not totally explicit or hard-core,” they created SoniaDane's site.

A very interesting premise for a website, indeed.


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Our opinion

Sonia Dane is nicely organized, with several picture categories, some movies, and stories. The pics are the focus here, and you can choose from Sonia's photo sets, daily photos, friends photos and guest photos. At the time of this review there were 58 photos sets of Sonia alone, with 20-57 photos per set. The other photo sections are considerably smaller, but Sonia is the main attraction, after all. Daily Photos feature a new photo every day in seven categories, and the Friends category is where Sonia gets to have some fun photographing or playing with her pals. Guest Photos are submitted by actual members. All you have to do is email Sonia, and voila, you're on the inter-web.

The photos themselves are 768x1024, and look nice and crisp and clear. Being amateur photos, many of these were probably taken at home. Nonetheless, things are kept interesting by using all sorts of spots around the house, and there are numerous shoots done outdoors or out on the town for a little bit of exhibitionism. Photos are presented as thumbnail galleries, or downloadable zip files, and some of the newer galleries feature an in-browser slideshow. Sonia models an incredible amount of lingerie on her site. I imagine her closet is enormous! If you're into fancy undergarments, this is definitely the place for you. Things are very much on the softcore side of the fence; you get the odd peek at a breast here and there, and even a look at what's behind the see-through panties, but there's nothing that I would call explicit - it's partial nudity at best. This isn't a drawback, it's the premise of the site - high quality softcore lingerie photos. And Sonia delivers.

The videos, unfortunately, don't fare that well. There are 18 movies available, and are presented as WMV, AVI, or QT files. You cannot choose which you prefer; each vid is offered in one format only. There are also three animated GIFs that you can check out. Before Sonia got a video cam, she made these with a camera that took sequential pictures. Neat-o. Anyway, back to the actual vids...

Overall, the quality of the videos is rather poor. MOV files are 200x150 with a frame rate of 5fps. Yikes. These look just slightly better than the GIFs. I found several different formats for the WMV clips: 320x240 with bitrate of either 461kbps or 707kbps, and also 360x240 with a bitrate of 256kbps. AVIs are 320x240 with a frame rate of 14.98fps. Not all of the clips have sound, but on those that do you'll probably want to turn it off because it's not that pleasing to the ear - think 64kpbs.

The Erotic Stories section, on the other hand is amazing. There are over 500 stories that are submitted by members, and the subject matter, as you might assume, is quite varied. Everything from true experiences to outright fiction, it's all here. Quite a bit of it has a lingerie theme, but there is a lot of other subject matter as well.

In addition to Sonia's site, membership gives you access to the entire LingeriePass network, which gives you access to 23 other sites like Sonia's. This definitely sweetens the deal a fair bit. The bonus sites feature much the same design as Sonia's site, and unfortunately the videos on these sites are of the same low quality. In fact, many of the sites don't even have videos. But, this gives you access to hundreds of other photos of a variety of sexy women who love to show off their unmentionables.


Sonia Dane's website is very easy to navigate. Personally, I would jazz up the aesthetics of the site, but I gotta give props to Sonia and her husband Brad for doing it themselves. I'm a big proponent of DIY, and it's nice to see folks diving in and getting their hands dirty. The photos are great, totally on the mark for the target audience of the site. The collection of erotic stories is truly impressive, and adds a lot to the appeal of the site. Definitely something for erotic story enthusiasts to check out! The videos, however, need some work. The quality of the vids should be improved, and having a standard file format for every video instead of three different types would be nice as well. Fixing these vids would greatly increase the marketability of the site, and would be extra incentive for members to renew their memberships. The bonus sites feature worthwhile content, and certainly add to the value of the membership. All told, there's a couple of rough patches here, but Sonia precisely targets a specific niche and could be exactly what you're looking for.

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