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Stockings Kingdom review

Summary: Stockings Kingdom is a foot fetish site focused on girls wearing stockings and of course taking them off. Unfortunately the weakest part of the site is quality. Pictures and videos are too small for today's standard. Other than that it is a decent foot fetish site, but at a high price.

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Mephistopheles, 2008-03-19

Foot-fetish, Babes, 18-23, Hardcore, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

"Stockings Kingdom is a huge site dedicated to women in nylon stockings. Our site has 10,000+ images of women from all over the world in sexy stockings. We have a huge library of quality movies with sexy stockings. Our videos feature softcore models, hardcore porn, lesbian action, foot fetish and more. As a bonus our members get free access to Nylon Lesbos and all other sites from Kinky Porn Pass."

First impression

I want to tell about an enchanted land, populated by babes who never grow tired of galavanting around in stockings and hosiery. The tour at 'Stocking Kingdom' shows promising images of foot/leg worship, and even some hardcore fucking-and-sucking action. In addition, the member's area is said to hold 10,000+ images, and two foot-related bonus sites. I think it's time I have a little looksie.


30 Days Recurring - $29.95
30 Days Non-Recurring - $39.95
3 Months Non-Recurring - $59.95
6 Months Non-Recurring - $99.95

Pay by Credit Card: Visa, Master Card, Discover or JCB.
Direct Debit(EU)

Our opinion

The member's area has a gray and white color scheme. It's quite easy on the eyes, and somehow seems appropriate. Atop the page you'll find a cartoonish 'Kinky Pass' banner, and a menu displaying links to the network's other sites: Latex Lesbos, Nylon Lesbos, Elder Hoes, BDSM Bang, Latex And Sex, Femdom Chamber, Custom Foot Fetish, and Brat Sisters.

While most of these sites seem to share a common theme, 'Elder Hoes' certainly stands out in the mix. It takes older women, some in their 70s, and pairs them with horny, young people. As you can imagine, this creates for some kinky fun. An odd addition, indeed, but I suspect it will be a welcome one to those into GILF porn.

Directly below, you'll find links to top-rated videos. And, most importantly, filling the middle of the page there are links to the sites video and photo sets. The page displays 15 at a time, and there's a button at the bottom which allows you to sift through them. You have the option of viewing them from latest to oldest. You can also view them in alphabetical order.

At first, I thought there was no way to view the pictures and videos separately. As you can imagine, I wasn't pleased by the mish-mash of pictures. Then it dawned on me that in the redundant 'categories' menu, on the right-hand side of the page, there was link was for Stocking-Kingdom which had the option of choosing between pics and videos. Sure enough, it worked. Clicking the picture button made the page only display pictures, with no videos, and vice versa.

I find it curious that they'd have the option for viewing the gallery in alphabetical order at the bottom of the page, and this option much higher, on the right hand side. I suppose it isn't the biggest oversight ever. But still, it confusing and just looks sloppy.

Anyway, back to the content. There's currently 112 and photo sets, and 27 videos.

I checked out the photo sets first.
They're in the JPEG format, clock in at 200kb, and nicely sized with dimensions of 1024x1536 pixels. Many sets though were only 1000x700 in size unfortunately. These images look good though; they're crisp and with bright, vibrant colours.

Let me tell you, some real beauties populate this kingdom. They have plenty of girls that could, and probably do, make it as regular models. They also mix it up, however, and do a good job of keeping it 'real.'

A good example would be an adorable redhead, featured in a solo masturbation set, who happened to catch my eye. She wasn't a classic beauty by any means. Her teeth were a little crooked. Her breasts were quite small. She even seemed a bit awkward, almost bashful. While others might consider 'flaws', they only helped validate the realness of this girl to me. And that made her turn me on all the more.

I should also tell you, that despite being a bit tame and formulaic, her set was quite steamy. It starts out with her sitting in some sort of office. I can only assume that she's supposed to be a secretary. Anyway, slowly but surely, as the set progresses she loses more and more items of clothing. Finally, she's wearing nothing but her white thigh-highs and a mischievous grin.

There are also some boneriffic shots of her, on top of the desk, straddling a silver vibrator. I commend the photographer for doing his best to her feet and legs in most of the shots. I can't count how many times I've been to a foot/leg site where the photographer breaks this cardinal rule.

On to the videos. They can either be downloaded in a series of clips or in their entirety. With the full versions you have the option of two formats: AVI (Resolution: 480x360, Bitrate: 800 kbps) and WMV (480x360, Bitrate: 713 kbps). The videos downloaded fairly quickly at an average speed of 440 KB per second.

To be honest, at first glance, you'd probably be hard pressed to tell these two apart. Although, once you go into full-screen mode, the differences become much more apparent. The AVI maintains its clarity better when maximized; the WMV file, on the other hand, becomes very pixelated. Neither are very impressive though to be honest.

Aside from that many of the scenes were a bit dark. My other complaint would be that the audio is sometimes far too low, making it hard to decipher what is being said. Hey, I'm not worried about missing out on crucial plot points, but I'd at least like to hear the dirty talk!

These videos are far less tame than the photo set counterparts. The content is basically your typical hardcore; virtually every scene contains intercourse, or at least one sexual act.

I've seen blowjobs, pussy eating, double penetration, and even some cum-swapping. Fear not, however, they still maintain the nylon theme throughout. There's plenty of foot-play here to keep you happy. Hell, I even saw a shoe job in one video.


Navigational annoyances aside, I'd say Stockings Kingdom is a fair deal. I think they could do with more videos and upgrading video and photo quality, but there's plenty of bonus material and stocking-related photos to keep you busy. With that said, the videos they do have are good action-wise and the photos are exquisite.

Not to mention, they've got everything from beautiful, almost artsy solo sets to hardcore bumping and grinding. Worth a look for any serious foot-fetishist, especially those looking for photos rather than videos. The price is kind of high for what you get from this site alone though.


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