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Teens Legshow review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Teens Legshow claims to offer the hottest teen babes in content focused on beautiful legs. The girls are hot alright and there's lots of stockings and leg shots although not all the content is produced by the site. Content quality however isn't that impressive with decent sized pictures and average sized videos. A decent site for leg lovers, but not the most complete out there.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Mephistopheles, 2009-04-20

Foot-fetish, 18-23, Fetish, Babes, Hardcore, Videos, Movies

European girls, footjobs, stockings

Intro promises

"Here at teens-legshow, we search worldwide to bring our members the sexiest new models on the scene. Even though agents throughout the world send us their "hottest," we reject about 95% of the submissions looking for the perfect leggymodels. A beautiful face and a hot body are not enough."

- We have studios in PRAGUE, BUDAPEST and LOS ANGELES

First impression

Is there anything more beautiful than a pair of meaty thighs? Or more magnificent than a couple of slim, well-toned calves? I've often thought that a woman is never really beautiful without two sexy, shapely legs on her. They somehow set the tone for her whole character.

But what are your dream girl's legs like?

Does she possess a couple of slender sticks... feminine and delicate? Or big chunky quads, like hams hanging from the ceiling of a curvy ass.

To be honest, I really don't care. All that counts, as a wise man once said: "What's between 'em, passport to heaven!"


$19.95 - 30 days(recurring)

Pay by online check or Credit Card.
Cards Accepted: Visa, Master Card, JCB, Discover.

Our opinion

The members area is both well organized and eye-catching, making good use of a pastel-heavy color scheme. I'm especially digging the pepto-bismol pink, which is a nice departure from the usual bright, eye piercing designs that so often plague other sites.

Atop the page sits a horizontal menu, containing all the regular mainstays: Picture Galleries, Videos, Models Catalog, News, Board, Stories, and Customer Support.

Directly below, spread out over four pages, you'll find the site's content is split up into a respectable thirty-two categories. Though material in some of these do overlap, which is to be expected, the list is diverse nonetheless, containing everything from foot-jobs to "superheroines." And what self respecting leg enthusiast hasn't fantasized about Wonderwoman's high arches?

Fans of professional, sleek photography should be pleased with this one. The photo galleries tend to take more the form of a well-organized, professional as opposed to the the raunchy, amateurish kind of imagery you're no doubt accustomed to. This is a mixed blessing.

On the upside you have better image quality, but on the other side of the coin I think these pictures lose a certain rawness. The average set contains at least one hundred images, shot in chronological order of undress.

Those in search of lush backdrops in exotic locales will be sorely disappointed. The scenery, for the most part, is rather dull and mundane. I honestly think it doesn't matter, though. Besides, seeing a beautiful model against an ordinary, domestic backdrop only accentuates that beauty even more.

Speaking of which, this site certainly lives up to its moniker. Browsing the material by model, I was in perfect position to carefully scrutinize the entire stable. I lost count once I got past a hundred, but I can assure you that there's not a single one that isn't a complete and utter babe.

You'll also be happy to know that the site updates quite frequently -- every two days, just like clockwork. And as a result of which, there's currently a whopping 583 galleries! With, as I said, sets averaging at least 100 images each, this leaves the possibility of there being over 50,000 images. Not too shabby!

There are quite a few options here. Galleries, for example, can be browsed in ways to cater to the individual. The images themselves come in two quality options: Med (400x600 pixels) and Full (800x1200 pixels). The full version resolution is not overwhelmingly big, even by the standards of today's monitors. As of such, I feel this renders the medium option obsolete. I mean, come on -- is anyone's connection THAT slow?

I was impressed by the videos. Both quality and content were on par, if never better than most sites of the genre. Running times vary, but a good rule of thumb is that the video isn't going to last much longer than the forty-five minute mark. I'm also pleased to report, that they've seemed to have correct the godawful hissing noise that annoyed me so much on my first visit.

The movies are categorized by the exact same group of niches as the photographs section. There are several hundred of them, fairly evenly dispersed between each category. And I can't help but wonder if they read my last review, as the foot fetish section has grown tremendously since.

After careful examination of the archive, I've noticed a slow progression in the quality of videos over the past few months. Many of the initial updates were had resolutions as low as 640x480 whilst some of the newer, HD quality videos, have resolutions upwards of 1380x564. A major problem though - I wasn't able to skip in any of the videos I downloaded which means you have to watch from start every time.

For those of you who might think this site is softcore, you couldn't be more wrong. One of my favorite videos featured a beautiful, raven-haired young starlet. At the beginning of the video she was lying on a bed, wearing nothing but a black garter belt, thigh-high black stockings and of course dagger-like stiletto heels. She looks vulnerable, her icy white flesh bright in the light and sumptuous gaze fixed on the camera.

She gazed at the camera, her movements seductively slow and graceful, like any skilled master of the trade, taking off one stiletto, followed by one stocking. She raised her bare foot high and flexed the toes, at pains to reveal to the onlooker her beautiful wrinkly, high arches and dainty toes.

The atmosphere became oddly different around the fifteen minute mark. Things got serious in a hurry. Perhaps that's why I didn't notice him at first. He walked just out of frame. Slowly but surely, he advanced like a shark in the water. He wore only a silk, button up shirt and gray dress pants. As if the sight of her foot were too much to bear, he quickly unbuttoned his trousers and pulled out his cock.

He jerked off at a frantic pace, the girl occasionally rubbing her foot against rock-hard cock. Needless to say, it wasn't long before her feet were covered with milky white cum. And isn't that what it's all about, anyway?


Teens Legshow has a nice little premise of focusing on an area of the female form I think can often go neglected. And to the creators' credit, they don't get too caught up in the whole leg thing, which means there's also plenty of all round porno entertainment to feast your eyes on.

In addition to the extraordinarily beautiful models, one of the site's major advantages is the frequency in which it updates. And I've noticed a definite upward progression in the quality of videos, which certainly bodes well for the future. Yes, this become a real contender in the leg and foot fetish genre. Highy recommended!


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