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Cinema Erotique review

- 4th revisit

Summary: If you're looking for something very unique and artistic in your erotica site, then feast your eyes on Cinema Erotique. Delving deep into fantasies - sometimes taboo ones - you'll be treated to high quality movies and photos that will impress those into the more creative kind of porn. Unfortunately, the site has a small archive, but it keeps your attention with its uniqueness.

Score 80.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2010-12-16

Hardcore, 18-23, Amateur, High-definition, Videos, Movies

1080p, 720p, erotica, European models, fantasies, natural breasts, nude in public, small boobs

Intro promises

- Unique and exclusive films
- High def movies
- High resolution photos
- Regular updates

First impression

Are you looking for something a little different in your porn - perhaps even a lot different? Then Cinema Erotique may be just the thing you're looking for. Here you'll find sexy women starring in actual story lines that happen to feature lots of nudity. Luckily all that erotica is filmed with high definition cameras!


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Our opinion

Certainly the tour of Cinema Erotique hints at something very unique in the way of erotica and porn within its members' area. Once you glance at the covers for each of the movies, you definitely know this ain't your ordinary erotic porn site. Take, for example, the cover of a naked women on a cross, with a crown of thorns atop her head. The movie explores religion, passion, and religious fantasy, and it certainly doesn't disappoint if such things intrigue you. There are an abundance of closeups of the female body in this movie, and the artistic treatment of rope across those tender parts is quite artistic.

If you love artistic erotica, you'll be treated to the kind of movies you want to see - the kind that make you want to unzip your pants, yet appreciate the artistic direction at the same time. There's certainly nothing low brow and unseemly about the movies here, even if you do want to wank. In fact, I'd wager a great many women would enjoy these movies because they're done very artistically and erotically, with some episodes delving deep into unique fantasies. There are no naked humping bodies on this site; instead, you'll find actual story lines that make sense, and shot as if they're big budget erotic films.

The navigation inside Cinema Erotique is as easy as finding a seat at your favorite cinema. The menu choices include Extras, Movies, Stars, Photos, and PeepShow. "Extras" features the ability to purchase high quality DVDs and a book filled with high quality photos of the stars of Cinema Erotique. "Stars" features a short bio and links to the content of around 30 of the stars within the site. "PeepShow" contains around 40 stripteases you can stream or download; these generally last a few minutes in length. Additional links include intro, forum (not very active), and editing room, where you can peek behind the scenes, read the scripts, listen to soundtracks, etc.

There are over 30 movies for your enjoyment. Since no dates are noted on the actual movies as to when they're uploaded, I can't say how often the site is updated. In the "Intro" section, however, there is a calendar of when the movies are uploaded onto the site. From this, the updates range from every two weeks to every two months, though this calendar doesn't include when the photos and stripteases are uploaded.

At any rate, you can stream or download the movies in Windows Media for high resolution (1920x1080 at 2.8 mbit/s or 1024x576 at 2.1 mbit/s) and low resolution (352x200 at 496 Kbit/s), as well as Quicktime (1023x576 at 212.52 Kbit/s). Each movie has a brief, yet very descriptive, synopsis and a trailer to whet your appetite. Movies generally run around 15 minutes in length. Formats have evolved over time, but generally the quality of all newer videos is very good - even during closeups, and the sound is great as well.

"Photos" contains photo galleries of most, if not all, of the female Cinema Erotique stars. Each one usually has at least a couple photo galleries, usually containing around 20 pictures each. The photos open to various sizes, such as 837x1250, 1200x798, and 1500x2254 pixels and are good quality. Unfortunately, there is no zip download option.


Cinema Erotique is truly a pleasure to erotica connoisseurs who want more in their porn. With well written story lines, passion, fantasy, and plenty of nudity, the quality of the content is very high. Unfortunately the archive is small (around 30 movies) due to irregular movie updates, but if you're looking for quality instead of quantity, you'll be quite pleased with this site!


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