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Private review

Summary: Private is a European porn giant and their website reflects it. There is tons of mainly video content in good quality featuring European babes in hardcore sex. Unfortunately DRM is used. The site is a bit confusing to navigate.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Caliente, 2008-01-01

Hardcore, Videos, Butts, Movies, Babes, Mega-Sites, Foot-fetish


Intro promises

- 1,500+ private hot hardcore video scenes, with new releases every month
- 100,000's of high resolution Hardcore XXX images with daily updates
- 'Back stage' footage of Private models
- Online shop, 10% discount for Members
- Private owns the worldwide rights to the largest archive of high quality adult content in the world
- Free pics, videos and more for your iPhone
- No download limits...
- and a 3D sex game!

First impression

As you would expect from a company who have been in the business for as long as Euro porn giant Private, the intro page looked pretty damn slick and enticing; a sexy hardcore banner, hot pic of the day, a selection of hardcore movie titles automatically scrolling in a window mid-page, inviting you to download now and Private models slinking saucy in a slow motion montage.


$29.95 USD for 30 days, recurring
$59.85 USD for 90 days, recurring
$169.95 USD for 1 year, recurring

Pay online by VISA or Mastercard

Our opinion

Without even logging in, Private give you a very good idea of what's inside. On their intro page you can check out their list of over 300 movies which also features their top ten movie trailers, view their extensive selection of models to be found on the site, as well as their magazine previews, community and shop - a nice feature. If you weren't already aware, Private specialise in fetish, debauched and some times quite rough sex, so if that's your cup of chai, you've found the right site.

Inside I actually found things to be a little clunky. Quite wordy on the right hand side of the page - the updates - no thumbs, just linked words which was a bit disappointing and not really that inviting. The main banner gives you the option of checking out 'Sex' magazine which you can view on screen page by page or download the entire mag in jpeg or pdf file, the special feature which in this case was 'Bondage and Perversion in LA' Pirate Fetish Machine's hardest movie yet and Private's Star's photo sets.

The way they have laid the website out just seems a little weird to me and quite unfriendly, I mean you find what you're looking for but in strange way. Click on 'categories' and you are taken to a page (one of 36) which has eight thumbs to choose from but they're listed by date, click on one of those thumbs and you're shown another 15 to choose from. So you have a page with a random selection of categories ranging from anything like 69 part 8 to vertical 9 to Brunettes 9. On the home page however there is a drop box which lists EVERY category alphabetically, this I think is the better way to search. When you click on the thumb you want, a 582x399 picture appears which you can enlarge to around 1200x800 of which the quality is excellent. Don't get me wrong - although I find the navigation askew, the photos are great. The production values are impressive, cool locations anywhere from bathroom, beaches,forrests, deserts, studio shoots, all well lit and shot with a lot of thought gone into set effects as well which really gives them the extra edge.

The amount of content on the Private site is staggering and the models are gorgeous. These girls really get stuck in, the videos and photos show them gobbling cocks, getting DP, solo masturbation with toys, fruit, girl on girl action, rolling in mud - all great stuff!

Private have a massive collection of hardcore movies, there is something for everyone. With titles including the 'Castings' series, Amsterdam Sex Games, Top Sex and my personal favourite The Scottish Love Knot. There is a synopsis alongside the cover art of the DVD and you can download scenes from all of their movies or buy the actual DVD in the Private Shop. The options are to stream movie in low 512 KB DSL, med 1 MB DSL or high 2 MB DSL or download the whole clip. If you want to watch some of the video before it's fully downloaded (when streaming), the playback was very jerky. Movies come in up to 640x360 at 1.4 mbps. They unfortunately use DRM to protect their videos which means you have to use a very recent version of Windows Media Player.
On each movie page there is also the option to watch the trailer or download to psp or ipod.

The Spotlight section of the website is basically the featured models. Stunning Asian starlet Lady Mai was the current model at time of review and each of the girls have four great photosets to choose from. The first Spotlight girl is a very young and fresh faced looking Silvia Saint. When you click on Stars, you can check out your favourites - interviews, birthdays, bios, and vote for that week's best photoset. On this page, Private also feature photo stories which is really nothing more than a photoset, but I failed to find a storyline. Although when the models are so damn cute who needs one! Sextras is where you can see footage from behind the scenes on shoots, candid photos sets and take a look behind industry events like Porn Week. You can download a Private calendar to add spice to your day and there is 'daily pussy' - every day access a new photo from their huge library of hot babes.

One last thing, Private does NOT fully support Mac users!


I was really expecting big things from Private, and while they definitely came through with a huge amount of, for the most part, fantastic content, the website itself could surely be more user friendly. That was my biggest gripe, but as far as stunning girls, beautiful locations and hot pics/videos, Private show what makes them one of the leaders of high quality porn.

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Total average: 86.4/100 Our score: 75.0/100

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2010-06-11 17:48:31

FLAT-OUT BAIT-AND-SWITCH. Their 'intro promises' include an archive of classic downloadable magazines dating back to 1965. They have just REPLACED the entire site with a new one that only has magazine content dating back to 2003, but aren't bothering to mention that on the welcome and signup pages. You need to do a RIPOFF ALERT on this site!