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Secretary Hoes review

Summary: Secretary Hoes was a disappointment. The site doesn't hold much content, and the videos are not as high resolution as you could have hoped for. You get access to a hanful sister sites, but they vary greatly in quality, so be careful.

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Score 50.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2007-05-08

Hardcore, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

- Hot office bitches
- The love working overtime
- 5 bonus sites
- 100% non-stop hardcore action
- Full length videos

First impression

Most people fantasize about having sex in the office. Some of us have had the pleasure of living out those fantasies. If you haven't, then perhaps Secretary Hoes will be just what the boss ordered. And considering how these secretaries are dressed, I expect them to be working their bosses and/or co-workers hard with over time. My, my, what people get into and onto at the office!


$24.95/30 days, recurring
$59.95/90 days, recurring, 365 Billing or CCBill

Our opinion

As soon as you enter Secretary Hoes, you see 6 other bonus sites you receive access to. In the middle is a list of recent updates among all these sites. I'm impressed to see there's at least one update a day. If you mouse over the update link, you'll see a thumbnail of the content, which is really cool. You're not blindly clicking on links. Along the right side are 250 x 175 thumbnails of what's coming soon and the date and site it'll be added on. Along the left are almost 10 more bonus sites.

To get to Secretary Hoes, just click on the square banner up at the top to make your site selection amongst this network. Hm, this is disappointing because once you get inside the office, so to speak, there are only 10 thumbnails (5 movies and 5 photo galleries) to content - all dated March 21, 2007. Is that all there is inside Secretary Hoes? It hasn't been updated in a month. Well, let me put my secretarial glasses on, grab my steno pad and take notes of what's inside.

The content looks decent - for the little that's there. You can download the full movie in Windows Media Player and MPG format, or click on the thumbnails to stream that particular clip. To stream, you have to enter your username and password again, so keep it handy. The videos aren't high resolution, but have clear visual and audio quality, with a lot of up close and hardcore shots. Both full movies and the clips show in a screen size of 480x360 at 1.32 mbps; the full screen mode diminishes the visual quality. The clips are a few minutes in length, whereas the full length movies are over 20 minutes. I must say downloading takes a while - about 15 minutes in my case. Buffering to stream doesn't take too long though.

There are 5 photos sets that go with each of the 5 movies. The pictures open to 768x1152 pixels and are good quality, showing plenty of close up hardcore action. The galleries range from 29 to 52 pictures. There's a multi-choice
slideshow option, where you can choose picture size and slide show speed.

I'm still confused as to where all the content is; on the tour there are more secretarial episodes than what shows in here. I clicked the "Order by alphabet" link at the bottom of the main page. Nope, still the same amount of content. Then I clicked on the "Order by date" link at the bottom and still the same 10 thumbnails.


Well, the Secretary Hoes seem to have left the office early because there's not much content here. I could understand if this site was just starting out, but there hasn't been an update in a month (at the time of this review). The layout is simple enough throughout this site and the bonus sites. What little content inside Secretary Hoes is okay, but gosh golly, where's all the content I thought would be in here? Plus, downloading takes a while. Because of these two drawbacks, I can't give Secretary Hoes a glowing report. Far better sites even with this theme are out there.

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