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Lex Steele review

Summary: Lex Steele is a hard-core video site. There are still shots and screen captures along with videos in WMV or MPEG, low or high speed settings.

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Score 85.0 /100
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J C, 2004-10-27

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Intro promises

"Best Interracial Sex" "Best Big Cock Sex" "All my movies, Exclusive Footage, Behind the Scenes, DVD Quality." "Lex in the City Exclusive Live Shows!"

First impression

I have to admit, I've never been a huge interracial fan. It's tougher for me to put myself in the place of the guy with the monster black dong. Not that I don't have a monster dong.... Ah, forget it. Well, even if this site isn't my thing, it looks professional, and the people at Brain Entertainment haven't really let me down yet.


Via credit card only
$34.95 30 Days membership, renews every 30 days
$59.95 90 Days membership, renews every 90 days

Our opinion

Let me tell you something. This guy has been busy. I like to click over to the movie section first on any site I go to. Here you'll find a collection of videos from eight different series. Most sites would be struggling to get videos from eight titles, let alone series. You get a brief description of the series concept and the option to search by title or to view all the available videos from that particular set. Once you get in there, you see a nice layout with descriptions of where exactly the clip is from, what it entails and seven images from various points. Slightly below that are the options for high speed, low speed video and pictures.

Unfortunately, you can't download the entire thing at once. There are plenty of options for size and quality, however. You can choose either mpg or wmv for both high and low speed settings. It's a good mix that accomodates various connection speeds. To download one part of the highest quality on my cable modem, it took 11 minutes. So, to get the whole scene will take about an hour of pure download. The quality is pretty good. Maybe not the best you can expect on a website, but it's very workable. Of course, the promised DVD quality isn't going to happen. I don't know why any site makes that claim. The larger the file size, the better the quality. You should notice a difference.

The great thing here is that there are girls of all types. Many sites limit themselves to blonde and brunette white girls. Here, you get the gamut of tastes. It makes for some of the best selection I've seen. There are a lot of black and blonde girls, just because those have become industry standards for a black male performer, but he also gives loads of time to latinas, asians, and non-blonde whites. There has to be something here that you like.

Lex is a big-time star. So big in fact, that he has his own show on the Playboy Channel. The site contains two episodes of Lex in the City. You won't find any hardcore in here, but it's an interesting addition and very welcome. You get to see an actual personality to the pornstars involved and Lex tries out his talk show host chops. I think he should probably stick with the dick thing. It's still fun to watch and I'm glad they included it on the site.

Aside from just offering screen captures of the videos in the movies section, you can also check out some actual stills in the picture section. Here you'll have to do more digging, because there are fewer results per page. There are about 30 pictue sets in all, and each gives you the option of navigating the set by hand or entering slideshow mode. The slideshow gives you one picture every five seconds or so. It seems like less to me. I hardly had enough time to scroll down to the picture before the next one loaded. Also, trying to stop the sucker was a problem, because it switched photos so fast.

Each picture also has the stamp of the website on the bottom in big obtrusive lettering. Instead of hiding in the corner, sometimes it blocks a potential focus point. It's distracting. Otherwise, the pictures aren't horrible. It's pretty obvious that they're digital. They could be worse, but I'd expect more professional fare from such a professional site. As far as quality goes, this is the most disappointing.

There's one more section mentioned on the member front page and that's the Live section. When you click on it, you get essentially a blank page. If you know it's not ready, you probably shouldn't advertise it quite yet. Or, at least it could have a little piece of text telling us it's coming soon.

The rest of the site is worth combing through. You get a good bio of Mr. Steele, how he got into the biz and why he's a three time winner of AVN's male performer of the year. There's a message board system that is used for the entire network of sites that come included with your membership. Also, there's a very visible customer support section. They obviously try to listen to their customers and it shows here. There's also the obligatory selling of stuff. DVDs and other items are up for sale, if you so choose to spend more money. And to round it all out, there are separate sections for Extras, Bonus Sites, and Links. I bet you can pretty much guess what's all involved with this.


This site has its faults, but for being such a new addition to the Brain Entertainment family, there is a lot of content. I guess it helps when your star has been in the business for so long. Any type of guy/girl sex is here in abundance with multiple kinds of women. All the video work is professionally done and carries the site. The pictures leave something to be desired, but the rest makes up for it. Unfortunately, the price is kind of higher than expected, but fans of Lex Steele should have no problem shelling out the dough.

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