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Chica's Place review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Chica's Place is home of amateur latina babe Chica. She and her husband star in a large number of blowjob, masturbation and sex scenes. The quality of both pictures and videos is great and there is content all the way back from 2002. A great personal amateur site with special attention paid to blowjobs.

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Joseph, 2008-04-30

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First impression

I last visited Chica’s Place, the self-proclaimed “home of the most exotic hardcore wife on the web,” back when dinosaurs ruled the planet and Dick Clark was just a boy (seriously, that fucker is really old... and yet he looks so young! Odd...).

Yeah, it’s been a while since I looked in on Chica’s Place and I do believe it’s time for a reappraisal. In case you don’t remember, Chica is a twenty-seven-year-old woman living in Scottsdale, Arizona whose favorite food is beef teriyaki. That last part’s not really important, but I mention it just the same. What is important is that Chica likes to suck her husband’s mammoth cock while he videotapes her and then she likes to post these videos on Chica’s Place. When I last reviewed Chica’s Place, I boldly declared, “Give this a site a year to grow and I bet it’ll be a real blockbuster.” Well, it’s been about a year now — was my prediction accurate? And, if so, should I put my soothsaying skills to better use by betting on the ponies down at the racetrack this weekend?! Let’s take another gander at Chica’s Place and find out.


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Our opinion

As you may recall, Chica is a petite raven-haired beauty with small perky breasts which have recently been upgraded; yup, Chica recently got implants! (Sadly, Chica’s transformation is so recent that there isn’t any photographic evidence of her new boobies on the site just yet... patience, my pets!) Chica’s Place is updated once a week with new material and has been online since November of 2005, though the archives date back to 2002 (Chica and her husband have been documenting their sexual dalliances since 2001, you see). The members area of Chica’s Place is rather easy to navigate and it displays updates and news, the latest entry in Chica’s journal/blog and links to all the content on the site; this content includes videos of Chica masturbating and fooling around with her husband as well as still photos taken before each video shoot, a slightly amusing “Ask Chica” section where members ask Chica unbelievably humdrum questions about her sex life (sample question: “What’s your favorite position?” Excuse me while I stifle a yawn…), Chica’s cam, bonus material and an adult toy store where members can buy DVDs featuring videos from the site as well as clothing actually modeled by Chica on Chica’s Place.

Content on Chica’s Place is divided by year and each year (minus the first three years) has about fifty updates, each of which comes with a photoset and a corresponding video (please note that the earliest years and about half of 2005 only have videos). When I previously reviewed Chica’s Place, there were just forty-eight updates on the site; well, there are clearly a hell of a lot more updates on the site now, far too many for my lazy ass to count up, in fact. Suffice to say there is a lot of exclusive content on Chica’s Place. Let’s take a closer look at all this content.

Photos on Chica’s Place can be downloaded one at a time or in a single zipped file. There aren’t a lot of photos in the photosets—the earliest galleries average about ten pics per set while the later galleries average about fifty pics per set. The overwhelming majority of the photos feature Chica posing solo, but there is also quite a bit of hardcore action in the sets. The pics are really big and appear to be high-resolution. Still, the hardcore videos are the real draw at Chica’s Place.

The videos load quickly and can be downloaded or streamed in Windows Media Player. The videos are cut up into two or three short clips that usually clock in at around ten minutes or less. All the videos are crystal clear and were shot by Chica’s husband, who co-stars in most of ‘em (he’s not much of a performer, but he does have a big dick and, really, isn’t that what counts?). The clips mostly depict Chica blowing her husband or jerking him off, but there’s also plenty of solo masturbation and straight fucking to mix things up. The action here is somewhat tame compared to the typical porn site these days, but that should probably be expected from a site starring a married couple who may actually love and respect each other.


As I said in my last review of this site, Chica’s Place is the kinda porn site you could view with your significant other, preferably under the glow of scented candles. Chica and her husband are clearly in love, which makes their lovemaking impossibly sweet to watch... and jerk it to. Anyway, did my prediction come true? Well, I’m not sure I’d call Chica’s Place a “blockbuster,” but it certainly is a solid site. So I guess I won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon to become a gambler or psychic detective.


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