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Mike in Brazil review

Summary: Mike In Brazil is a hard-core mega-site with Latina content. This site carries screen captured images along with streaming or downloadable videos.

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Score 75.0 /100
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J C, 2004-05-29

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big butts, Brazil, Brazilian girls, Reality Kings, tan lines

Intro promises

"Join me as I hunt down the most bootylicious Brazilian beach babes!"
"A never ending booty vacation!"

First impression

I've reviewed a site from this company before and wasn't extremely thrilled with it. This time the video will probably be better, but is there enough selection for such a new site?


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Our opinion

At the time of this review, there are 12 girls, with updates every couple days and a new girl every week. Over time, there will be several girls here to whet your appetite, but as it stands, after a day or two, you'll probably have gone through all that you'd care to check out.

What bothers me is the way they are thumbnailed. Each girl is labeled and pictured in rows of three. With this company's other sites, smaller pictures are used to show the face and name for quick easy reference and decision making. On this site, the pictures are bigger, but the face is obscured. Instead of seeing what the girls look like, we get low angle ass shots. Normally, I wouldn't complain about low angle ass shots, but when I'm trying to decide whom to look at it doesn't help my cause. Also, the girls are labeled by filename, rather than name name. This doesn't really matter, but on other sites of theirs they've had a text list of file names next to name names with the pictures below. This newer style would work to adopt that old way.

So, after deciding to take a chance on a random ass, you click on the picture, then have to click again on either the picture set...and THEN click on a picture or click on a movie set (with screenshots) before you can actually see the girl's face. That's too much effort. They don't open in new windows, either, so unless you plan ahead, expect to hit back a few annoying times.

After you find a girl you like, you see a main screen with the option of picture set or up to three movie sets. The picture sets contain a pretty comprehensive chronological account on the encounter. They provide a wide array of angles and the girls run the full gamut of positions in these stills. The picture quality is very nice. Some of the best I've seen, especially from a "reality" site. The images are crisp and detailed and composed pretty well, most of the time. Sometimes you may see the video camera invade the shot, but it's not a big deal. Once again, the pictures don't open in a new window, so do it yourself or prepare for a small inconvenience. Or, you could download the whole gallery in one zip file. I like that option.

The videos are pretty good too. You can either stream the movie on low or high speed versions or dowload it to your harddrive. You can choose to take it in large file parts which are presented in wmv format, or you can do it bit by bit in segmented mpg files. The video quality isn't fantastic, but it's not horrendous either. At least everything is visible and you can tell parts from parts.

This is a reality site, and so we are "treated" to hearing the girls get picked up in Spanish. Without subtitles or translation, or really the ability to trust that they're telling the truth when they do translate, it loses some of the effectiveness. Unless you speak Spanish, you can't really pretend like you're picking these girls up yourself. Isn't that what these sites (and porn in general) are supposed to be about -- putting yourself in their spot? The sex provides the normal variety and serves its purpose well. There's something for fans of most positions. The story and video flows well. The opening parts could be shorter, but overall, there's plenty of length with which to get your fill.


Some of the navigation is unneeded or poorly executed. I don't understand why they have a "back to main" option, but not a "back to previous page" option. It'd save some time make things easier. Once you get to the content, you'll find high quality and lengthy material. However, at this early state, there may not be too many stories to catch your fancy. It should go without saying that these are Brazilian girls, so if you're not into latinas, then you won't dig on this site. I'll also mention that getting a membership to this site, will get you access to all the sites from this company. That's huge selection for one price. Give it some time and you'll find more on this particular website that would make it well worth more than a trial.


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