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Talias Amateur Latina Site review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Talia's Amateur Latina Site is part of the VIPmembers network, holding personal/amateur Latina content. With thousands of hard-core pics and explicit videos this site also holds live webcam and chat.

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J., 2005-03-15

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Intro promises

- Thousands of hardcore pics, explicit videos, live webcam and chat
- Full access to the 20+ other sites on the network

First impression

A couple of advertisements on the pre-entry page is a little unprofessional, but inside is a well-laid-out display of what the site has to offer. There are several thumbs of the latest videos on the site and you get a pretty good idea of the type of content available on the site. No preview vids, but that can be overlooked.


Our opinion

The site's namesake is, indeed, a cute latina girl named Talia. She's essentially your host and webmaster and all the content on the site includes her in one way or another (or both at the same time). She's got large breasts and very Spanish features (she is also part French and English) and is a 21 year old living in Chile. You enter the site with a big picture of Talia and the navigation links to her site. Above her is the navigation bar for the network of which Talia is a part. That network is called and I'll tell you more about that later. For now, I'm interested in seeing what this cute latina has to offer.

At first, I click the "what's New" button on the CuteLatina page. This brings me not to what's new on this particular site, but what's new on the whole network. While I'm glad to know what's going on with the network and that is a feature that all network sites should incorporate, I was more interested in seeing an update page from this particular site. Moving on, I hit the "My Pictures & Videos" link and I'm taken a little deeper into the site. The navigation bar for CuteLatina now rests on the side (with the network navbar still up top) and you've got 4 options from here: Feature, Solo, Webcam & Parties, and Videos. Since there's a separate section for videos, I assume that the other three options will contain only photos. This does indeed happen to be the case and the categories for the pictures are accurate enough. In Features, you get Talia's shoots with other girls and boys. In solo, it's just Talia. And in the Webcam section you get an extensive archive of her webcam shows dating back to the year 2000... That makes for a lot of webcam shows!

Clicking on one of the categories brings up a large page of thumbnails that are small enough to load pretty quickly. They may be a bit on the small side as you sometimes have to squint to see some detail, but usually the set names ("Angie and me." "Group fun," etc.) give you an idea of what you're in for. Clicking on one of these thumbs opens up the thumbs for that set in the same browser window. You get 20 of the same small-sized thumbs per page here and, unfortunately, you can only go forwards and backwards page by page instead of being able to select a page of thumbs to jump to. This is hardly a federal case- it's simply more handy if you're looking for the action to be able to jump to the last couple of pages of thumbs. Clicking on a picture brings up that picture (again in the same browser window) and the images are of varying quality both on the production and compression ends. Most pictures come in at around 600x800 resolution and the vast majority of the shoots are pretty basic "throw up two lights at 45 degree angles to each other" porno shoots. The worst of them aren't even professionally lit and there are harsh flash shadows (and, accordingly, flashbulbs popping in the videos for those shoots that also include video). They're not terrible, but most of these aren't anything truly special in terms of production value and, if I had to place them generally on the spectrum, they'd rest closer to the low end. The photo shoots are short, usually between 25 and 50 shots per shoot though that's not necessarily a bad thing as there's not a lot of wasted flipbook-style "isn't that one almost identical to the other one" shots. It's nice that each photo shoot gets a little blurb by Talia but it would be even nicer to be able to download the sets in .zip format. As it is, you have to do them one by one if you're an archiver. One interesting navigation feature is that, along the side of the thumbnails within a set, you see links to some of the other sets in that category. So if you're just going one by one you can access a good portion of them from within a set. The content in the photos is variable. Lots of girl/girl stuff including some anal and foot play but most of them are pretty straight forward. Surprisingly, the webcam shots are actual digital camera photos instead of screenshots from the webcast- that's certainly a nice feature, though I'd like to see what everyone else was seeing live.

There's a good mixture of hardcore stuff in the videos as well. Plenty of girl/girl (with an emphasis on feet and ass licking), 3-somes and your basic boy/girl stuff. There's a nice selection of exceptionally filthy stuff here (anal, fisting, pregnant, etc.) which is more like the garnish on the plate instead of the entree. Maybe mixing eating and porn wasn't quite as good an idea as I thought initially- I'll keep my analogies to a minimum from here on out. Anyway, the videos are produced in a pretty standard format for web content these days. Sometimes the camera isn't exactly where you want it to be (or as steady as you might like) but there's not much that stands out as particularly atrocious about the production values though as a word of advice, if you're going to do costumes, please just go to the costume shop and buy something instead of trying to make it yourself.

The quality of the videos is a less-than-impressive 242kbps at 320x240 resolution with low quality (8kbps/8kHz mono) audio. Even at their natural size, these videos are pretty fuzzy. Blowing them up makes them just plain pixelated. The framerates are decent on these vids for the most part, though the ones that come from her cam shows are understandably choppier. It would be very nice to have a higher quality version of these videos available for download. As it stands, the vids are downloadable either in sections (usually about 1.5 minutes each and just over 3MB in filesize) or as full videos (at anywhere between five and 20 minutes). The filesizes are nice and small because of the quality but, with a high speed connection, there's a lot more quality that a little more filesize could buy. She has a cam show, by the way, usually twice a month or so. And, judging by the videos archived here, just about anything goes.

For bonus content on the site, you get access to all the other sites (20 or so of them, most much like Talia's), some photo sets from a few other amateurs and a handful of third party video feeds. There's also a Personals section that I can't seem to get working, so I'm not really sure what it is. One navigation problem I had while surfing the bonus content was that either the CuteLatina or VIPMembers navigation bar would disappear so I'd be stuck hitting the back button until I found one of them again. Not a huge problem, but an indicator of an overall inconsistency to the navigation.


The picture and video quality are my major complaints about Cute Latina. The content is solid and the navigation manageable. Boost the quality of at least the videos for high speed downloads and I think this site will have a decent place on the personal site ratings list. As it stands, the site gives you what it says it will and is quite cheap for a network site. So if you like cute latinas (or at least this one in particular) there's probably little reason to let the below average video and picture quality deter you.

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