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Chicks Go Both Ways review

Summary: Chicks Go Both Ways is a hard-core reality site with lesbian content. The images are video screen captures from the offered movies.

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J., 2004-11-15

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Intro promises

- "We find straight girls and turn them bi-sexual!"
- Exclusive lesbian videos

First impression

While the pseudo-reality site craze may be fading out, there's always a call for lesbian porn and I guess this format is as good as any for it. From the looks of the sample pages, this site will remain true to its word and deliver on some lesbian action. The layout appears to be a mixture of familiar and effective layouts I've seen in the past, but they're really going to have to impress me to make the super preimum price worthwhile, so let's head in and see what's cooking.


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3 day trial: $4.99
One month: $39.99

One month: $24.99 (Telephone)

Our opinion

The opening members' page is packed with info, but it stays just shy of being overwhelming. In fact, in this case, it's actually quite nice. The newest update is right there on top with a "Watch Now" button for easy access and every previous update on the site is listed here with a thumbnail as well, all within easy one-handed reach. But right away I see a problem: the latest update is from over 4 months ago. Looks like I may have stumbled upon a lesbian ghost town. My kind of ghost town.

Each thumbnail also mentions the girls' names, the date of the update, and links for both the videos and pictures of the set. Again, this setup works very nicely as you don't have to poke around too much to get at some content. Clicking on the video link brings up that scene's info page. And here is where the magic happens- it's a reviewer's dream! Each clip of the scene has a thumbnail and four options for quality (Low, Medium, High and Ultra). You select your preference and then click either "Watch Now" or "Download" and you're off to the races. What a brilliant and intuitive system. I've never seen something like this, but all other sites should take note: this is perfect. You can even stream or download the entire scene. The only problem here is that the "Download Now" button only downloads the highest quality movie. I was expecting to be able to download any of the qualities. This is a bit frustrating (as is the fact that you have to right click the "Download Now" button so that it doesn't try to stream it), but it's a pretty simple problem to overlook in such a great system.

Getting down to business, though, the specs for the various movie qualities is as follows (all formats are WMV and play in the browser): the Low quality videos are a small 180x136 at a fuzzy 45kbps. The Medium is a modest 270x200 resolution with a slightly less fuzzy 143kbps. The High format is a nice 360x270 at a much more respectable 335kbps and the Ultra format is, for some reason, a little smaller at 240x256 but more crisp at 600kbps. The difference between the High and the Ultra is less noticable at their natural sizes, so I'd suggest the Ultra only if you plan on going full screen.

The pictures for each set were taken during the video shoots (you can see the flash and hear the shutter, unfortunately) and are basically just good for previewing the vids though they're a good size and of a good quality. As for the girls, they're all pretty by modern internet porn standards (lots of fake blondes) and not very diverse. As for them being plucked off the street to be turned bi-sexual? Yeah, I doubt it. But it's just a premise for getting chicks naked, so the means is worth the end. As a side note, most of the girls have orgasms of either the real or fake variety, which most sites don't even bother with these days. Not to mention that the load times are surprisingly fast on even the high quality vids.

Included with your subscription to this site is access to something like 10 more sites of various themes (The Horny Traveller, Gay Sugar Daddy, Supermarket Whores, etc.) that have all the same format and reality setups and whatnot. It should be mentioned that, at the time of this review, none of these sites have seen an update since July 2004.


Well, this site has the makings of an above average exclusive lesbian video site. Unfortuantely, with only 20 video sets up and apparently no more coming in the foreseeable future, there's no real reason to sign up unless this is something you're really into bigtime and you are fine with getting access to only the existing episodes. The navigation is great and the videos are at least average, but with no updates in 4 months, this site doesn't quite convert me to the $40 a month club and this site is only going one way: straight down.

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