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Club Sapphic Review

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Club Sapphic has 268 movies and some of these are in Full HD. Most of the content is exclusive and they also have 177 high-resolution photo sets. No new content has been added for a while now but it is still worth checking out.

Score 75.0 /100
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Summary: What you've essentially got here is a lesbian porn site that's offering up genuine, intimate lesbian action as opposed to the amateurs and clearly set up lesbian action you'll find elsewhere on the Internet. You get pretty much that, just minus all the extras they promised you along the way. The blog, forum, rating ability and comments fields are entirely absent. Though the action itself does live up to the promise.

Alex, 2021-04-06

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Intro promises

- High quality lesbian videos and picture sets.
- Genuine lesbian intimacy from real lesbians.
- Unchoroegraphed sex, passionate kissing and trib (pussy grinding).
- Extras for members such as a blog from site creator, a forum and a review/ratings section.

First impression

Taking the free tour I'm lead through a selection of different story lines and set ups that have definitely had a bit of thought put in to them. You can tell that site founder Nica Noelle has focused a bit more attention than just sticking some girls together in a room and rolling camera. The action itself is a mix of girl on girl and group action with the occasional strap-on.

The photo sets also look like they've had some thought put in to them. They seem well executed which as many of us will know, plays an important role in making good quality porn. So far it's ticking all the boxes of genuine, intimate sapphic porn.

The behind the scenes shots look interesting as well and offer an insight in to the making of porn that I would imagine escapes most of us. The site looks good as well. It doesn't overcrowd itself with useless information or bright flashing lights. Its all about the supposedly genuine action on the inside.

One thing I will make mention of however is that the website does invite you to view their store which will navigate you away from the page and take you to another site offering up a host of lesbian DVD's for sale which I feel is a bit distracting at this point.

So does Club Sapphic actually live up to all these promises of genuine, intimate lesbian action and does it offer up the quality and the variety that first impressions would have you believe?


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Our opinion

The basics are certainly there i.e. the videos and the photos, but a lot else that was promised is apparently missing. The blog and the forum are nowhere to be found on the site and the ability to leave comments and ratings for content is similarly absent. In an attempt to make contact with anyone or find any of the extras you'll be navigated away from the page to either the store or a generic porn network help site which is both frustrating and disappointing I'm sure you'll agree.

The actual videos, photos and behind the scenes footage are all there however. To access all the promised genuine lesbian intimacy you're taken to a page featuring the videos themselves accompanied by some shots of the pussy action. There are 268 videos in total of an average 35 minutes each but no new updates have been added for a while.

Once you've made your video selection you then have the ability to select either high quality or low quality downloads. For high quality videos you're given three different options to download. All are WMV files but differ in quality from 480x360 at 1000kb/s to 720x480 at 5000kb/s. The videos download in to your browser and you can then elect to store them to your computer. The low quality videos also download at either a low 160x120 at 350 kb/s to a higher 640x480 at 1000kb/s.

The image quality and the action that ensues is of a pretty good standard, so the videos do live up to their promises on that note.

There are 177 photo sets to choose from at the time of writing this review, each with an average of 120 individual photos in them. Upon selecting the particular album you wish to peruse you're taken to a page with thumbnails of all the pictures in that particular set. You also have the opportunity here to download the entire set in a Zip file which will no doubt come in handy on a rainy day.

The scenes get pretty raunchy and overall the models are of a pretty hot standard. There's definite lesbian intimacy in the air in these set ups. With upwards of 2,300 photos to choose from, you're sure to find the right photo to make you reach the orgasmic heights the site promises to take you to. I have to admit that filtering through the videos and the photos definitely did get me fired up on all cylinders. The girls really do know how to make each other wet and the climaxes and level of visible enjoyment from the models is well worth a view.


As they say, at the end of the day it's all about the basics. Club Sapphic certainly delivers on the basics. It's got your bread and butter of porn, hot girls getting low down and dirty with each other. The models are of a good standard and their promise on delivering genuine lesbians and bisexual ladies working each other in to explosive climax is definitely delivered upon.

What they definitely don't deliver on however is the extras. If you joined up on the sole promise that you'd be able to read the blog or get in contact with some of the models, then you'd be demanding a refund.


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